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  1. Couldn’t agree more. The food and drink options at the stadium are all great and tasty, but the prices mean I get drinks before and after the game. I was charged almost $40 for two jellyfish, never again!!

  2. This not a helpful answer. It's $18 because someone in management set the price there to make a certain gross margin per can. They also believed the price would not upset customers and that sales would be high enough to deplete inventory before the beer goes stale. It's possible that it is set absurdly high so that customers feel better about taking the next choice down, some kind of also grossly-overpriced Heineken. If people complain enough (like this), embarrass the club a bit, and come up with alternatives then there is a good chance we end up with "WE Heard you, Austin......." messages with better pricing.

  3. I know it sucks, but it sucks for all drinks, heck I would even argue that Jellyfish is "just" 4x retail price, while Dos Equis or ultra are 8x+.

  4. I don't know how much effect this type of thing has on prices/experience, but after each game when that Feedback email comes through I've started to consistently talk about this. I get that this is where profits come from, and that people are going to buy the food/drinks either way because that's all there is but it really sours the experience to have to pay so much for food and drinks. Really wish the markups weren't so high.

  5. I really want to know why Heineken 00 is $7.50 for an 11oz can. It's not even 12 oz., The price is at least a dollar more expensive than last year. And Heineken is a very mediocre NA beer, sigh.

  6. I know this is Austin and there's not a lot of professional sports, but this concession markup is pretty typical of pro stadiums. I don't like it, but it's not uncommon.

  7. Doubtful. People sneak liquor in, drink beforehand. I'd wager people are actually more likely to show up drunker than if they planned on buying drinks there

  8. Honestly, just sneak a couple shooters inside like I did last game and chill on a single beer so you have something to sip on. There's no reason a couple beers should cost almost as much as the damn tickets.

  9. I saw this on twitter and still not sure how I feel about the conversation. I don't disagree that Q2 is gouging people, that's what most professional sports teams do though. So yeah, middle finger to Q2 for not being better, but I also understand this is about the owners making money. I've been to Astros games, Spurs games, have heard about Cowboys' games, etc. This comes with the territory.

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