REPOST: If we short squeeze, Exercise calls. IBKR Founder/Chairman quoted saying that with GME had everyone exercised their calls (which were uncovered) the price would go into the thousands!

  1. Commenting from my main, this is my Alt account post, but seriously, $1000+ per share is possible if/when we squeeze, if people with calls just exercise them. From the sounds of how GME went and how this is going, they don’t locate shares for the calls they write..

  2. if $1k/share happens Ill be the richest mf in school (im 17 btw) I hope it happens lol but they say "expect the unexpected" TO THE MOONNNN FUCKERS

  3. This is of the utmost importance!!!! Exercising calls can not be overstated… this is the ultimate key to unlock the code…. Here have three awards!! You shared the keys to the kingdom

  4. This needs to be reposted ever hour to remind people to exercise their options. If you need to you should Sell to cover your exercise.

  5. Remember superstonk posted a video earlier of CNBC playing music over one of the guests mentioning call options....they wanted to censor information that would move a stonk

  6. He pretty much explain/confirms how call options was the main factor during Gamestops January sneeze and could have pushed the share price into the thousands (and that's only the gamma squeeze my friends!!!) Now only imagine if the shorts would've defaulted somewhere in the middle of that and the majority exercised their call options. I think you understand where it would have ended.

  7. Reselling my wife’s boyfriends car for money to exercise. Buying and selling and rebuying an 86 Toyota Corolla over and over is expensive! But…. Not as expensive as shorting my favorite stocks! Hahahahhaha

  8. I have an 8c I would love to exercise by 9/16 🚀 and then if we really moon I can sell a few shares and exercise my Jan 60c 😂

  9. I waited two years for another GameStop like setup, you bet your ass I’m exercising all my Jan calls with my Sep 16 call profits

  10. A lot of people dod exercise their calls (though not enough, of course). I rember a thread when RH removed the buy that people could buy barely ITM/OTM calls and exercise them right away to work-around that issue. A lot of people did. That was epic.


  12. Exercised two ITM calls last week. Plan on doing the same when this goes past $20 and the rest of my 9 calls are ITM.

  13. This is not financial advice, but personally, if it hit 80 I'd just take out a loan and exercise them all. In fact, you may even be able to use the shares as collateral. By selling half at 80 when the price would be in the 100's (potentially in the 1000s) I would be kneecapping myself.

  14. That’s why I think options are cyclically pushed. Most of the time the money evaporates, and the minority time that people make money, they don’t have the full amount to exercise. Keep in mind that Koss squeezed as hard as GME percentage wise on the same day and they don’t even have options.

  15. Exercise is good for the soul. Good for the health. It will allow you to lead a longer and happier life in reitrement 🤑

  16. I bought shares. I’m highly regarded but I thought buying shares and just holding them was the way to support?

  17. Yo... they are planning to sell more shares aswell as people ditching this shit... the shorters are in a really good position as far as my arse BELIVES.

  18. Didn’t work even with GME diamond hands. Lol. Lots of variables and usually almost all of them favors MMs. Just buy, hold, DRS, report.

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