Capital Metro Matchday Service Announced

  1. The Rapid 803 is the play here, it is going to drop off directly in front of the stadium instead of the route shown on Google Maps where it typically diverts into the UT Research Campus. Personally if I was coming from the North, I would park at the Walmart on West Anderson Ln and then get on the 803 and ride the two stops up to the stadium, you're guaranteed an easy parking spot and the 803 coming roughly every 10 minutes compared to 25 minutes between trains and 20 minutes between regular buses.

  2. Train will be superior for consistency - it won't be stuck in traffic, but it is a longer walk to the stadium. Buses will get stuck in traffic, but with one coming every 8 minutes, any delays will probably be made up by the sheer frequency.

  3. Ooh yeah, get ready for that crush load first train after the game! It's great that they will bunch extra 803 buses together post-match. I've got three very viable transit options from my place - Capmetro has planned this out pretty well so far.

  4. Would love to see the city and CapMetro coordinate on a transit only lane on Burnet between 183 and Braker during pre and post game, would require some police enforcement and traffic cones so I'm gonna say unlikely

  5. NICE!!!! lot of pickup and drop off and leaves lots of room for tailgating/drinking/eating etc. I'll see you on the train

  6. Yep. It is at least an hour from downtown and that is if you walk out of a building and step on the bus. I live west of Mopac. So, add in a stop or a bike ride downtown and you are 75 min minimum. I would rather just bike to the stadium or take my chances with rideshare after the game.

  7. I understand the buses and how they're going to work in this situation. That said, I'm disappointed there is not a simple, legit park-and-ride system that most other cities/arenas/stadiums have set up with large numbers of stacked buses simply ready to go from Parking Lot A to the stadium and back with no stops in between. I guess for once I can say San Antonio spoiled me.

  8. I'm guessing that if they saw 500 fans show up at a particular park and ride they would make adjustments accordingly.

  9. I wish they would do that too. The North Lamar Transit Center isn't that far and I doubt many stops will happen between there and the stadium, fwiw

  10. Back when they first announced stadium designs, the club said there would be bicycle valet or lockers, I wonder if that still made it in the plan?

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