From render to reality - BMW M4 drag car. Rendered by Khyzyl Saleem, being built by Cody McManus, powered by a Mazda triple-rotor 20B with 94mm Comp T turbo. Aiming for 1500hp.

  1. At no point does a drag car ever really make “sense”, it’s just people with a shitton of money who want to see how fast they can do a quarter mile in a particular class of vehicle.

  2. Not really a Mazda engine, the title isn’t great lmao. The 20b was an engine from Mazda but this is like making your own Lego set and calling it legos, it’s sort of true but really it’s not

  3. I’m always curious to see what can be pumped out of a 20b. You’d have to thinks potentially much more powerful than the 13b engine builds you see more often.

  4. Much more potential in the N54/55 engine, but then again if his garage has the funds to pull this off then who am I to interject with a shoestring budget idea? Very clean build! I’d love to see footage of how she runs at the dragstrip

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