To what extent does reading books play a big part in your daily life despite the destructions and engagement from social media?

  1. I read for at least a few hours every single day. But it doesn’t replace social media, it replaces TV, because I have to attention span for auditory processing.

  2. I read pretty often. It's my go-to activity when I'm taking a bath – one of my fave ways to de-stress – and it's also often what I do when I have a day off work, whether I stay at home reading or take my book to a café or the beach.

  3. I read every night in bed before going to sleep. I get through a lot of books and enjoy growing my library and trying new authors.

  4. I have an audio book running almost constantly, but it's always a book I've read before so I don't have to follow every second. I struggle to listen to a new audio book cause I get distracted and have to backtrack to know what's going on.

  5. I don’t read every single day, but I am in two book clubs, so end up reading at least 2 books a month for those. I find this keeps me accountable to read and also gets me to read things out of my comfort zone.

  6. My friend and I started a book club with four other women just about a month ago. We were in the same situation, where we really loved reading, but didn’t take the time and when we did, we all felt a sense of isolation seeing as reading is so solitary.

  7. Reading is one of my favorite pastimes. I probably read at least an hour or two a day, usually 5-6 on the weekends if I don't have anything else going on. It's a very big part of my life, and honestly I could never date someone who wasn't an avid reader.

  8. I read every night before sleeping. It typically puts me to sleep within 30 minutes, which is good because I used to go through 75+ books per year, straining my budget and my home space. Now, I get to enjoy new books over a longer period of time.

  9. I LOVE reading but I tend to go through phases of reading loads for a few months and then nothing for a little while. Never lost my passion for reading though, it always comes back round. Even more so since I got a kindle.

  10. I try to read a little bit each day, at lunch or right before bedtime. For me, social media isn't really a distraction from reading, just something I do while I'm watching TV or monitoring for work. The biggest time suck from reading for me is my daily commute. I got a lot more reading done when I was WFH during the COVID lockdown than I can manage now with 2 hours of commute and getting my kid to her extracurriculars.

  11. I pretty much always have a few audiobooks in rotation but rarely sit and read. For me it’s less about social media and more having the time and inclination to do one task for a long time. Social media is a nice quick distraction between other things. An audiobook is great while driving, doing mindless work, or chores. I mainly read physical books when on vacation and have time to immerse myself (or if I really want to read something and it doesn’t exist in audiobook form, but those are usually reference or hobby non-fiction books).

  12. It's nice to have my Kindle on my phone so that mindless scrolling can involve casually reading pages of a book I'm trying to get through. It's also a great winding down activity, especially in the evening while my husband is gaming. We get to spend time together without actually engaging socially, which is just wonderful for internal battery recharge.

  13. Reading is one of my favorite things to do. I’m up to 50 books for this year, which is not much considering how many I’ve read in previous years. I’m thinking I’ll manage at least 60. 📚

  14. Reddit is the only social media I have now. I deleted all of it and have so much more time to read books. Definitely enjoying life a lot more now.

  15. Huge roll. I have been a reader since I was a child and it is my happy place. A child who reads is an adult who thinks.

  16. My gf isnt on Reddit but she reads a lot more now that she got a kindle. She's read over 20 books this year and is aiming for more.

  17. I’ve just started reading again for the first time since high school now that public transit has become and option for my work commute. I’ve been mostly catching up on fictional series that I left hanging for years, and I’m getting into celebrity autobiographies/memoirs and starting back up in sci-fi/fantasy fiction. It’s nice to not have my eyes glued to a screen for an hour a day!

  18. I recently got back into books. I have an audiobook on the go for when I'm walking around. I have a non fiction that I try to do 20 pages a night before bed. Fiction I'm all of nothing I can read a whole book in one sitting then have one that takes me ages and ages!

  19. I read books with children to help them get better at reading and writing. I’d say it plays a pretty large impact on my daily life haha.

  20. Slowly over the years I’ve started to love reading books again after being in academia made me hate reading (reading at a high volume on a deadline sucks ass). Now I join book clubs or ask friends to read books with me. And altho it’s not fully replacing social media use or YouTube, it’s certainly decreasing my screen time

  21. I’ve been getting into reading a lot more and use it as a distraction. Growing up books were my escape and it’s been very fitting for me to fall back into reading again. Distraction from chaos of life, yeah social media, and also just boredom and unhappy days.

  22. In always reading, on my phone, with an actual book, listening to an audio of one and then even looking up video essays about the ones I read. I love the feeling of fining knowledge like that so I’ve always been a bit of a bookworm.

