BBBY is not going bankrupt. Huge W, still deep value.

  1. Dislciamer: I am not a bad actor or a shill; I am holding a shitload in LEAPS; I first got in at <$5 and have been buying the whole way up and down. No selling.

  2. I think they worked out that if they can get the Bed, Bath and Beyond brand profitable - even if that is by slashing and cutting 'back to basics', then they will be able to sell or spin off Baby for a much higher rate than they were getting offered before. Lets' face it, if BBBY offered Baby to you to save them from bankruptcy you'd offer them $1 more than they need to avoid bankruptcy and that is it.

  3. Dang dude. 80 bearish comments on a subreddit dedicated to BBBY in 3 short hours. You really must have some skin in this short game.

  4. I’m fine. It’s fine. Everything is fine. Priced for bankruptcy. Negative cashflow. Massive debt. Short cash runway. No mergers. No CEO. No spin-off. But it’s fine. Don’t worry. It’s all good. Twitter account with 39 followers told me so. It’s fine. Up and to the right. Hold. We’re good. Don’t worry guys.

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