THE COUNT IS IN!!! Follow up post to my post asking how many shares you all held, the numbers are fucking staggering!

  1. This is from those 1908 that commented right? If so then you could play with those numbers by dividing the total shares by 1908. And then multiply with a reasonable number towards the subs total membership 🌶️

  2. Most people aren't wasting there time on this thread unless they are holders. Thanks for all your work fam. Full send!!💎🤲🚀

  3. For sure man hahaha when this thing blows we should all throw a massive party, show off the new lambos we’ve all bought😅

  4. Short Interest of Freefloat - Retail (Using Morningstar): 52,888,134 / (65,600,000 - 5,357,929 = 60,242,071) = 0.8779268893 or 87.79%

  5. I didn’t comment and just added another 30 today. I have 396.3??? And a call option or two. 🦐 but still doing my part

  6. Dan the famous msm terror... became the official BBBY sub accountant and we love you and thank you 🫡 will add more shares tomorrow goodnight

  7. Hahaha I love you guys too, you’re welcome!…multi million dollar stock market accountancy, market manipulation, I’m building up quite the resumé considering I’m 18🤣🤣🤣Goodnight!

  8. Oh for sure, I counted 1908 comments and there’s over 45,000 members in the sub, we definitely own wayyyy more in reality

  9. Shit I didn’t comment, I went to but it wasn’t letting me and forgot to go back. Oh well I’ll just be someone who balances it

  10. I have to be honest and say I wish all this money was in my stock, but regardless, I’m thrilled to see what you all are doing here! DRS is the way!

  11. I’ll just say I didn’t comment, not a whale, but I own more than 1, so do with that what you will, I’m not the only one I know.

  12. I mean, is it really that much? I'd say not even 20% of all holders have posted. Beautiful either way.

  13. You could take the results and run statistical averages and distribution metrics on it against the # of folks on the sub to estimate total holdings.

  14. And on top of it I’m sure I’m not the only one Hodling $4/March and $3/ August contracts that’ll be exercised , just didn’t add to the count.

  15. Very cool. I can’t imagine a very high percentage of investors played along here. I wonder how many times over the float is owned. I’ll guess a minimum of 3x.

  16. I'd wager that most whales wouldn't post their share count for security reasons. Hell, I use that reason and I'm only holding a very small bag.

  17. Volume this past week was 13x outstanding shares. U don't think anyone knows how many shares are truly out there

  18. Didn't comment as I believe it's a terrible way to try and gauge given people lying and meltdowners etc, but I have XXXX and I'm sure there's plenty more like me that didn't comment.

  19. lol probably more than 30% of those who commented held 100 shares but claim they have 10,000 shares,can’t base anything off this BS number but that a spicy number if accurate

  20. Even if that were true, I counted 1908 comments and the sub has over 46,000 members. Not everyone commented as the mods were pretty slow when I was asking about getting the post pinned

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