water a sensitivity issue or just a irrational fear?

  1. My husband is the same but he's not autistic or anything. It's hydrophobia. You're not alone with it for sure. He has to wash his hair in a very specific way that minimises water running on his face. He hates eye drops and eye baths and I have to help him use them if he needs them.

  2. Not sure if I've heard about this, but thank you for responding.. feels like I'm getting pressure all my life to not be like this. It's awful feeling

  3. I have the same issue, since childhood. I’m not sure if it’s a phobia for me or a sensory thing, because I both panic and have that sensory overwhelm feeling... I put a washcloth over my eyes when I wash my hair, no face in the shower stream. I can’t swim under water and hate being splashed. Even rain drops on my face, I have to wipe them away immediately.

  4. Me tooo! I HATED it when I was a kid. It’s taken a lot of getting used to now - I’m too vain about my skin to not use regular face wash. Submerging my face while swimming, I HATE. Anyone splashing me with water, hell no. Actually, even with face wash - I wet my hands and then my face. Then do all the scrubbing etc. and then scrunch my eyes and try and get through washing as quickly as possible. I don’t like water on my face. Weirdly, I also hate having foundation on my face. I don’t like the wetness of it or the sensation. And I hate it even more when someone else puts it on my face. Took me a long time to not hate face masks (especially the mud and clay ones). I don’t hate them when I do it but getting a facial done, I really hate.

  5. Same here.. it took me already so much self control to get some water on my face. I don't wash my face really so just wipe it clean if needed or when having bath shower

  6. I also can't lie back and float in water. It took me 7 years give or take to learn swim poorly with help of a triathlon swimmer .. so I've had great training imo

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