Are there indicators for when the top is reached in a short squeeze?

  1. The squeeze hasn’t even started yet bc HFs haven’t begun to close. Squeeze will last a few days to a week and you will have plenty of time to sell when it reaches the thousands per share level.

  2. I aim for when Kenneth Cordele Griffin, the financial terrorist, and his fellow scumbag hedgefunds are behind bars. Stock value might be in the thousands or even more by then I guess.

  3. Yeah and you wanna scratch it so bad but you can’t fucking reach that sucker!! That’s when!! Now shut the fuck up and strap on for the ride!! 🚀

  4. Sneeze should be in the mid to high $XXX (say +$500). A true Squeeze should be in low to mid $XXXX (say $2000).


  6. As long a there is volume, the squeeze is still on. BBBY has ~80M shares outstanding. Check out the daily volume. As long as we are above 40M or so. We are still squeezing. Yesterday we had a volume of almost 400M. The entire fucking company was traded 5 times on a single day alone. This is completely bonkers.

  7. Edit: I'm balls deep in GME and the January sneeze was just a small taste about what is to come.

  8. The best answer to this is to sell % of your shares in different lots, so if it continues to rise you capture some, if it goes down you still sold some higher. As far as knowing when to begin this...fucked if I know, I haven't sold anything since 1/28/21....aside from all stocks I held pre Jan 2021

  9. It's a complete guessing game, you can't tell at all. At GME I wanted to sell for $4,200. It was very close 😅

  10. I only have 221 shares right now. I'll sell 21 shares when it gets to ~145 to break even. Then I'm holding on for a legit squeeze with my other 200. (But I plan to buy more) do what's best for you, but remember strength in #s and HODLing.

  11. Short % of float drops below 100%. That was when GME popped. Short % went from 110% to 60% and the infinite rise in price stopped.

  12. when MSM begs you to sell and everyone is going crazy then maybe, maybe we´re approaching the top. The top itself is almost impossible to predict man

  13. I believe the consensus is that the top is when it’s circling the moon. Sell when you see Neil Armstrong’s foot prints. Until then keep holding on!

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