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  1. Market maker executions being able to naked short are way different than cellar boxing. Cellar boxing market makers literally make it a certain bid price so THEY NEVER BUY IT leaving in a "cellar" they short anytime someone buys so they auto bag holders. Its with penny stocks.

  2. Yeah, some major fuckery going on for sure. Let's see how that works out for them - when one day, we suddenly get a catalyst, be it great news, earnings, spin-off, merger, new investor or whatever 🚀🚀

  3. Yeah I think we are staying in the $6-$9 range for awhile. It seems we are going up on cycles, first March then August. So every 4-5 months we go to $30. I think Ryan Cohen was trying to relay this message with his Jan calls. He knows it’s going up again in Jan cause of the cycles. GME earnings in mid December with even more of the float locked. With GME having already super low volume, plus the short interest mounting on bbby.

  4. Yea. This. They xomming out in force feels like a run comming on. Tmrw is c+35 from August 16th. What was that couple hundred million in volume

  5. "Have respect for the man and his family, quit asking questions. Sell your BBBY too while you're at it" Yea I'm thinking Gus didn't kill himself, and the Shills REALLY hate that we're catching on

  6. You're battling with psychopaths, they will use your own empathy and human nature against you. This is exactly that, death is tragic and its horrible the man died BUT this does not absolve him from questioning or from criminal actions. Don't let strangers on the internet make you feel guilty for having questions,

  7. I know they told brokers to do a forward split. Because that's how they do it to avoid tax implications of dividend. So it the distinction that they did a regular split. Dividing each share by 4. When they were supposed to add 3 additional shares to each share. Meaning shorts would have had to provide the dividend and get 3 additional shares for us?

  8. I don't know about anyone else but Gustavo's death still bothers me. It really doesn't make sense to me why he would kill himself, he himself is well off and the lawsuit he's up against is obviously BS and weak. The company just put out a turnaround plan which as CFO I would assume he was architect or a key part of.

  9. My theory is that he was colluding with SHF and BCG consulting to cellar box BBBY, as the CFO he failed to see this through and was either murdered or took his own life in fear. Who jumps to their death, that would be a terrifying death, plus he left behind kids and had plenty of money. Nah it reads of foul play to me

  10. I’d like to hold a discussion of a possible scenario in which BBBY will not be able to pay down debts and whoever wrote the new loans will take assets of BBBY and shares go to zero. I mean, in theory this very well could happen. (Not a shill) looking for a counter argument

  11. This doesn’t make much sense, if the company was doomed for failure, it is unlikely that they could have secured a new loan. Additionally, most of their debt is extremely long term, 2-3 decades.

  12. I believe triton and many other bad actors were sabotaging a great company. They are rootingout the bad actors and it will be an easy turn around without the CEO and others purposely destroying a company.

  13. Horsebellies is a shill and has been shill posting for weeks, . I like that they are calling themselves "not a shill" they know we are catching on. Hey horsebellies, tongue my anus

  14. I mean not sure what there is to discuss, if that happens the stock goes to 0. The counter argument is that they execute well and the stock goes up as its currently undervalued.

  15. If we establish 8 as a new save Zone people are joining. We need a good FOMC afterrally then we can see 12 + again.. remember those hedgies are shorting hard. They try by any will to reduce price or keep it low.. look those price Action this afternoon.. + 2% candle immdieate -4%?

  16. I think you pretty much have to be prepared for a long term hold and not expect anything in the meanwhile because shorts have so many tricks up their sleeves its ridiculous. Theres a chance they could lose control and there you'll see it profit, but I've been holding GME for almost 2 years now for MOASS which may or may not happen so just be mentally prepared.

  17. We traded flat with incredible volatility. Almost as if some party went long and short an equal number of shares throughout the day!

