142g off of 2 plants. Far from many of the harvests I see here, but this is enough weed for me for at least a year. So happy to be self sufficient!

  1. I use to make a g last 3 days but now its like fuck it I got it like that ya know. I ain't worried about numbers anymore just smoke to my hearts content.

  2. Yeah, I’m not a heavy user these days. I mostly vape it so it goes a long way, and I don’t get high as much as I used to. But either way, super stoked!

  3. Well done! I'd the exact same harvest couple of months back, barely see a dent in it. Vaping is the way, what used to be enough for ten weeks is now enough for ten months.

  4. Wish I shared your perspective. I have a dry flower vape and it just doesn't do it for me. High is weaker, bud is spent faster, needs more to create the same effect, and the taste and smell of vaped flower is kinda nasty.

  5. Depends on what you smoke in and how often. Vape could drag it out for a long time. Blunt could use an O much faster.

  6. Shit, shoulda had way more weight tbh. Was fighting caterpillars and had some life stuff that both drove an early harvest, 80 days from breaking soil to chop. But I’m not super picky so just happy I have what I have :)

  7. I think that most people fall into your sub-category in terms of overall annual cannabis consumption needs. The fulfillment of those modest needs with a small personal grow is entirely appropriate and fun, too.

  8. I used those grove bags for the first time on my most recent grow. Absolute game changer. Never had better cured bud from a home grow.

  9. This is why I want to start growing. Have my own supply when I want, and known exactly whats in it. How long will that last in those bags?

  10. I started making edibles. I just used trim at first but now I used everything. I keep a couple oz of the best looking buds and process the rest into hash and/or coconut oil. I keep the oil in my fridge and use it to bake all kinds of goodies.

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