  23. We homeschool and I spend probably 45 minutes a day doing read alouds and an additional 20 or so reading aloud other material. The amount I read solely for myself varies per day greatly but I’ve read about 20 non-school related books to myself this year- and about 30 audiobooks

  24. Social media doesn’t interrupt my reading. I usually have a book with me everywhere I go, since I’d rather pull out a book than my phone if I’m waiting somewhere. The only times I don’t get enough reading in is when work is super busy, so end of semesters with assignments and tests to grade and reports to write.

  25. I read in spurts. For a couple months, I will go through like 4 books, then I won't read at all for a couple months. I am in a book club, but we only meet like 4 times a year because we all have busy lives. I love to read but I have to be able to just sit there and do it. It's not always social media that distracts me. I usually get through at least two books on any given vacation. When we go camping, I like to get up early and have coffee and read. Right now I'm in reading mode, the best time for me is in the evening before bed. I used to commute to work on public transport and I would read a book a week! I miss that.

  26. I get hyper-fixated on things so if I have a good book I will do nothing but read until it’s finished. Then I’ll probably take a break from reading and fixate on something else like a new video game or one of my hobbies until I make my way back to reading again.

  27. As many mention - I too am one of those people who read a ton of books in a short span of time and then suddenly don’t touch a book for months.

  28. I read every morning before I go to work and every night before I go to bed. I usually try to aim for at least an hour in the morning and at night, but that doesn’t always happen. If it’s a really good book, I will read it in any and all free time I have until I finish it

  29. I read nearly everyday when I'm not working. I dont have a TV and only have my phone so I download and listen to books often. Audible and the library are one of my only pleasures I allow myself that doesn't earn income. Every other hobby I have is income based and earns something be it a little or a lot. Hell even with other hobbies I throw a book on audible if I have the attention span to do both tasks at once like say when I'm knitting. Books are my one escape from this hellscape of a life. They always have been.

  30. Oh I read all the time. Easily a book a month often more. I freaking love reading more than social media.

  31. I used to love to read but I have found that it is even more difficult to concentrate with the distraction of social media. It is definitely a struggle disengaging from it but I recently read a Colleen Hoover and it was so good I found myself invested. That was at least a month ago 😭

  32. I have a bookish instagram - so aside from what little time I spend on Reddit all my time on social media revolves around books/manga/manhwa etc.

  33. I spend a ton of time on social media but I still read, on average, at least a book a week. I also spend a lot of time thinking about books (what books to read next, making lists of books on certain themes, tracking which books I read and calculating stats about them, etc.).

  34. I’ve always been a reader but in recent years due to stress I wasn’t getting through as many books as before. I’m happy to say after making some changes in my life to help with my stress level I’ve been reading more and more! I read pretty much daily but it depends on my mood, I do like movies, tv and games as well.

  35. I read a lot, both physical books and online. I have a huge collection of physical books and I love them. I still don't leave the house without one, even though I have a tablet.

  36. I really like to read, at least half an hour everyday, for me it’s relaxing and is better then Tv and tik tok or something… I used ro read more but I often come read random things in Reddit…

  37. i have to read a book a week for one of my courses so this semester i’d have read 15 books. it’s a lot but i think the wisdom i’ll gain at the end of it will be worth it :)

  38. I haven’t “read” an adult book in a very long time. I listen to audiobooks all the time though. I have a 7 month old and we’ve read like 60 childrens books so far!

  39. I read paranormal romance novels they come in series I've been keeping up with different series for about 15 to 20 years they are a big part of my life my room looks like a f****** library Jr Ward Christine Feehan Chrisley Cole that's just some of them been reading them for like 15 to 20 years like I said I really enjoy them

  40. I read every night unless I'm exhausted, so a huge deal for me. I sometimes go to bed earlier than usual, so I can read for longer, and still get my 8 hrs sleep. Last week, I bought a book and read it that night, from start to finish, ending my reading at 1am. I was tired next day for work, but still OK. When I find a book I can't put down, this can happen, haha.

  41. I read every morning now because I find it the time I’m least likely to be distracted. It’s a really nice way to start the day- quiet, coffee, book. But I’m retired so the day isn’t nagging at me to start either.

  42. I read every day, at a minimum 5 chapters. I often find reading communities online really help keep me motivated as no one in my social life enjoys reading all that much so I still have someone to talk to about books.

  43. I ALWAYS read before bed. Recently broke my ereader and was DEVASTATED. Thankfully I had an unread journalism magazine to read that I'm enjoying. New ereader in two days ☺

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