Verde and Black sourdough crackers

  1. I have been working on these for quite a while. The green cracker is much more vibrant in person. I'll have a limited quantities of these ATXFC themed crackers available at the farmers market next weekend.

  2. I was thinking wow these look just like the ones from The Sourdough project and it’s really you 😂these are awesome!!

  3. Can’t upvote this enough! I LOVE all the sourdough project crackers. The everything seasoned ones are mind blowing. There’s a vegan cheese shop across the street from the mueller farmers market that sells them and I’ve been trying to get them to carry the everything version.

  4. Yes!!! We love Rebel Cheese, and agree they should carry the Everything crackers! So happy you're a fan of what we do. I hope you get to try the Verde and Black crackers, they are REALLY good.

  5. Awesome! I would love to see how it looks, rosemary and mint is a great combo. I used spirulina and turmeric for the Verde, charcoal for the Black.

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