Such a cool trick to get more space out of my indoor set up. $4.49 for 12 of them at Ace Hardware. 32” bamboo skewers…

  1. I was shocked at how much extra space it gives you! No none of my girls are touching the sides of the tent, they all have a nice room to finish off.

  2. I dk if I’m just high as shit or what, but how’d you do this? I see the bamboo rounding the tent out a bit but how? My tent is pretty tight around the poles. How much space are you gaining?

  3. I’d say I got at least a good 6 inches extra from the sides to the back. What size is your tent? Mine has a base of 3 x 3. I had quite a bit of extra tent, fit fairly loose over the frame. It’s definitely tight when you put the bamboo behind the back corner posts. They’ve bend fairly easy though so you can kind of form them and as you adjust them and get more in place. You’ll kind of see how it takes shape. You have to be careful that the ends don’t puncture as you are sliding them in place.

  4. Im using Fox Farm- Grow Big, Tiger Bloom,& Big Bloom. My first run with Autos indoors. Also have a DWC set up going with 4 buckets.

  5. Why not just take the hoops that come in the kits, right? And by kits I meant hoop house kits. Sorry, you guys, I’ve got a real Beautiful Mind situation goin on over here. Sorry ab the confusion

  6. Ill just shoot my shot. Completely new to the sub and all of this. Haven’t pulled the plug as space is a problem for me but this setup looks like something I could possibly fit in my apt. Would anyone be willing to assist me on what to purchase and how to start? I appreciate any insight. Thanks!

  7. 2x2 tent, inline fan with carbon filter, light and some fans to move air is a pretty good start. Then you just have to decide your growing medium and genetics and you're good to go.

  8. I don’t know why they don’t make cylinders for grow tents. Those damn kids pop up castles, etc… are all either cylinders or domes. It’s like a large spring with cloth. Allow a zipper between spring coils and you are in business. I’d love to zip off right in the middle. And not open up a whole side.

  9. Well, you may be on to something there! Now you got me thinking on what materials you could use for the guts.

  10. This trick is awesome but it will not work with every tent. Mine is already so fuckin tight guess it depends the brand

  11. Place them behind the vertical support poles towards the back of the tent. Then with the bend in the bamboo, after some adjustments, it should expand the tent. Sounds like it depends-on size and brand of tent, on how well it works.

  12. Can always give it a shot and then when you buy the other tent you’ll be ready to use them for that. Let me know how it goes.

  13. Nice. I have a broomstick wedged between the frame and Mylar, the fan sucking in the tent keeps it in place, this is a much better idea.

  14. Definitely thought about those possible issues. I somewhat pre formed/bent the Bamboo prior to installing in the Tent. Which seems to help with the pressure on the seams. I just ordered a Monster tent, so my current Tent will probably house a Mother when I get to that point, who knows. I love growing!!!! I appreciate your insght!

  15. After just using my tent as intended and seeing how many pinholes get created overtime. I can only imagine what this tent will look like after a year or two. +1 on ingenuity but if you can fit that extra space in your grow area why not just get a bigger tent. The whole "i dont have more space but i somehow fit an extra 6 inches up top because of the skewers" excuse is kinda bs if you can make your tent bigger and thats your goal then just upgrade to a 30x30 or 28x28 or 32x32 or whatever size fits in your grow area. This will badly damage your tent overtime you will see but goodluck anyways.

  16. How would u recommend battling the negative pressure then I’m not being a smart ass I’m asking cuz my shit stays sucked in so I lose space and my ac infinity intake fan is only on 1

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