Daily Discussion Thread | January 26, 2023

  1. Ok so they announced ABL on their inventory back in September, after RC sold, let’s assume they knew that they were going to have supply chain issues continued and inventory problems weren’t new. So why get a loan backed by your inventory, because you know you’ll run out and be an easy way to get out and default when the deal is ready to be finalized and an acquirer is ready to pump your stores with stock immediately after.

  2. I feel like there’s conflicting news about early January inventory restocking, some people say there was huge shipments and some say no shipments. Theory falls apart if there were lots of shipments BUT why do lots of shipments and then default on your ABL 2 weeks later?

  3. The one takeaway I have that bankruptcy isn’t happening is Ryan cohen has been tweeting way too much for nothing to be going down

  4. I’ve seen you here a long time in this play man we going to enjoy a couple cold ones after this is all said and done

  5. They dont care about retail. You guys lost tons of money just by being angry about some hedgefund living rent free in your heads.

  6. This is the play. Did something similar but closer dated calls 1/27 and 2/3. They now have a loan payment due immediately. We will know within the next week if this is an M/A or bankruptcy. Good luck!

  7. Just a reminder that the private bond deals for 2.7m and 11.7m shares weren’t cancelled along with the exchange offer. Two S-4 forms from December have still not been made public.

  8. If you have any powder left, tomorrow is the day to buy. We need one more day (tomorrow) on reg sho and they have to deliver shares.

  9. Was a bad day, but nope didnt sell at 1.3, not selling a single share you fucking crooks. Nothing has changed with Bobby and M&A is still right round the corner to fuck you hard in the ass Mr. Chukumba and Mr Cramer

  10. Can't stop thinkin' about the RSA cancellation/cash refund for unvested shares. It would seem to indicate either an M/A or chp11 was decided at that point, which is why it happened, and I don't see how the company could just pay out their unvested shares if chapter11 was the plan.

  11. They were notified on the 13th of the JPM loan default and cashed out of the unvested shares a week later. This was not public information until today. The board is either corrupt as hell and will get lawsuits up the ass or there is an M/A.

  12. So….80% of the float is sold short…? I’ve never seen anything like this if Bobby lives this shits going bonkers

  13. Not to mention, it would take all of 15 minutes to ban half of these shills who are harrassing this sub, and it hasn't been done. The question is why? Why are they allowing easily identified accounts to remain on here posting fud continuously?

  14. Q has connections at nasdaq and wall st. he is one of the main mods. i dont doubt, i know for a fact that they have puts

  15. Even convincing FUD is still FUD. I gotta admit I'm a little impressed. I've never seen the word bankruptcy repeated by sooooo many different people in such a small amount of time. Now pass the DIP!!!!

  16. Man you brainwashed yourself real good. You would have fit in real nice in soviet Russia, everything negative are lies.

  17. They overdrew the loan facility and don't have enough money to pay it back. They aren't gambling on penny stocks using margin, you don't get 'margin called' on a business loan.

  18. Lol if you think the people in this sub are the ones selling and if so would have any impact on price.

  19. Crazy there was 17k online right as we dipped earlier today. A coordinated attack you could say. Only reason to do that is if you're scared of something...ichant wait

  20. Been thinking all day, as most of you have, can’t understand why the default, it makes no fucking sense. I’m not selling, but I am considering some puts now, first time ever in my bbby play. I just read Biggy’s latest and yeah this ain’t a normal chapter 11 or a normal M&A. And those cryptic messages never help. Regardless LFG 🦍s! ❤️

  21. If a participant of a registered clearing agency has a fail to deliver position at a registered clearing agency in a non-reporting threshold security for 13 consecutive settlement days, the participant shall immediately thereafter close out the fail to deliver position by purchasing securities of like kind and quantity.

  22. Wait if today is the 13th reg SHO day why is the 3210 column flag still N instead of Y - shouldn't that rule go into effect now?

  23. Tomorrow is the 13th day I believe l. We have to still be on it on the 13th day. We will find out tomorrow at 11h pm est

  24. We will see. From what I’m reading, we need to take BK off the table or doesn’t look great. Look at my comment history. I ain’t no shill. This ain’t no FUD

  25. Does regsho even matter at this point? Wouldn’t we need a 35 day cash runway to get there?

  26. Question; what will happen with the price if the company gets bought? Holding 1k at 11usd and wondering if we will see those numbers again

  27. 750k shares right now is worth way less than the Korean fine they just caught sadly which was also basically nothing

  28. I think it was probably more the pressure of having their debts called - why spread out bad news just nuke it all and see where it goes

  29. Just saw yahoo says short % of float is 80%. Nuts. I can only logic shorts doubling down at this point as there's no escape and the algo thinks we're paperhands. UH OH

  30. That SI% doesn't line up with their numbers. I think they take the % from Morningstar which shrinks the float further by factoring any 10%+ holder as an insider. Still a big bump in SI though. It had actually already grown when it dropped from 40s to 30s because the float expanded. Now it's back in the 40s again which is a high SI to report on top of all the fuckery.

  31. I would love nothing more than big announcement pre market. On the fucking 2 year anniversary of shutting off the buy button

  32. Big announcement was today, this stupid vompany is out of money. What follows is typical proceedings with lawyers on best route forward after bankruptcy.

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