1. This is where the crime happens, don’t be scared guys they use this to try and make us think it’s over

  2. 💯 If it’s anything like the GME halts, this thing will drop like a rock after the halt. They perform a bunch of crime during halts

  3. This isn’t crime. This happens when a stock moves up or down to this degree. Holy shit there isn’t a conspiracy here

  4. They say that if it get's halted while going up, then it'll probably continue, but in my experience there's a dip after halts.

  5. Breathe we doing it- this is a system we have no control over- only ourselves Try and take it all in this is my third time round I’m chilling with my kids in the kitchen

  6. This is why the small mom and pop retailer investor can never win. Change the rules and the game to allow hedge funds and other whales cash out with a small to medium size losses then resume the game LOL

  7. It’s sus they halted bbby on the way down from $27ish and stopped it around $24…..right about the time GME was released from its halt. It really looked like mm couldn’t handle both stocks shooting up.

  8. As soon as they halted BBBY, GME started poppin. Makes sense. If they halt one buy the other and make them halt both.. Wooooooo I love it

  9. Trust the process brothers and sisters. Do not let the halts scare you. Don’t not let the swings in price push you to get out and rebuy. It’s going to the moon one way or the other. Do not be foolish. This is your one time to make money. There will not be another.

  10. It’s only halted for us they will keep shorting it down but it’s not going away it’ll come right back wait for fucking phone numbers make these counts pay!! Let’s fucking go!!!

  11. I’ve seen this movie before. I ain’t scared, I’m here for the long haul. All their fuckery just proves a mountain of DD. I dare them to turn off the buy button again. I DD dare them.

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