  18. After all that cock teasing, jumping up to 8.29 on a massive green candle (FTD covering?) followed by an immediate drop, to close near what we opened... my reaction is this: fuckers

  19. So classic that close lmao I can’t believe people still have faith in the integrity of our markets what a fucking joke

  20. So let's see if I know how this works now. We close @8.05 then immediately drop to about 7.50 in after hours..

  21. I have two accounts both are all bbby shares, the smaller one I trade with and the larger one I just hodl. I sold at 8.17 then bought back at 8.10 and earned a few more shares on that trade, was pretty proud of it but I wish I hit the next one at 8.30 and bought at 8. Like damn that was a nice swing for somebody lol

  22. My guess is that's some shorts covering by excersizing calls, they can excersize calls to buy then dump them right after. Sometimes this can signal a bottom and cause a chain reaction of short covering. Hopefully we start bouncing up here.

  23. That sort of explains why one of my calls opened today at about 1400% at 9:30am and immediately cratered.

  24. I really wonder if they're borrowing shares to short the stock down low, then cover FTDs for cheap, essentially kicking the can this way in a way where FTDs don't cause a giant run up but just small ones that still leave us under where we were at last Friday at open?

  25. I gave up most of my BBBY… it’s not going anywhere, sry not sry. Switch to CVNA, it’s got a high cap and a giant discount [downvotes accepted… not financial advice]

  26. Low volume day boys. Nice to see it pull in to green territory though. Everyone start your prayer circles and hope that the Fed goes slightly more dovish on Wednesday. If we get a rate increase of less than 100bp I believe we will see a flood of liquidity and a nice pump to the overall market.

  27. I tried to buy from BBBy but orders were cancelled cuz they didn’t have the items. They need to fix this asap if they want to survive

  28. So you mean to say they have such a huge demand that they're are running out of stock? If only they could sell synthetic stock like your overlords did.

  29. So I'm thinking can't they use the 1.6m borrowed shares from today (and X mil daily) to short the stock (ie down to under 8 bucks) then slowly cover FTDs and push stock down with those 1.6m shares to ensure price doesn't run up? Feels like this is what they're doing

  30. At this point I'm less concerned with FTDS and shorting. What we need is either; a juicy catalyst or a consistent streak of green days bringing us back to the $10 range.

  31. Price will be rising when they return the 1.6 million borrowed shares, unless they holding it with a fee for tomorrow

  32. Crazy odd GME and BBBY 1 day chart. A complete inversion and then back to the mirror pattern. It feels like someone is trying to break the basket pattern and then suddenly the mirroring reappears.

  33. i keep thinking of when BBBY was halted during the run up, and then GME immediately shot up when the halt hit

  34. I could be wrong but I feel like the next earnings report on the 29th does not bode well for any positive run ups. Just my two cents. I’m prepared for 6$ a share

  35. I have 14 October calls. I’m holding through this week and will roll out/sell and purchase shares if we don’t see the action I want.

  36. more like every whales and shit are saving bullets until FOMC says itll hike 75 points or 100 points to done with it

  37. Hang in there. I remember it was a long wait from the time RC bought in till we ran. Also, the Jeffries at the market share offering has not been completed yet. I feel like there is more to this saga, just not sure how and when it’ll play out.

  38. I like BBBY because it is very undervalued. The P/E is priced like they are going out of business FAST. Their cash burn and debt are not that bad. 1.2B ltd sucks, but they make gross profits over over 2.1 B. If they slash SG&A for a year they can clear that no problem.

  39. Nah everyones calls are already get slaughtered, no need to wish for it to dip more. We already need a 20% price jump just to get back to 9.48.

  40. I wonder if BBBY will announce the number of shares that are registered during its earnings call. Would be bullish AF cause would pretty much prove RC is still in play.

  41. I have zero reasoning for this prediction but have a strong feeling in my nuts we finish above 9 today. And over 12 EOW. Feels like we're due for some love

  42. As expected we're doing like the other meme stocks. Picking amc/ape/gme/bbby is the same thing fortunately/unfortunately. Still zen, i don't care about the price, so whatever

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