Is it that believable?

  1. Actually, it seems gorillas are the ones who understand death and humans are the ones who have trouble with it.

  2. "Yeah, when you go, it's lights out. Nope, no God. We evolved past the need for deities a long time ago in gorilla culture. No, what about this aren't you getting? Everything just goes black, and eventually you're forgotten."

  3. To be fair, asking why is what I also ask sometimes even with full knowledge that it's supposed to be a joke.

  4. when the cat that coco had past away after being hit by a car she was told what happened and understood what she was told so this is sadly believable

  5. “The scientist believe we may be able to get gorillas to resort to alcoholism, or even ray to kill its self in as little as a decade”

  6. If Monke didn't want to learn about its own mortality then it should've learned its fucking place in evolution. YOU'RE NOT ME.

  7. I think it's believable that gorillas understand the concept of death, they wouldn't be the only animals on earth that understand the concept. I don't think it would take a human to explain that though, or that a human would bother to do so. Let's be honest, did your parents have to tell you there was no Santa Claus or did you find out some other way?

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