My doorbell caught the meteor!

  1. I was outside with my little girl looking up at the sky hoping we'd see a shooting star or something. We were out there for about 20 minutes just looking all over the night sky. Finally went in just a few minutes before this happened. God damn it.

  2. I was diving i35 south bound in south Austin and saw the sky flash but just thought it was lightning. Nice video! I hope some more turn up!

  3. Wow. I went outside with my dog for 30 seconds and thought this was a plane flying through low clouds. I inadvertently saw a meteor and that's pretty dang cool to me.

  4. i was at the light waiting to turn over the bridge that goes over 45 by blackhawk. it lit up,my car it was so bright!!!! i thought something hit the homes over by the kelly lane toll road exit for a moment. idk if i was that close but being right under it it looked RED rather then blue. i also heard a soft"thunder"

  5. Woah, that's cool. So, what was your immediate thought on what was happening? I mean, did your mind sift through possible scenarios, before landing (pun intended) on meteor?

  6. I'm really happy you caught it on video as I saw the whole thing while I was sitting at the Riata lake. It was a very vibrant cyan color and it came in from the Corpus Christi area, so I believe that's the Aquarius constellation, possibly making it part of the Delta Aquarids Meteor shower, but this news report says it was a spacecraft...

  7. Any chance you might’ve caught the one I saw early morning on 7/14? I think it was between 1 - 2 am and it was unreal. Would love to see if you might’ve caught that as well!

  8. I was walking back to my house from taking out the trash when this happened. Turned around because of the bright light and saw the flaming trail of fire shoot across the sky and disappear. 🌠

  9. This is a bolide event, a large chunk of material exploding in the atmosphere. Meteor showers like the perseids are caused periodically when Earth passes through a debris field that's typically well known. The fragments of cometary or asteroid debris that causes those showers are quite small and called meteoroids.

  10. I saw this last night in Gonzales. I was at a show and initially thought it was a rogue firework at first. Thanks for sharing!

  11. That’s an awesome video! Not to do a capitalism, but what doorbell cam is that? I’ve been trying to price an compare systems for our place (we’ve been having some creepy trouble) and that video is crisp.

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