1. If this post was meant to be a honeypot for all the misinformed detractors on this subreddit, then it worked. In what world does an email from a random redditor stand the test of the burden of proof? Whenever you see meltdowners coming to the defense of unsubstantiated claims, you just identified one of many contrived narratives short sellers want people to focus on. We are already being told that a spokesperson with the company said the interest payments won't be made in an article by WSJ (no identifiable source), then we have these dumb fucks come here and try to push even more unsubstantiated information regarding the bonds. All while the company hasn't made a single statement in regards to the scenario.

  2. The text we read was from a speech-to-text program. The program likely misheard the name. This is the same reason why the 'uh's were being picked up and written down.

  3. Couldn’t agree more, as someone who posted this and provided the DKIM and DMARC, they won’t be proven fake though. But I agree that fake information shouldn’t be allowed to be shared.

  4. You're undercutting the possibility that they did get authentic emails, but from a malicious sender. It isn't impossible for an attacker to have found a back door into mail client(s) or spearphished an investor relations account.

  5. Can we get a dedicated discussion thread on the bonds, so that it can be discussed openly and not blasted all over the subreddit?

  6. Yes, but the world and societies are failing at this. And bad actors are using information to weaken democracies and societies. We’ll see which way it turns out

  7. Kudos on the mods for unbanning our brothers. Not all fud is created by shills, but sometimes facts that we do not want to believe.

  8. If interest payments truly weren’t paid MSM would be throwing actual proof in our and everyone’s faces and have more than a spokeswoman said. If legit I’d imagine there would be articles about the claw backs stuffed in our faces.

  9. It's not normal for a publication to feel they need to prove this. The proof is pretty self-evident: they said it, and BBBY never corrected it, which of course they would have done very loudly and urgently if they'd been lied about like that.

  10. There was a WSJ article on it, which was immediately dismissed as FUD, despite quoting a BBBY spokeswoman. If there'd been more, you would've dismissed them as an organized media campaign to get you to sell. This whole e-mail saga is proof that you've been conditioned to reject any negative information about your investment.

  11. Maybe the fud is more sophisticated than what we've thought. Maybe they are in the grace period but these emails are still fake. -giving the posters future credibility when they don't deserve it. Maybe it's meant to cause confusion and try to split the community.

  12. I emailed them as well very nicely (shortly before the earnings call after they dropped the NT10Q) I got no answer. Especially not an answer after a couple of hours)

  13. Ya it doesn't take a genius to figure out that those emails were a massive FUD campaign with zero legitimacy. What an absolute joke this turned out to be.

  14. You're undercutting the possibility that they did get authentic emails, but from a malicious sender. It isn't impossible for an attacker to have found a back door into mail client(s) or spearphished an investor relations account.

  15. For those who wanna dig into this, I sent an email to investor relations on 11/5/2022 asking something about the transfer agent. The response I received had the email address:

  16. The email posts started showing at about 9 - 11 pm EST on Thursday night. So I wonder if all the emails were at the same time frame. Might be something there or not idk....

  17. I have shared the .eml file with several people that have promised to keep my email address private. I have also offered to share it multiple times with the mod team or provide any other validation they need. No one from the team has accepted that offer.

  18. I emailed them and never got an answer. I suspect that's the same story for anyone that actually emailed them as well.

  19. Never got an email back either, which is strange considering they were perfectly capable of “replying” to others just a few hours prior.

  20. Im sorry they didn’t email you back but to call the ones, myself included, that did receive emails liars is ignorant at this point. But to each their own. Sorry this doesn’t line up with what you believe happened.

  21. I got a response. Many others have. Several have included DKIM sigs. Will you accept a ban when it’s definitively proven?

  22. Well said OP, modding a board like this in next to impossible. Mistakes of being to hard or two soft are impossible to avoid.

  23. Thank you for unbanning me and for the apology. But to be clear, it isn't a matter of hurt feelings. I'm a big boy. It's a matter that we all seek the truth here and banning users for trying to provide evidence, regardless of the direction, is very dangerous. If others are now discouraged to post findings that go against the narrative that all negative news is FUD, we've lost the ability to be a reliable source of information for those seeking to invest in BBBY. My 2 cents and I'll put this all to bed now.

