If you could wipe out one household chore from the world, what would it be?

  1. There is one thought I developed while doing the dishes, it's that doing the dishes never ends. It's not something you spent some effort doing and then boom, you're done doing for a while (like other tasks such as vacuuming). No, tomorrow you will do it again and there is no escape.

  2. Okay this is weird but I find doing the dishes relaxing and satisfying 🙃 I enjoy doing the dishes....

  3. Have to agree. The bathroom I use is small and takes about twenty minutes to clean well enough. But I’ve spent many hours and much anxiety avoiding it. When I finally dig in, I always think it didn’t take long and the rewards are worth the small effort. Question is - have I learned anything from that? Nope. Cycle repeats.

  4. I fully tiled bathroom i had at a studio apartment had a shower head and a drain in the middle of the floor, you could just spray the whole bathroom with it and itd dry later

  5. I share one and a half bathrooms with a man who stands to pee and two children. You couldn’t pay me to clean it. Instead we pay someone else to. Its my favourite thing in the world to not have to clean my own house. Dishes, laundry and even yard work (which I also hate) all become a lot more reasonable when you don’t also have to do the deep cleaning.

  6. My mother made a huge deal out of me doing this thoroughly every weekend. She collected china figurines, i counted 124 in one room as i dusted one day. I completely believe I've been traumatised and that's why I hardly ever dust my place!!!

  7. I don’t mind wiping down the main surfaces (counters, tabletops, etc) but omg — bookshelf crevices, BLINDS, baseboards are just the worst. I try to do it once a month and I hate it. Especially the blinds. Fuck window blinds.

  8. Like I can’t control how much dust gathers I can’t be cleaning it forever!! That doesn’t mean I’m dirty :( Is there a way to stop the dust? An air purifier?

  9. this i don't get. you walk around the house with a duster and just remove dust from things? how often do you do this?

  10. This. So many surfaces and places dirt can be. I absolutely hate detail type cleaning - dusting baseboards, blind slats, etc… ugh, the worst.

  11. As I have a dishwasher, the dishes do not bug me. Laundry, in the other hand, takes time and a lot of water and electricity. Down with laundry!

  12. We have 4 young kids, so my wife and I (mostly my wife tbh) are constantly doing laundry and we seem to never have enough clean clothes for everyone.

  13. Yessss laundry! Especially socks. God damn there's a million of them and they get crumpled up into little balls in the machine and they fall down everywhere when you take them out and my back hurts just thinking about picking up those little fuckers

  14. This is why one partner at home is needed but unattainable for many! I would love to come home and sit down to eat instead of doing 1-2 hours of prep, cooking, and cleanup every night.

  15. I fucking hate cooking, but love love love baking lol cooking is boring and tiresome. With baking you get to taste test the delicious ingredients, and there's always a treat at the end. Plus family and friends tend to really love receiving baking and I love gifting treats for holidays and birthdays

  16. I don’t mind cooking, but the part that kills me is the mental load of deciding what’s for dinner.

  17. I’ve been on cooking strike since day one of our 8 year relationship, I just won’t do it! If he wants a home made dinner he has to do it himself, (and he does). I can eat sandwiches or a frozen dinner, idgaf.

  18. Taking the trash out. it's too much, it's gross and in the summer you can't do it often enough because the smells kills you everyday again and again

  19. put your food waste into a plastic container in the freezer (we re-use the hard-plastic clear tubs that like arugula and other soft greens come in), garbage will stink less and you'll be on the way to composting.

  20. Me too but recycling. We have one communal recycling area for three apartment buildings and it's a bit of a hike, so we do one big trip every couple weeks. But it's such a chore that it easily piles up for a month or more and it turns into this giant mountain of recycling.

  21. I hired my good friend to be my cleaner (she does this for extra cash for a few people) because I loathe cleaning the tub that much. She also cleans the rest of the house, but I’d pay her $100 just to do the tub lol. 10/10 no regrets, highly recommend.

  22. Meal planning. The mental load of deciding on a meal everyone will eat at least part of, not repeating things too frequently, getting the groceries ,preparing the food, cleaning up afterwards. Multiple times every day. I didn't even eat dinner last night because I simply did not want to decide, cook and clean.

  23. I use the mealime app and it helps a ton! Recipes are pretty good (and you can add your own/add from websites) and it compiles a grocery list for me. Then I have my groceries delivered weekly to me (I use imperfect foods). Helps me so much to have most of that work done for me

  24. Agreed. We've been doing a meal kit subscription for a few years and it's been heaven, but we're going to have to quit soon to start saving. The thought of going back to spending my Sundays at the grocery store fills me with such abject despair. Life is full of so many chores and now we're adding several more hours of chores per week.

  25. I used to feel very overwhelmed by food to the point that I hated meal planning and bought a lot of take out, even though I love to cook. It got better when my gf moved in with me and we started sharing the load.

