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  1. Neighborhoods such as Hyde Park have turned some streets into “healthy streets” where cars are restricted to residents (Avenue G between 38th and 51st, in this example). Tons of people walking around all of the time, and you don’t have to worry too much about traffic.

  2. I’ve never had a problem on any trails during the daytime, as a single female walker. I have been harassed several times walking in my neighborhood, at all times of day. So now I drive to Hyde Park when I want a nice neighborhood walk. Hope you find a spot you like, we’ve got some really nice trails! Town Lake is great.

  3. Hyde park is great during the day, lovely neighborhood that I wish I could afford a house in. So many interesting things to see, minimal vehicle traffic, tree-lined streets with character. And then you can stop at Quacks for a treat after.

  4. Second this, certainly during the day. At night, I wouldn’t walk with headphones on, even low volume. It’s a lot harder to keep your senses keen at night, best to stay alert.

  5. I would recommend walking along Ave G in Hyde Park. It’s a “healthy street” that curtails vehicle traffic and lots of people are always out and about. You can also explore the Ney Museum grounds and all the various side streets in the neighborhood.

  6. The lady bird lake trail entrance under Mopac to Lamar pedestrian bridge is my favorite place to jog and you can hit a 5k. I’ve run it alone before sunrise plenty of times and still felt safe. However I do always do one earbud only so I can hear cyclists - don’t want to get run over while passing a walker. I ran it hella pregnant and felt perfectly safe. My friend actually had a stroke on the same trail, and it’s busy enough that he got immediate medical attention that saved his life. It’s a good trail!

  7. Don't know where you are but I like Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park. It's not crowded but enough people around to feel safe. There's a big paved trail and a lot of little trails through the woods. I am also a single female who walks alone most of the time. Sometimes I bring a very unintimidating dachshund mix.

  8. Probably a little out of the way but we have a trail here in Wells Branch that's pretty safe with lots of people on it at most times.

  9. There is a nice few mile trail up in wells branch called Katherine Fleischer park! Very clean and has a mix of a lake, neighborhood with trees, and recreational area with an old home of a settler

  10. During the day? Anywhere really. The lake, zilker park especially. Just be prepared for people to stop you wanting to pet your dog.

  11. My dog is tiny and not very smart, but he is very cute and people always comment and want to pet him. Bless him, he would be about as effective as melted butter in an attack of any kind lol.

  12. Pretty much any trail is fine to walk with low volume headphones in. Don’t wear noise cancelling headphones, and stay to the right hand side of the path. You’re at a much higher risk of getting clipped by a weekend Lance Armstrong than any sort of assault. You should maintain the same level of vigilance you would for any other Big City crime, but you’re generally fine.

  13. Greenbelt is a beautiful hike, that super easy and pretty populated. There enough people there to feel safe- but not enough to feel crowded. You can park on the access road off MoPac where MoPac and HWY 71 intersect. You’ll see a bunch of cars and people walking in- just follow them.

  14. If you’re in south Austin, I recommend the circle c park. Lots of friendly families and dog walkers that pass by but still enough space to not be crowded.

  15. I’d recommend the butler hike and bike trail around ladybird lake, but I’d recommend staying west of I-35. The trail east of I-35 is becoming increasingly littered with homeless camps. There are a few that definitely have some mentally ill men campers and it’s probably best to just stay away.

  16. I wouldn't recommend a lone female (or really anybody alone) going east of congress or west of mopac. Foot traffic drops off rapidly.

  17. I regularly walk down Duval st starting up by homeslice down to campus practically and have been doing so the past few years, pretty well lit at night and lots of nice historic homes to look at

  18. The walking path in the Bee Cave Central Park just west of the Galleria is super safe and has a cool dog park that is nice to watch

  19. For the headphones piece - bone conduction headphones such as aftershokz aeropex allow you to listen to music and also hear everything around you. It definitely helps me feel safer on a run or hike.

  20. Mueller park trails / all through mueller. I live in the neighborhood next to Mueller and this is my go to. They have a big trail system, but also just lots of nicely kept sidewalks. I’ve walked at all times of day, earbuds blasting and never had a problem. Lady bird lake between Mopac and Lamar during the day is usually fine. Lots of people out.

  21. I bought pepper spray due to the increase in homelessness, lawlessness, and general disregard for dangerous individuals our city’s police keep shepherding around town.

  22. Lots of people here have already recommended Hyde park but I haven’t seen anyone recommend Hancock Golf course! There’s a big trail around it that is mostly families and students walking around. Not spectacularly beautiful but if you’re around avenue G anyways it’s close by :)

  23. Just take a weapon wherever you go…. Rachel Cooke was kidnapped in a super safe part of Georgetown…. This is why I won’t run outside

  24. feeling “safe” is subjective—i’m a native 5’1 lady austinite and the only time i have felt unsafe in austin is when i have actively tried to de-escalate violent situations or when a creep at a bar followed me on my walk home. also, car drivers are super hostile to pedestrians and cyclists, so walking around areas with car traffic can be unnerving in ATX.

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