How many of us are superstonkers as well?

  1. Discovered GME through Elon's ' gamestonk!!' tweet that was blasted on the crypto channels I was watching back then. Thought I'd diversify out of crypto into a normal company lol, see how that turned out. BBBY seems at least interesting now, long way to go.

  2. Superstonker and superstoner here. Kinda wish the karma limits were more accessible. I've been lurking that sub for over a year with no way to comment/post.

  3. I asked in the sub’s Discord if I could get whitelisted to post even though I didn’t meet the karma requirements. A mod reviewed my Reddit account and then whitelisted me. You might be able to have similar luck

  4. Same! Hell, I finally decided to make an account a month or so ago. Never had a need to comment or post. Been an interesting month, to say the least.

  5. I was, but I got disenchanted by the hive mind mentality there. There is a middle ground between being bullish and being a shill but it isn't welcome there. I'd rather have a place for dialogue and discussion, whether agreed or not, than just an echo chamber that reinforces my own biases.

  6. Right there with you. There always has to be rational discussion and not all news is good. It makes me question the play sometimes but then i go back to the original DD to keep myself grounded.

  7. Well compared to any other stocks this is the only other one RC has taken nearly 10% ownership. So I waited and bought in around 7. Figured I can sell my bbby and hold all but 1 gme in the infinity pool.

  8. I am! I skipped one week to buy in BBBY bigger than normal after the most recent earnings call tanked it. Its not what SS wants to hear, but I’ll be continuing to do that as long as BBBY is less than 5% the price of GME. After the split, my cutoff will probably be about 25% of the price.

  9. Superstonker. I love GME, and enjoy the sub for the most part, however, I really like how open and casual the BBBY sub is. Superstonk can be a bit exhausting sometimes with all of the highly opinionated members.

  10. XXXX hodler of gme. XX,XXX LRC. 500 BBBY, 5 8/19 $9 call on BBBY. 5 contracts jan23 20 call BBBY. I trust our chairman.

  11. Hey it’s all good there’s other value plays to be had. I believe in RC and hope he knows what’s up because his involvement and track record is very impressive

  12. I’ve been on and off this one. Last year i came on here with the hodl post. The “everything short” theory is in play especially with RC buying some. I’m about to sell half my popcorn 🍿 to buy more bbby and directly register them

  13. 64 GME so far.. 40 DRS and 15 on the way. The rest to follow after. 300 BBBY @8$ average cost. Hoping to add another 11 GME this week ahead 🚀🚀

  14. I love the Superstonk meltdown at the fact that some GME hodlers are moving some of their cash away from GME and to BBBY as if we're being tricked by shills to "weaken" the GME play (similar to what happened with AMC or SLV [I believe it was?]), even though the reality is that RC himself made the first move and we're joining him in the fight for BBBY as well. I think it's one of the weaknesses of the Superstonk mentality that they have become so afraid (dare I say, traumatized) of "anything other than GME" that even when their man himself, Ryan freakin Cohen, telegraphs a move to another ticker (not ditching GME, but in addition to GME), they just can't accept it and refuse to acknowledge that there might be another play to be had.

  15. This. All I rlly see now is low quality meme, shit posts and purple rings. Very hard to find dd when it use to be front page if anything bangin came out.

  16. Still on Superstonk but pretty wary of it after all the shill mod drama. Lots of anti-BBBY sentiment there too, which is odd given their direct connection.

  17. Does this count ? I was a superstonker lurker for more than a year, but never had an account until recently when I hit the buy button on BBBY!

  18. I lurk occasionally but all the real dd is now gone. Recommend fwfbthinktank. The anti option’s movement killed it for me. I believe options are key to gamma ramping shit to the moon.

  19. For sure most of us. Last time RC made a play like this on a heavily shorted small cap stock it turned out very well. That said I havent put a ton into BBBY, and certainly not at the expense of my GME holdings.

  20. GME holder. Wouldn't consider myself a superstonker although I'm subbed and read it everyday. Just lurk over there and can't get enough karma to post anyway. Tried posting my DRS just for the bot to count but couldn't--post got removed. Don't really care anyway. 99% of posts over there, even if it's DD, give off karma-whoring vibes. Not about that. I much prefer the really dumb posts and memes over at AMC to be honest. Doesn't seem to be any gatekeeping over there and it's just a bunch of idiots (in a good way) shit posting and hyping.

  21. Probably an unpopular opinion at this point, but I cannot stand SuperStonk. I unsubbed from there 6+ months ago thanks to their constant drama and cultish mentality. I will also unsub from here if that culture begins to take over (which it is).

  22. Hey to each their own! There’s not just one approach that works and nobody knows where this will end up. Do what’s best for you and yours!

  23. SS is full of shills, anti-options, kick out DD writers and only push DRS. I left there a while ago. I am a xxx holder of GME soon to be X,XXX hold when I exercise my options. Same for BoBBY. :-) Tendies coming soon!

  24. I have around 20k invested in GME. And 5k in AMC. Just bought 2k of BBBY this week. I just like the stock.

  25. I check the frontpage and scan the daily just for quick news but I honestly can't stand that place. /gme/ is better.

  26. … today, … I bought 110 shares of BBBY, close to the bell, at $5.10 a share, 50 in TDA, and 60 in Fidelity. I am totally GME, and DRSed, with some GME shares in a few other brokerages. Of course I am invested in LRC, as well. A few weeks ago, I bought 100 shares of BBBY, which brings my total of BBBY to # 210. I used my ‘summer holiday’ monies! … LFG!

  27. Well this sub is going to shit! Looking forward to all the DRS posts and how everything is a crime. 😂😂

  28. I'm a super stonker since the creation after WSB was compromised. I only got 12 gme, but 54 bbby now. Wanting to get more but i don't make much money at all.

  29. Friends don't let friends stupidstonk. Pickle Financial baby. Fuck that ape garbage. I'm in the market to make money...for me. I don't give a flying fuck about fixing the world's problems or be a part of some "investing community". Absolutely infantile mentality.

  30. It would be downright stupid for the stonkers to stay away from this. GME isn’t doing anything any time soon (except tomorrow of course) so might as well make money from BBBY and dump it directly in to GME shares. Win win.

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