The FTDs for the second half of August are now available. Here are BBBY's

  1. I waited all day for this, just to realize it didn’t even matter what the numbers were. I wasn’t fucking leaving.

  2. Like that DTCC video said… these are only the tip of the iceberg. High numbers or low, it’s never gonna be as easy as following the pattern. People who’ve been in this game will know that we don’t understand half of the games HFs play behind the scenes. The only weapon we have is holding, so let’s hold and enjoy all this for what it is… entertainment.

  3. If you’ve held this far, don’t turn into a paper handed bitch now. This is a dfv play and the turnaround is just starting now. Be patient and hold.

  4. Seems right about as expected to have a greater disparity if FTD’s on the days with higher volatility. The price of the stock was high on days with greater amounts of FTD’s. Does that indicate they will be more difficult to deliver when their T+35 date arrives

  5. I'm starting to care less and less about the squeeze and care more and more about seeing these corrupt hedge fund f*cks go to jail.

  6. I wonder what happens when the entire float is DRS’d and you still see 100%+ trade back and forth in a single day…then what? Call the SEC and report them?

  7. Because too many people sold and cancelled out their ftd. I made a post about this and everyone downvoted me. I knew the numbers wouldn't be high. We may pop to 15. Guess I'll be closing at a loss.

  8. Nice. But to bad ftds dosent matter. Just look at this weeks ftds. Nothing happend. We saw price improvement 2-3 days after. So maybe next week. But if nothing happend next week, these ftds is worthless and only hide in swaps.

  9. Is the main difference with the July FTDS vs. August is that in July, they were shorting at ~$5 and it never went down much after that so the covering pressure was greater in August? Whereas, in August they were shorting from $20-$30 and we dropped a lot which gave them the chance to cover?

  10. With the amount of volume it is possible that all fails have been delivered already. Another way would be marking long, giving 35 calendar days to delay the delivery. I was hoping for higher FTD numbers, but we'll see if the +35 has any upside... still holding

  11. The short volume for $BBBY is 51.44% on 2022-09-15. The short sale volume is +9% compared to 2022-09-14. Don't we need more volume and buying to make this squeeze? Can't it still squeeze regardless of FTDs?

  12. FTD accumulation matters because HFs and then MMs are forced to buy back shares to close the FTD obligations after T+13 and T+35 respectively when on Regsho. This was the primary cause of the mid august price run up. However, now that it’s not on Regsho and the number is much much lower…I doubt there will be a run up due to FTD delivery. But who knows…

  13. boy this is somewhat disappointing to see, but expected. guess I better go back to just buying shares while I wait FOR MY 2024 CALLS TO PRINT.

  14. Just remember this, the FTD numbers are what they want us to see and believe. YOU can think for yourself, what do YOU believe to be true? This?! No, no’ no…ho hell no. I believe the rug can no longer hide the huge lump that they are sweeping their synthetics under. At some point it’s going to all exposed. When and/or how? I really don’t care but I do know that they are well beyond the point of no return and all their biggest downfall will be their egos and “synthetic” over-confidence.

  15. Wonder if they r waiting/extending until the earnings call on Sept" 29. Likely won’t b too positive, so then the price will fall for them…..just sayin. I DO wish that is not the case and next week we see some positive price action!

  16. Naked shorting is illegal, but if you give someome 35 days to locate shares, you kinda made it legal.

  17. Correct me if I'm wrong but the "official" total would be ftd's on the date reported on this table (although the data is delayed 15 days and not available for us plebs).

  18. That 1.4 million ftds at 23 price point gives a notional value of 32 million which I think is the highest yet? Its double the notional value of the FTD which landed on before the 6 to 30 dollar shoot up in August right?

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