Why are people talking about selling? You a paperhand???

  1. People's comments in other threads that they are waiting for the stock to hit $20 or $30 before selling. It's all over the subreddit and I understand we took some losses but if that's all they want out of it then it's their choice. Just hoping they see the bigger picture and by buying more and holding we can get to higher resistances.

  2. One of the posts I read yesterday has news that there's the CEO change from the guy from Gamestop CFO, I believe? Don't know if it came out to be fud or not though. I was hoping to see the interim CEO stay for about 6 months or more...

  3. If you are really worried about the affect of the news, rather than sell your stock for minimal gain, you can buy a put to limit your loss. A 9/9 $8 put is about $0.50, so you’ve limited you loss to a $7.50 price. If it moons, then just let the option expire. You’ve limited the loss, kept your stock to limit downward pressure, and still have an unlimited upside.

  4. Well they are trying to recover from their losses really from when Papa Cohen sold his shares. I lost money too but it's okay I know where we are going. There's just a lot of new people in the subreddit and I was just trying to get the point across that there's more than just 20 or 30 bucks...lol

  5. Honestly lost faith. But this week has definitely spiked my interest. At this point I’m just holding to watch the shit show even if it never moons

  6. I can understand that. When I started I was in for only about a week before losing my first option trade for around $4k. I thought this was going to be one of those pump and dump that has been happening on WSB.

  7. No one is Selling. Shots os fud. If any newbies are Selling now. Looooool at Them. Paperhand this awesome move. You Can just make money by Holding.

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