1. Well, aren't we going to bump up to next leg due to T+2 from last week with all those sweet options that just passed ITM? We're already ramping up quite nicely.

  2. Im pumped, but just remember shit is about to go down, not like down, but you get it. Some wild moves up and down. It’s will fall faster then it gains sometimes. Just buckle up, this shit is about to be wild

  3. I envy you. I own 2017 shares at 5.21 and I'm not at all happy because I wish I had bought thousands more shares at a lower price point.

  4. I hadn't even heard of this company until a week ago and now I have a 4 day and counting erection with $BBBY on it. Love from England!

  5. Over $15 in premarket. My cock is THROBBING and YEARNING for an ATMOSPHERIC BREACH. Fly my ape brain to the moon and $BBBEYOND 😩😩😩🚀

  6. Grabbed 45 more this morning, but hoping for a little more pullback. Noticed they try and tank on Wednesday’s for some reason. 🚀🌖

  7. I was initially in with a 6.50ish price average.. now its over $11. Lol, oopsie. Dont matter if it keeps on keeping on, amirite?!

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