Anyone try thctone genetics? Some of there auto's look like 🔥.

  1. To keep it a buck with you, I don't see myself spending any money on them. In his auto update video he was just saying quote "that mars hydro really took their time and crafted the perfect tent for growing." Okaaay, they're all made in the same factory and I won't even delve into that. I'd rather spend my money on a breeder that's been doing it for years, and through years of breeding developed stable genetics. Bc anyone, me or you can make fem seeds from using, silver etc. But we are not breeders. Idk channel gives me a bad vibe, it's a dub for me 🤷

  2. You make very good points. I totally know what you mean about the marshydro sales pitches. Anyone can get the same tent,light,etc. from alibaba so much cheaper. I was just looking and seen his posts on IG and wanted to see if anybody has had luck with his strains. Personally i'm waiting on Rocbudinc or might grab some of roc's genetics from Unitedseedbank, they have been the strongest auto's i have grown in 2+years.

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