Help me settle an argument!!

  1. Actually both right depending on what unit/player/recording device being used. Also what era it originally only voice to cassette recording used a hand held microphone. Until side by side tape decks arrived. From what I remember.

  2. Your right maybe she didn’t have a cassette tape recorder in her radio meaning she had a older radio only ! That’s what I would say so then your both correct ! But yes normally you recorded songs from radio records straight onto cassette! On another subject anyone know where I can get a cassette player ?

  3. Don’t need a mic, but all the tape recorders we had you had to press PLAY and RECORD and make sure both switches were held down or it wouldn’t work.

  4. And if you were slick, you’d do pause as well- and just un-pause it when the time came, save the stumble at the perfect time to start recording

  5. Wasn’t there plastic tabs you could pull off too stop it being recorded over if you bought a cassette from a band your weren’t meant too be able too record over them but sticky tape fixed that issue ! I remember being beaten up for a mix tape with Metallica on it in mid 80s before they did that dreadful black album

  6. Yep, I remember you had to press certain buttons to record from the microphone and select others to record from radio or another cassette deck. Maybe your wife’s model only had mic recording because I owned something similar by Panasonic

  7. Depends on your radio I guess. I had a old boom box that could record whilst playing the radio. Had a tiny built in mic.. the quality was as you'd expect

  8. I'd record Francis Leach on Triple J all the time in 1994 to hear all the Metal songs and RRR. Tape goes in ,radio goes on and press record. No need to be quiet either. Direct recording. I used a shit twin stereo ghetto blaster thing. If you wanted to record yourself you had to have the radio off. I'd record myself playing guitar all the time and then double track stuff with the extra tape deck. I miss those days.

  9. Maybe depends on the price of the radio lol because her way is the only way i could do it, but maybe if yours was more expensive you didn't have to.

  10. Wow your wife must’ve been rich or something to afford a recorder and mic. All I had was a boom box with a tape deck you just pressed record on whenever you heard something good on the radio.

  11. By default you are wrong, you never win an argument with the missus. She may let you think you are right, but some time down the track you’ll pay for it and not even know it.

  12. There is no settling an argument with the Mrs you’re wrong she’s right regardless of the back story or subject matter (rule#1 of the relationship handbook)

  13. For my radio, I did not need a mic. But all my recordings have the DJ at the time talking over the start of the song. Plus just sitting there with my finger on the REC button because they said coming up soon

  14. If you had a ‘built in mic’ like mine did you could record direct to the tape. I also had a dual cassette recorder so I could record from one tape to another.

  15. This reminds me of using a tape deck to record songs off the radio in the late 80s and early 90s (using the record button and audio from the speakers only) and the number of times the radio station DJs would 'taint' the recording by starting their announcing over the song anywhere from 5-20 seconds before the end.

  16. It depended what unit you had. One of mine had the mic seperate and my other one didn't. You are both right.

  17. I used to record songs off the radio using a separate cassette player back in the 80's.... Sitting around waiting for the song to come on. mono radio before FM... One casette with layers of sound on it...takes me back...

  18. It's "play/record" at the same time. Straight off the radio worked....then you could prop the boom box infront of the TV to get all the other songs through the mic off rage and video hits

  19. Depends on your setup. I had a cassette radio that had it's mic right next to the speakers so I never had any problems with background noise. My tapes were from the cheap shop so the recordings were always awful no matter what I did!

  20. Just press record. If you held down the pause button it would record slower, so when played at normal speed it sounded like the chipmunks haha

  21. My little national Panasonic had a built-in mic. I used park it next to the tv, silence the family and record Countdown.

  22. Unless she had an older type radio but al I needed was to put the tape in and hit record and then stay dead quiet just incase hahaha

  23. Not every single household in Australia had a cassette stereo capable of recording radio, so some households DID have to deal with the way your wife says.

  24. The radio/cassette players did not need to use the mic to record. It would record without a mic plugged into the input jack. Proof was that you could sing along while recording the radio and it wouldnt be on the tape. Of course you could have plugged a mic into the input jack and pressed record - but then you would need to be quite while it was going. Does your wife reverse her car all the way to the shops? it would be possible - but noone does that.

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