Hey hands up if you’re still here and staying in the stock

  1. You joking? Went in when things were unclear but now holding an overshorted stock that unfolds deep fucking value. Gives me shivers to ride now

  2. 11,685 and holding. Really like what you said... keeps the golden goose, trimming the fat and getting fit. Sounds even more bullish than ever.

  3. 1xxx only here. Was green, sold early cause I'm fucking dumb, bought back in higher, am now very red. Not selling. Fuck it. I'm either green of holding till I'm dead.

  4. Current market cap of 700m is a joke, If we had these news a week ago, that they got the loan and confirmed no bankruptcy, everyone would be hyped af. Great news today, not the moonshot everyone was hoping, but nonetheless good news. I'm still holding 730 shares. I expect a way better price for my shares.

  5. I'm so bullish for this stock, I'm definitly not selling now or before we see numbers that will really hurt abusive short sellers.

  6. 4100 shares at 10.27. 10x 15c 1/23 at 3.60 lost a third of its value but still holding. I’m in it for the shorts 🩳. Nothing more nothing less.

  7. I think the board ended up going with the non-flashy decision of what is healthiest for the company long term, Im on the fuck rc train until he proves otherwise but I like this stock

  8. Honestly, I doubt even 20% of retail has sold at this point. Those that stuck by here after RC sold his shares got over that first gut punch. Those that could stomach that and down to what, 8.X from 30 are still here. There's also a lot more people buying in since then. Retail is holding a lot more shares now than they did at the point of RC's sell. Even today there's lots of people buying at the low prices when bankruptcy is officially off the table for the near term and the year ahead. Just hold. FTDS coming due, cost to borrow piling up and shorts not being able to locate so many millions of stock will bump the price up regardless.

  9. As the adage goes, don't put in more than you are willing to lose. I'm still planning on riding this out long term.

  10. Everyone’s in this still, pretty sure all the posts crying about being scared is just FUD. I gotta search “new” in this sub for positive posts cause the whiny ones are on top for some reason (not calling out mods, just willing to bet the bots and shills are hard at work).

  11. Saw at least one negative sentiment spreading poster post dozens negative posts per hour today. Downvoted every one of them, as they were plainly wrong on top of it.

  12. Why would I leave now? I’m either tits up or sitting on my new boat, drunk as f’ck with a big ole boner and a smile!

  13. Still holding ~2000 shares and Jan ‘23 40’s and 80’s. Shares are still happy, calls are not, but I’m not fucking leaving!

  14. I trust the board. Holding for a year or longer saves my investment from higher tax rates. Most of the big blue chip stocks move 10% on a good year lol. Shorts are future buyers unless BBBY goes bankrupt - which has been confirmed as unlikely in the foreseeable future as of today. All these shorts are bets that must be paid back if the company grows long term. Money just waiting to be collected by us shareholders.

  15. The lower it goes the more I buy. Not selling till I see shorts actually closing positions en masse. Certainly not because I heard the media say it.

  16. I think most of the, “shook” people are options holders. Which is understandable. Most are in this for the squeeze potential aka moolah. Understandable, their unrealized loss is leveraged so it makes sense they’re reevaluating their play on this whole thing.

  17. 193 shares husband has 160. We holding till moon. Patience is a virtue! Not to get religious but it's a bit of a spiritual war too, David and Goliath!

  18. 2000 shares at 16.64 average and 20 calls for $15,$20 and $25 for 9/2…. These are probably trash - but I’ll hold onto my 2000 shares and buy more when I can afford it…. It’s just a matter of time before this takes off 💎💎💎👏👏👏

  19. 352 shares. Lot for my dumb broke ass. I'm staying. Why leave? Gonna work till I die anyway, what's the difference?

  20. IM NOT FUCKING LEAVING. Got my life savings here... 401k and all my cash on hand, nothing has changed. I won't sell anything until shorts close.

  21. WHY WOULDN'T "MOST" PEOPLE WHO BOUGHT IN STILL NOT BE? This is ripe for a squeeze big time! So far the majority of people are still holding.

  22. Ryan Cohen bought at 15. Since then the stock has gained: a lot of attention, new people on board, loan etc. resulting in bankruptcy being of the table for the near term.

  23. I sold yesterday and bought back more shares today @ $9.25. I was trying to buy back in yesterday at close but it didn’t hit my number.

  24. Yeah, I don't see any reason after today's announcement to jump ship. While it wasn't the big fireworks display of "we sold BABY to RC (or some other company/firm) and now have $3B of cash to roll around in," they are still making moves that will cause them to trend in the right direction. Not to mention, keeping BABY on their books will pay massive dividends if they continue to execute on the business plan. In addition, you've still got a heavily shorted stock that is on RegSHO, so there's that. All in all, I'm still bullish, even if tons of people seem deflated that the announcement wasn't as "extreme" as they expected.

  25. 1334 shares @ $11.26 cost basis and still holding. Bankruptcy was the shorts way out. Not gonna happen now. Still on Reg SHO and have over 100% float publicly shorted. Nothing has changed imo. Shorts are still fuk.

  26. 398 Shares (all I could afford) and not fucking leaving. My balls are diamond. The more fud articles I see the more confident I am that HFs are in a mess and are basically begging us to roll over. We have the upper hand and I’m not fuckin leaving.

  27. I can’t understand this doom and gloom attitude that some … chimps ! Have . To be an ape you have to stand strong . I’m holding because this ain’t over !

  28. 150 and not remotely considering leaving. Rode this bad boy to 28 and down and won't give up as easily as the substantial drop today. We're presented with an undervalued and overshorted company, even if true value is 15-20 dollars it's still way more than where we currently are. I'd love to believe that we are gonna squeeze and whilst that may well be on the cards, we have the added bonus that the company is moving in the right direction financially based on today's announcement. The plan is to hold the fuck on and enjoy the ride as we go

  29. I am holding because I don't have a choice, I mean I do technically... BUT I AIN'T GOING OUT LIKE NO PUNK BITCH!! I AM GOING TO THE FUCKING MOON

  30. I’m riding to tears or glory—although just squeezing the hedgies’ balls as much as I can is gratifying enough. I watched 2008 happen and I will never forget what they did. The system is rigged and I don’t give two shits if it all comes down. I can’t give financial advice but IMO occupy Wall Street should have been a short squeeze movement because that’s what they really fear. The fucking nerve they have counterfeiting shares, lending them without permission, failing to deliver…fuck Wall Street.

  31. A bunch of strangers suddenly caring about my pockets when they haven't before? looooooooooool. I'm holding. No emotions here - just fundamentals. Plus I like towels.

  32. im waiting for end of september and then i will wait for end of january. only then i think i will have a real feel of wht is happening. until then i hodl what i can

  33. Yup. Good news comes out and stock drops 30%? I call bullshit. HODL/DRS. DFV would expect a rip off of this sort of news.

  34. Still in, and bought the tasty dip.. nothing has changed in my mind and this is a blatant attack that we knew would come with “news”. Had to disconnect from the charts. Stay zen my friends

  35. Anyone selling now isn't capable of reaching anything past 50 dollars come squeeze time. Meme stocks are volatile and manipulated, nothing's changed. Still holding for a squeeze, it's a deep value play and paper hands needs to quit being so scared

  36. 1000 shares. Still holding, my average is at 20$ and I’m holding till moon. We got great news today I don’t know why everyone is so pissy about it

  37. Bought 1,000 more this morning at $9.50. Let’s not forget hedgies borrowed 1.1M shares earlier this week specifically for today. Selling now dumb Ook OOK!

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