Don’t sell your shares, don’t panic, don’t listen to WSB

  1. When a meme stock is going down WSB loves to talk mad shit, and when it’s running they all tend to jump on board and pump it further. It’s just a lagging indicator of what’s already happening. No one there knows anything lol

  2. People forget that everyone in WSB are degenerate gamblers, a lot of investors hang on every sentiment of WSB and ignore sound DD

  3. It dips by a dollar, they say it's going to shit. The next day it goes up 2$, they say it's going to the moon. A lot of those kids are on a bandwagon changing their mood on the stock by the daily spikes. They got taken advantage by short sellers from this fact. It's easy pickings with the wsb audience

  4. Social media sentiment tracking (which is really about narrative control) is now a massive industry and still growing.

  5. Oh ya. There was a great post on WSB aboot Bobby, I sent to my friend, B4 she could read it, the mods deleted it and stated it was "blatant misinformation". I'm sorry, it was not crued or harmful. It was someone's intelligent opinion. The First amendment and the constitution must be protected at all costs. Especially from Mayo boy

  6. Going into WSB, is like diving into the dirtiest litter box there is, and searching for gold. Sub has been compromised since February 2021. And there is a reason that MSM still send unsuspecting retail traders there, by only mentioning it. It's become a pump and dumping ground by the same twats we're up against.

  7. It's actually pretty laughable. The flip back and forth between bullish and bearish sentiment is just ridiculous, definitely visiting that sub less and less now

  8. Personally never gonna leave I was in there when there were less than a milly members but yeah don’t follow anything they say

  9. I still keep it since it’s interesting to see how many actually support BBBY still… there’s a post bemoaning the huge and sudden decrease in BBBY as criminal with 11k upvotes. Not all hope is lost…

  10. It's no secret that WSB mods planted since GME saga. They're shadow deleting any half positive BBBY posts and we're personally attacking posters of said topics that somehow got through unnoticed long enough to gain traction.

  11. Good for you, I’m not gonna ostracize you for taking profits, however I would heavily consider buying back in at a lower price target, nfa of course

  12. You have to have a catalyst to squeeze and shorts were able to reload their position after the first run up and have likely made a ton of money. You can't just say "we will squeeze" because a stock has high short interest. There have literally been endless number of stocks with high short interest and 99% of them never squeeze.

  13. WSB fell apart at the high of GME while I can’t and didn’t have access to to back my claims it defiantly appeared the main person behind the DD that was being posted got banned and others took over and in a matter of hrs it just appeared like the hedgies took it over but this is from someone who had joined Reddit about a week before the shit hit the fan and was in my words looking in through a window on the outside but my perspective of what had happen caused me to delete the app because at that point it was impossible to tell who was fake and who was in the know.. now I stubbles onto bbby and caught the gossip and jump into the stock even before I even opened a new Reddit account.. and once again I am almost at a point of deleting the app again because of seeing so many bs post that it starting to get hard to tell who real and who’s just trying to give fud bs

  14. Jesus the cope on here. This has been seen before when GME did it. It took them 2 weeks to sell 1.5m shares. Lets call it 8 weeks for bbby to sell their 12m shares. There's a whole lot of short positions in the deep green right now and the company is selling into that.

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