Found Something Odd in BBBY's 8-K on Their ATM...

  1. Yep! Not sure if you follow the 'basket stocks' shorting saga, but JPMC and Bank of America are deeply involved with almost all of them. E.g., here are credit agreements from

  2. I noticed that as well, OP. And I remember DFV saying something about it on Twitter when HME chose them. He tweeted something like “when life slips you a Jeffries…” Anyway, I also found this intriguing.

  3. I’ve read enough to make an assumption that RC sold because he had completed all of the achievable goals he had submitted to the bbby board in his letter. Moreover, he wanted to exit his position in bbby before a short squeeze occurred. He did what he intended to do and that was to protect bbby from the jaws of the bankruptcy and ultimately the Shityhedgefunds.

  4. I remember Jeffries being mentioned during the GME squeeze, forgot what it was in reference to though. They have a reputation for something I think.

  5. These relationships take time to build. Its possible RC was involved in planning the raise weeks or months in the past

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