Daily Discussion Thread | February 04, 2023

  1. Someone in the employee sub commented on the store closing post that they’re supposed to find out something on the 8th. Could be nothing, could be something 👀

  2. Seriously considering using half my yearly bonus check and selling cash secured puts weekly until squeeze or assignment. Seems like a no-brainer.

  3. I haven’t seen this kind of tardation since gme/amc days. I don’t understand half of this stuff but I hope you guys are right. Really trying not to fomo more

  4. I’m so convinced this is blowing up in the next 3 weeks. I’m throwing another $1000 into it. It’s really not money I can afford to lose, but everything is pointing to at least a pump to $20 if not into the hundreds.

  5. Why didn’t they dilute the shares during the august run? That’s how movie and game are surviving and thriving? Why let RC walk away and not do that back then? Makes no sense even us dumb Redditors knew it was primed to pump and they could have raised a billion and broke the shorts.

  6. So Tritton was a major league fuck up right? Why the fuck would Nordstrom hire him? What a bunch of incompetent fucks. I’m not believing that RC invested in that shit storm.

  7. Announcement will be either 2/10 or 2/12 to screw the shorts w c35 being Valentine’s Day. Double whammy for them

  8. RC will forever be my Valentine if so. All previously existing Valentines will be dropped of the title.

  9. If company was going BK they would’ve used the ATM offering that Jefferies is still in control of. So no dilution no selling of baby what the fuck you think happens next?

  10. Company is going announce merger, wait for squeeze to hit above 469, announce the dilution. Repay all debts, become cash flow positive. We all drive lambos to wendys.

  11. The company has approved additional dilution, the speculation being that during a cyclical price run the company would dilute and raise cash (exactly like gme). Nothing official, and dilution may not happen if another route (m/a) is taken

  12. Think most Apes here are fairly seasoned and have been hodling both game and bath for a while. I hope we all recognize the importance of drs with both stonks. DRS both floats to end financial terrorism.

  13. Happy weekend BoBBYs. One thing I know for sure, I ain’t selling one bbby share until it’s worth Fuck You money. Enjoy the downtime, replenish your fluids with Gorn, ppseeds glad you’re staying 🍻

  14. Bought into BBBY in June and watched this sub go from a few thousand users to where it is now. This subreddit has seen an increase in forum sliding, low effort posts, and drama. This can't be a coincidence, an average person doesn't give a fuck about BBBY as an investment. You have to ask yourself why is there so much misinformation being pushed? All this shit about bond payments, gift cards, bankruptcy is noise. The company issued a going concern and defaulted on its ABL but we have no definitive reason as to why. The only people that seem to be having a full meltdown over it are currently short. No dates, until the company gives information directly, all this other shit is just noise.

  15. I think is SPY keep going hight, entire meme basket also keep going high. but at least some upside on monday/tuesday, since on 6th Feb, i guess 2M FTD covering is pending.

  16. If BBBY management doesn’t have a buyer lined up for M&A then they ought to just spin off Buy Buy Baby into an IPO. It’s not rocket science (pun intended) 🚀. I swear they ought to pay me in RSAs to run this thing to the moon. And then use their share offering for cash when BBBY moons as shorts run to cover.

  17. Does anyone know when bbby is required to pay JPM in full amount? They said it was immediately. Since bonds has been paid BBBY is not going to delist within 30 days.

  18. I fucking hate the ape bullshit. Shills started that on the first breakaway sub and it was just a way to prevent genuine holders from calling out shills. Durr ape dont fight ape durr. The og sub was cool. They were autists. But respectfully and said with pride. But hedgies dont want us to have a cool culture and saddled us with the fucking stupid ape shit.

  19. Ooh pp fans downvoted me wha wha I lick your tears you salty shit bags 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ban bet was not honoured, the guys a shill 👍👍👍

  20. This is extremely BULLISH. Mods allowing email shills to return for more weekend FUD as innocent until proven guilty. VERY SUS TIMING.

  21. As one of the people who posted the email, which I def received and have posted some other further analysis on the header information that would validate the sender, I’m pretty sure innocent until proven guilty is how it works. As for everything else you said. Here here, I’m here for the merger and def am as bullish as I was before. Sorry the emails don’t line up with your world view though.

  22. Why don't they just start selling something people want like guns to diversify their customer base. Welcome to "Towels and guns" fun for the whole family problem solved.

  23. I dunno. I drive through anywhere, and it's all power centers that are for lease - owning right now would be a burden because who would buy if you're trying to sell?

  24. There's some serious forum sliding going on right now, first people started talking about burger King and now somehow a European gas pipeline is relevant

  25. Why you don’t come on back and we'll have a little barbeque and we'll have some liquor and mustard and we have a lot of good times Randy, what'dya say?

  26. That sea en bee sea video from yesterday should fire everyone up and also strengthen your resolve. Amazing the blatant lies on a national network are allowed by the so called SEC.

  27. Cramer can’t be on tv forever, stonkmaster…start playing bop-it now to practice because you would be perfect to fill that role.

  28. Not a lot, but added 240 Bobby’s on Friday. Just doing my part, sitting at about 2300 sh. Be Zen and stay 💎🙌, it pays. 💥🚀🚀🚀🚀🌒

  29. What ever happened to the email fiasco? It was too late last night, UK time, was it fakes or not? Thers a user still posting on numerous other bbby and other forums saying they where hard done by?

  30. I emailed them myself and never got a response, I believe the emails we saw were a criminal attempt of market manipulation. My hope is, that when this thing blows, the impending investigation will track down those shills and serve them justice.

  31. Woke up to find out that fidelity deleted my bank account i’ve had linked on my account since GME sneeze (01-28-2021). And now I have to relink everything.

  32. 😆🤣😁 that was funny. 😠 Now Fcuk off 😚 💎🙌here, ready to go down to dirt with BBBY. Fcuk all you shillls, Hedgies can suck of deeznut, not mine.

  33. They buy everything and for them BBBY is not special, they are not here for the squeeze or MOASS. They are here to make money probably by lending shares out and shit.

  34. Because they have funds that own nearly every company, and make money off of lending their shares.they don't care and automatically rebalance their funds every couple of months.

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