y'know, the anti-vaxxers have it all wrong

  1. This is hilarious to me since I always describe my preferred form of socializing, parallel play, where I just want to like, be in the same SPACE as my friends even if I don't directly interact as...

  2. reminds me of that time when I got my autism diagnosis one day and the covid booster shot right the next day and then I made a shitpost out of it

  3. Vaccines cause longevity! That’s great that she didn’t have an adverse reaction, it’s scary enough getting jabs as a kid. Also proves those crunchy organic yucky “autism moms” who claim the MMR vaccine causes autism dead wrong!

  4. Are you sure it isn't that he accidentally installed Gorilla OS on humans and the angry and socially domineering ones thought they were the default and took over?

  5. cats dont have autism because autism is a strictly human disorder and also cats dont communicate and socialise the same way humans do so its imposible for any animals that doesnt communicate and socialise like us to have autism and no animals in existence communicate like humans do

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