  26. That’s why roombas exist. Just start it before you leave and it’s perfect! I have a GSD and you would never guess because my floors are so clean.

  27. So I changed my cats litter to pine wood fire starting pellet with sifting litter tray. (Or just drill holes and put another tray underneath). They break down into sawdust.

  28. This used to be near the top for me but the Swiffer WetJet makes it almost a non-issue. I’d prefer to use something less disposable, but needs must with ADHD.

  29. My husband will sometimes joke with our cat and ask when she'll start contributing to the household which then leads us to imagining her leaving the house each day going to work in different professions.

  30. I pay two cleaners $90 (total) for 1.5 hours to clean my apartment once or twice a month. They deep clean the bathroom and kitchen, and wipe everything down and vacuum and mop. I no longer have to clean my bathroom except standard toilet stuff. It's so good. Genuinely the best money I spend each month after gas for my motorcycle.

  31. Laundry. It’s never ending and it requires so many stages. Gather up the dirty clothes, put them in the machine, make sure you have detergent, take the clothes out the machine and hang outside/put in the dryer, gather up clean clothes and sort then put away. Then repeat.

  32. Yes, laundry! I don't mind washing it but putting it away, I hate it so much. I keep telling my husband that when we make more money I want to hire someone to specifically put the clothes away and keeo our house organized. I don't care about the other stuff just put my stuff away!

  33. Especially in an apartment with coin/card laundry ugh. Laundry means either sitting in the laundry room for 2hrs, or 3 trips to the laundry room. But there's never just one load because we're two people who have work clothes, home clothes and bed clothes, so its more like 6 trips each time

  34. Dusting. I have all these beautiful plants and items I’ve collected over the years and I can never keep up with the damn dust on them.

  35. cleaning the refrigerator!!! UGH! a tight and cramped space that is kind of cold and eventually everything gets dewy and sweaty. clammy and cold. i’m gagging at the thought of it right now 🤢

  36. Doing the dishes. It's probably the grossest chore when done incorrectly. I'd never have to eat and drink from greasy cups and plates when visiting friends and certain family members again

  37. Cooking And magically poof no dishes, cooking utensils to clean, no grocery shopping, vegetable shopping, cleaning produce, stocking fridge, cleaning the kitchen after cooking. Once cooking is gone most of the household chores are gone. Its only cleaning house and laundry.

  38. It’s a tie between laundry and cleaning the toilet. Are toilets cleaner if you don’t have a man in the house with explosive shits?

  39. I’m SO torn between laundry and dishes but I think dishes (we even have a dishwasher) I just want a perpetually clean kitchen. But we have discussed dropping our laundry off to be done.

  40. Scrolled forever for something like this. YARD WORK. Way more exhausting and time consuming than most all other mediocre minor chores in this thread.

  41. Putting away laundry. As a teenager it would have been dishes but now I have a dishwasher so I'm good....but laundry...ugh! It never ends! I hate putting away laundry!

  42. i really don’t know why, but i HATEEEEEE doing the dishes. i just can’t. also making my bed, i have a loft bed (bed on top bunk, desk on bottom bunk) so changing out the sheets and making my bed in general goes from annoying to impossible

  43. Dude - take my laundry and give it back clean, folded or on hangers. I hate this sheet. (And bedsheets are another battle altogether!)

  44. Sweeping or dusting. Also, cleaning out the refrigerator. I’m pretty clean and maintain my food but the people I live with forget about food sometimes. Also, they forget about food or just don’t eat it and I’ll be cleaning out the kitchen and find food that expired months ago. Found chips the other day that expired last year. 🤢

  45. Cleaning my glass shower doors. So much maintenance to keep them looking good. Squeegee after every shower. Regular cleaning to prevent buildup and staining. I got so sick of cleaning them I started taking more baths.

  46. Laundry. I mean I dont really hate it. But i dont have a washer and dryer at home and my building doesnt have a laundry place so i have to walk 3 flights up and down every week with a heavy load and its so annoying

  47. Tidying - I don’t mind cleaning, I actually rather enjoy it, but the tidying is horrible. I wish I could just snap my fingers like Mary Poppins and the room would all be neat and tidy

  48. Cooking. If I could have someone cook healthy meals for me three times a day it would be amazing. (Plus not waste money on food delivery)

  49. Is paying the rent a chore? I will happily wash dishes and all of that forever if I don't have to pay for rent/mortgage.

  50. Dusting. I only have to wash the dishes and laundry I use but I have to dust everything! And it's not like vacuuming where there's a machine that does the work for me. I need to use spray, and a bunch of rags, and it's just a hassle knowing it will all come back in a few days.

  51. Dusting. You can get a washer and dryer for the home most of the time, which eases laundry. You can get a dishwasher for dishes, which eases dishes. But dusting is forever.

  52. Laundry cause it’s never ending, it’s everywhere, takes such a long time, with that out of the way I would put so much effort into everything else

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