Autistic comedy show (Hannah Gadsby)

  1. I've actually seen the show she's currently touring! It is, or at least it was in my location, an extremely sensory friendly experience. I can lay it out for you from a general point of view and my experience of it as an autistic person if you like? This'll be possibly be long, so I'm sorry if it's also tedious.

  2. Do you mind sharing - was it just Hannah Gadsby the whole time, or was there a different comedian who opened the show before she started?

  3. That’s awesome! I didn’t realize she had a tour coming up! I would imagine since she’s a big name the show will be at a theater rather than a comedy club. If so, it is very much like a concert, with a lot of people arriving at the same time and filing into their seats. The stage will be brightly lit with the audience sitting in relative darkness once the show starts. The audience will be loud throughout the show (laughing, clapping). The end of the show when everyone leaves can be a bit chaotic with everyone streaming out at the same time- it’s ok to stay at your seats for a few extra minutes (as long as you let others pass by) if you want to wait out the rush.

  4. I've seen her show on streaming! She is amazing, and before she was diagnosed with autism, she said so many things that I could relate to, than I felt so seen. Then realized when she got diagnosed, I should probably try to get diagnosed. I waited a while since the female presenting symptoms, the studies, and all that had to make it from Australia to the backwoods USA. Professionals are all well and good but getting anything to get approve through the government services here takes soooo long and the pandemic made it even worse than usual.

  5. I love Hannah! I used to go to open mic nights and the guy who ran it actually pulled me aside and said I’m a great audience member (he didn’t say it was because I laugh loudly, but I know that’s what he was talking about lol). You’ll have a fantastic time!

  6. Oh my gosh you’re so lucky - you’ll love her! She has two specials on Netflix, Douglas is the one about her autism. Expect to laugh and fall a little bit in love.

  7. I love Hannah Gadsby. I looked at their show tickets but they're kinda expensive & I can't afford it right now, you're super lucky!

  8. I saw one of her Netflix specials and she was really funny but my only issue is that she jumped into very triggering content without warning and kind of set off my ptsd and left me unverbal afterwards.

  9. She is my favorite! I can't swing the ticket price for her live events but she is so brilliant, I'm sure it will be great.

  10. I love watching live comedy, I've seen 4 stand ups (it was supposed to be 5 but covid got in the way). I'm quite jealous of you I'd love to see Hannah Gadsby love I loves her Netflix specials.

  11. I love her! I went to her show during her Douglas tour, and it was a blast! Her comedy and storytelling were great for a general audience. But for me as a queer autistic person who is also well versed in art history, I felt highly rewarded for having that additional insight. There were so many Easter eggs that had me laughing more than the “actual jokes” did.

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