ADHD meds and blood pressure

  1. I had to have an ECG before I started meds because of my weight, and was borderline high. Since starting meds my pressure ticked up very slightly for a few months, but has since come back down. I started meds in Jan and by June by pressure had stabilized :)

  2. Ah ok. My bp is now stable on 155/90 so it’s not extremely high. I had a few ECG’s recently because the bp meds caused a huge spike when I started taking them.

  3. I have high blood pressure - genetic. Uncontrolled it is 160/110. Original pressure med kept it down to 130/80, then comes my diagnosis with ADHD+ASD, started on meds (vyvance) and have had to increase my pressure meds to twice the dose to counter the increased stimulation.

  4. I have a type of tachycardia and have been to hospital twice in the past year for hypertensive crisis (bp above 200/110). My cardiologist was really supportive of me trying stimulant meds, so the psychiatrist put me on Ritalin, with a tight schedule of checkups. On my lowest effective dose my bp has gone down to 110/60 (normally it mostly hung around 140/90). If I take more Ritalin I lose this benefit and my bp goes up (though not as high as pre-Ritalin, 120/80). Overall my heart rate has increased (cardiologist said to expect +10 bpm to resting heart rate), but I’m having less episodes of tachycardia.

  5. I certainly noticed a spike in my blood pressure for the few years I was on dex, really not pleasant. It ended up being balanced out by the elephant dosage of SSRIs I'm on now that dropped my blood pressure by heaps

  6. My medication is Atomoxetine. Higher pulse but blood pressure didn't change. Both can be affected by that medication

  7. Good to know. I don’t know yet which meds I’ll get and which my insurance will cover (universal healthcare over here has a lot of fine print)

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