Will earnings cause a rise or further dump?

  1. earnings probably wont be good and if they arr not good they are gonna try to make people sell by putting pressure on it probably.

  2. From holding other stocks in the ETF basket I can say it is statistically more likely for the price to dump AH when they do their earnings report. I was surprised when this didn't happen after GMEs earnings as it had happened for the last like 5 reports. That being said I think the runup to $28 was a result of them pushing the price down to 4$ following the earnings report at the start of the summer.

  3. We did get a snapshot and some lousy forward guidance last month. Will be interesting to see if any of those notes contrast with the new CFO’s notes though.

  4. TYPICALLY if earnings are positive/improving stock prices goes up. If not it goes down. This is BBBY though....If earnings are good MSM will complain that they didn't reference gamestop

  5. Maybe get through the week before speculating on something 2 weeks out. I feel good about the upcoming call though.

  6. I doubt it'll be positive. On the other hand the price is already much lower than it should be. I'm guessing not much of an impact.

  7. If the earnings are good, expect a dump. If they're bad, expect a dump with propaganda. The SHF don't want this stock to gain positive traction, so they'll use days like Earnings Release to dump on it to ruin sentiment/scare off new investors

  8. This earnings will be bad. There will have been a ton of layoffs and im suspecting theyll try to get as many of the payouts as they can into this report so its not spread over several. This one will be terribe and then the next one will show where the company is really at

  9. It won't be good. Remember, it's the earnings for Q2, and the preliminary numbers they put out were like 29% less than same quarter last year. I'd expect a small dip, but BBBY is already so cheap I don't think there's a lot more room to go down really.

  10. It's going to dump on earnings no matter what. They've tanked GME after every quarterly update regardless of good or bad news.

  11. They gave guidance at the last conference call. It is my expectation that they made it a little worse than it will be, and that the actual earnings will be better. But nobody knows.

  12. Anyones guess. If anything has been more cemented is the fact that the market is less and less about valuation and fundamentals.

  13. Look at the website for the past year, this company has been selling its inventory with INSANE discounts. Gross margin is going to be abysmal. Debt ratios are going to be garbage, and that’s BEFORE even factoring for the FILO.

  14. Probably dump. They will never quite doing it. Only like debt free or going into profit will make this to take off

  15. Definitely dump, if they’re downsizing although really this good long term short term it will impact quarterly balance sheet so won’t look good but it’s part of the plan, not like it means they’re performing worse than expected but shills will most definitely make it look like it is, coupled with the the suicide they’ll try make it look like the morons literally threw in the towel.

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