RSU Shares?

  1. Paying out unpurchased shares would be a breach of fiduciary liability in a bankrupcy. Management couldnt do it. This is definitely something interesting

  2. With some companies, stock awards are based on share price at the beginning/end of that fiscal quarter, or two quarters. In this case, they were probably awarded X shares at $Y, however because of the acquisition they instead gave them cash equivalent to those shares, plus a bit extra. Honestly sounds like a good award to me, as the cash option.

  3. I honestly think they couldn't give them higher at this point. It would be too suspicious if they suddenly got paid $10-15 for their unvested shares, ahead of time. This is at least in line with what the share price has been just recently.

  4. Restricted Share Awards (RSA) would be worthless at the time if acquisition. That is why they are getting cash before acquisition date.

  5. So what you are saying is that since certain criterias weren't met they get a payout instead of shares? They didn't get to decide between cash or stocks?

  6. I think that $4.90 price reflects when these shares were issued, that’s why they’re being paid out in cash as such? I think with fair valuation we sit at $15-$20. Realistically. Still a great opportunity to 3-4x your money if you’ve had a chance to average down. I CANT WAIT!! If it’s anything RC involved we Moon. GME 2.0

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