BuyBuyBaby store manager - “we have a new owner”

  1. Do they franchise their stores? My gut feeling is failure to disclose a sale of that scale by BBBY would not meet disclose standards

  2. Yeah, a company would absolutely not allow a leak of this information to random managers at a store level... For example if they found out Amazon (yuck) or walmart (yuck) bought bbby, the manager would likely engage in buying the stock on that information because "they know its not currently doing well" in the grand scheme of things from past stock prices.

  3. I drove to bed bath and beyond to buy a new limited edition potpourri set and when I got to the cashier, it was a rather well dressed good looking guy with goatee stubble. He asked how my day was going and I said “man, it was a long day of work not great” and he responded “at least your cart is full”

  4. As someone who has worked for multiple companies who have been acquired - the last people to know are the front line employees.

  5. This is definitely the answer. My guess is the store gets September and October promotions in advance and because they’re not doing the same old same old it’s the ‘new owner’ / CEO’s fault.

  6. Epic level of Hopium (it is a good thing) on this post!! I doubt Store level management would be told to keep it hush hush either way, especially this close to the (likely) official announcement. It definitely could confirm our suspicions!! Excellent intel!

  7. I think they switch to a subscription base for the coupons now. I think it’s like their premium membership thing for 19.99 and you keep keep getting them. Unless they was something old then nvm

  8. Yes, this is likely what he was talking about. Its like a premium member discount rather than random mailings of coupons.

  9. I was just at citadel hq and they have a new owner. Some guy said his name was ryan cohen or something like that

  10. Your scenario isn’t any more or less plausible than anyone else’s DD or suppositions. I’m in either way. And bullish I say.

  11. Glad to see some activity on this post and the “trust be bro”s crack me up. This was a mid age lady I doubt she follows the stock market and/or knows anything relevant, but the timing of such conversation is quite the cohencidence. As for ppl mentioned maybe it’s new store owner - she specifically mentioned the new coupon rewards program, so not store specific. Either way, I hope this post encouraged some to play our favorite calculator game

  12. The majority of store managers have no clue what corporate is doing in any company. Also this isn't a chain, so yeah it could be managed by someone new, doesn't mean the actual Owner of the company. :)

  13. I recently commented on my opinion on this. Baby has been bought, changes are already visible (employment, new stores..) we will find out the owner on Wednesday, your post is just one more confirmation that we will all be you made me buy more today, thank you and buckle up

  14. Hmm.. didn't read through but could it be possible that this was a franchised store and there's a literal change in the store's ownership? Idk, does BBBY do franchises or is each store owned wholly by the company?

  15. Yeah I’m sure the SEC suggested they tell all the local store managers about the merger before the general public

  16. This ship on T/O-Merger has been airtight, I don’t believe a front line store manager would have extremely sensitive info like this.

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