  24. I feel like ppl only wanna see positive posts on this sub, any negative news etc is being labeled as FUD and the person posting is called SHILL.

  25. Thanks for getting me out of jail homie. And just so everyone knows I was bummed when I read the email. Just kinda confirms what we already know, tendy time or Wendy Time. This whole play is getting VERY REAL and coming to a head. Emotions are high I get it.

  26. Oh would you look at that, a stock sub with mods that are acting with transpareny and reflect on their actions? Wow, couldn't really say you find this in the other basket stock subs...

  27. Don't know if I'm allowed to mention this... but have you noticed those who fud sometimes appear at the same time in masses with the same script and narrative? They supported the "sources" from WSJ and "emails".. it was like spam coming from tons of accounts appearing in different posted threads at the same time.

  28. There seems to be a professionally dedicated group commenting against legitimate stockholder opinions, and there is also another troll group passionate about following the tinfoil and speculation and drama that sometimes ensues. Both of these groups comment immediately and almost in sync but always above these groups acting in bad faith I’ve found what feels to me like brothers in arms making this journey easier and even fun during the ups and downs. End of my tin foil - Happy weekend everyone! 💙

  29. All my posts were bullish for both gme and bbby, I post one thing that was painted the situation in a negative light and now I’m a shill. How is that fair in anyway imaginable. I know there were a few meltdowners that might have piled onto the situation but for the most part these emails were posted by bbby apes who reached out the company over the investment and got a response. I’m sorry for anyone who hasn’t gotten a reply back at this point. I am not running the investor relations email for bbby.

  30. It was a legit email and I think it’s a bit heavy handed to ban without the full story or a proper investigation. Or at least it originated from their approved email servers. We have a lot of various expertise in the subreddit and it’s silly to react before tapping into one of the people that understand email deliverability.

  31. This is what happens when stock subs suppress questions and contrary opinions. It's not going to stop, either, because this sub has made that behavior a part of its core identity.

  32. You're being fair and rational but if a metric shit tone of people from this sub emailed IR and the only ones who supposedly have gotten a response back are the ones saying bonds haven't been paid yet...bruh.

  33. I don't care about those emails being real or not, I just want to get paid. But I do hope BBBY is walking away from their woke stance they had, because once you go woke you will definitely go broke.

  34. Mods need to do a way better job at moderation and start being examples for how to have actual conversations and discussions about topics no matter if it’s positive or negative. Currently when any hint of negative information is received it’s immediately downvoted and op then faces attacks of shill/fud as well as dm and email attacks. The fact that the moderators seem to condone this behaviour seriously undermines this sub and needs to change.

  35. Nailed it. My first thought when I saw the reply was “This ain’t gonna go well. I might hold off until the company says something publicly” then I popped open Reddit and saw that

  36. Thanks I know it's tough to sort through all this. It's 100% apparrant we are under a FUD attack but it's up to all of us to filter through it and question everything every time.

  37. I will say this. I still have not seen anyone show “full headers” from their emails. They have posted “headers” which do not show the path the email took and are easily spoofed. Full headers is the first thing I look for when determining whether or not any email came from the correct source.

  38. They offered the email files to the mods to inspect themselves. Obviously people don’t want to post their personal/work email addresses on this sub given the threats they received for even posting the screenshots.

  39. If you tell me how to show the full header I will gladly get this. I’ve posted shots of the header analysis I’ve done but I’m pretty tech illiterate so I don’t know how to retrieve the “full headers”.

  40. BACK OUT OF JAIL AND ON THE LOOSE. I'll make sure to never delete that email since yall wanna send me to FEDERAL PRISON. fuckers lol

  41. Why would you unban people over feelings, if they’re spreading false information and didn’t really receive these emails fuck their feelings. I use this sub to decipher the next moves of bbby so I don’t have to listen to msm and I’m sure others do also. Therefore the people spreading false information SHOULD be banned no exceptions. Now if somebody reposted the fake emails only temporary ban, but the original poster of the false emails perma-ban no exceptions

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