Twin turbo LSX powered Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8. 1641hp. 7.91 @ 285km/h.

  1. A new car built by my company leaves somewhere traveling at 60 MPH. The rear differential locks up. Now, should we repair it, or do an LS swap?

  2. This car is clearly a track only car designed for speed, the answer is never enough, the whole point is to get as much power that you can possibly put down. This looks like it may be a drag car so the answer is however much power your rear tires can push into the tarmac.

  3. I doubt it's still AWD. Looks like they have the rear wheels bolted up to a dyno and the fronts just on casters, and you couldn't do that if it was AWD.

  4. At that points it's just because they can. Test theories if anything. There doesn't seem to be any way to really utilize that much power.

  5. I’m hopping this get seen as constructive, but you could launch harder / fast with maybe some suspension tuning, if it’s more or less preload, stiffer springs or alignment, because for that power that 60ft could be better, but I also am an inexperienced observer, maybe I remember something wrong.

  6. I mean it’s a cool novelty but is it really an “awesome” mod? Took an otherwise quick and fun AWD car and made it basically totally unusable anywhere but a drag strip.

  7. So what's an awesome mod, in your opinion? This is a car with loads of custom fabrication, pretty damn unique and well done at that. A build that involves all aspects of performance modification. And yes, even the suspension, even though it's not set up/built for cornering, obviously.

  8. The red demon drag car is a purpose built AWD drag car with a same style of engine that came in it new. It’s not a twin turbo LS swap drag car

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