What to do on weekends?

  1. Now that the weather is getting warmer, anything lake related - paddle boarding, jet skiing (and tubing/wakeboarding behind it), floating in a tube, and swimming in general. It’s finally lake/pool season!!

  2. i am going to see some friends to watch Drag Race. it's nice to have a ridiculous show to watch as a group activity. i like board games a lot too.

  3. Zilker park for some free range running/frisbee, volleyball, soccer, basketball, and even swim on the outside of Barton springs (dog area). Maybe así walk down Auditorium shores, do the silly maze on the ground, splash in the faucets as if you were a little kid and take in the view at the hill of auditorium shores. Hmmm also I believe some art galleries are free to just walk in and see I believe (please some verify this) the two art galleries that I think are ok to just walk in and see are West Chelsea Contemporary and Wallyworkman gallery.

  4. Seems like a ton of people are going to the pools now on weekends these days, just don’t bring alcohol there or you’ll be kicked out

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