Those of you who are super thin, what do you do to stay in shape?

  1. Super thin and relatively fit are very different. What my super thin cousin does to try to stay fit is consume a crap ton of calories and fat because it's nearly impossible for her to gain weight and if she doesn't maintain a particular weight she'll be hospitalized

  2. Definitely agree with this. I'm like your cousin. I accidentally (???) lost weight before a major dental surgery this year. Went from 105 lean and active to 90 pounds and looking like death after post surgery dietary restrictions. It took me two months to get back to 100 pounds and I am stuck there now apparently no matter how many bowls of 800 calorie Mac and cheese I eat. They've checked my thyroid once a year for like 20 years and it's super normal.

  3. Yup. My sister is tiny tiny, but she got there (by which I mean to say, as big as she is) with the help of a ton of doctors. She has some sort of metabolic disorder that prevents her from absorbing calories and nutrients correctly. She eats way more than you or I ever would consider and is having a good day if she weighs at least as much as she did yesterday.

  4. Oh my gosh that’s so me. It’s so hard to stay at 100lbs!! I have to eat so much damn food! I snack every hour lest my blood pressure drops.

  5. 48 F, 5'7', weigh 120#, I intermittent fast, so skip breakfast, eat lunch, healthy lowish calories, have a snack right after, cake, cookies whatever I baked that week. Eat dinner, pretty much what I want but try to keep the carbs down, snack again and stop eating for the day. I do 3, 20 minute kickboxing workouts per week and 3, 10 minute ab workouts. And walk 10-13 k steps per day.

  6. Whew! Also 5’7 here :). If you don’t mind me asking, is this a weight you strive for? Or is it where your body lands with as much activity as you do? Just curious. Even when I was 15 (and this height, barely eating, running all the time etc) I couldn’t get below 135. Bodies are so interesting.

  7. Also 5'7" have never tipped iver 115... everyone thinks I only weigh 90 pounds because of my height. My grandmother was small and I have an extremely high metabolism.

  8. I think most people forget that there are two types of thin: The fit thin and the skeleton thin, which is my definition of syper thin. I fit the latter. I don't do anything. But I notice that I have a smaller appetite than most people my age. I'm only 5 ft tall and 43-44 kgs. Small frame, small everything, very thin too.

  9. I’m lean and in shape, not super thin (which is not a good goal), and have been my entire life. Part of it is genetics. While I have many relatives who are overweight, there’s no obesity. But I also workout quite a bit and watch what I eat.

  10. I appreciate that you make a point that super thin is not a good goal. If you’re not naturally super thin you run the risk of seriously sacrificing your health by striving to be

  11. Yes! I cut out alcohol a month ago and my face has transformed. Slight double chin gone, cheeks de-bloated and eyes brighter

  12. I also agree with this! When I was in the Army, I was stationed in Germany and drank the beer all the time and got so freaking fat from it lmao

  13. Alcohol can have a lot more calories than one might guess. That's not the reason I don't drink though, in my case one of my doctors told me not to and I figured why argue, I already feel like death, why risk making it worse?

  14. Agree with this. As you age, the hangovers aren’t worth it. If you decide to make babies and nurse them, you can go years without having much at all in between. I feel so much better without it. I do occasionally have a beer or wine for the taste but that’s it! No more getting drunk for me. It’s SO not worth it when you’re in your thirties.

  15. I never drink soda, eat chips and now if I even have a small portion of either I find them disgusting. I did a two month juice fast a decade ago to recalibrate my taste buddy and it has done good for me permanently thereafter.

  16. I experienced this a few times in my life but not using a juice fast. I just switch my diet to avoid refined/simple carbs, sugary drinks (this includes fruit juice) and snacks. Its really important to reset your taste buds especially if you have become addicted to high sugar, fatty and salty foods. Eating healthy for a month helps reduce cravings and sugar crashes.

  17. I work out every other day, not for long, maybe half an hour. I just do some sort of ab workout, like scissor kicks, and squats with a band around my legs while holding a weight. I am lazy so my diet is easy to prepare stuff like pasta, frozen pizza, mozzarella sticks, etc.

  18. I'm not sure about super thing, but to stay healthy and fit I try and eat healthy everyday. Also, I exercise everyday. I swim, play volleyball, and go to the gym. I think that mind and body are connected so I try and keep both mentally and physically active. It works well for me.

  19. I noticed that no matter how healthy or not I eat, I tend to weigh the same. I follow my hunger cues and that’s it. However, I do notice a difference if I workout or not, since the shape of my body is far better when I do. I generally eat toast with cheese or porridge, both with fruits, for breakfast. Then for lunch and dinner, I have a source of protein (meat, chicken, eggs or legume burgers) with a side of carbs (quinoa, rice, sordough bread or potatoes) and a big salad with olive oil. For snacks I eat yogurth, fruits, nuts and sometimes sweets (I never deprive myself from what I want, and that helps me eat unhealthy things in moderation whenever I want them, instead of binging on them!)

  20. I am super thin but I want to be fit. That's my body goal. When you are super thin,people will criticize your body a lot and ask you to eat 😒😒😒. My metabolism is very high.

  21. And it's always "why don't you go eat a cheeseburger" from someone putting one noodle and 5 cherry tomatoes as their entire plate at a buffet while chasing it down with a 500 calories of beer.

  22. Not super thin, but I've always been a healthy weight for my height and in decent shape. I eat too much junk food and go through lazy periods just like anyone else. But I think the reason I've never struggled with weight is because I get full really fast and never push myself past that point. That and I like eating intuitively. Some days I'll eat a bowl of soup and be fine. Others I'll be snacking all day, just depends on what I feel like my body is telling me.

  23. Ditto. I’m a relatively lean person with a good amount of muscle, and I’m also ADHD which means sometimes I’m forgetting to eat literally all day (not good) or constantly fixated on what my next snack is going to be. I eat pretty much whatever I want.

  24. Agree with the top comment that super thin and relatively fit are vastly different. When I was really thin I didn't do anything. I was just that way. In fact I don't work out, I don't eat vegetables and I still was thin. Maybe that's just the magic of being young?

  25. Having home cookee meal , no sweets and no junk foods in a long run , solves weight problems i has always worked for me coz it has been my lifestyle.

  26. In the past I was very fit. 5'2", weighed 105-110lbs, and maintained a BF under 20%. I counted calories, ate a lot of protein and veggies, and rarely ate simple carbs. I also worked out 6 days per week lifting weights or doing HIIT classes for cardio. I stopped because the juice was no longer worth the squeeze for me. I kept working out (just had a baby so it's been a while) but just stopped being as controlled about what I ate.

  27. I’m super thin and trust me, I’m not in shape- or even healthy at all. I have no appetite and if I do, It’ll go away really quick. Sometimes I feel really hungry but when I put food in my mouth I get nauseous. Then I have no energy. Even leaving my bedroom to get to my car winds me. A flight of stairs is a no-go. I can’t even stand for a long time without feeling my heart do weird stuff. I can’t do anything that I used to or see my friends and I wanna die.

  28. Dude I am concerned for you. Is there anyone who you can talk to about this? I know it's really hard but it's ok to ask for help. Best of luck, I hope things get better for you.

  29. Have been thin all my life and got bullied and called "anorexic" in high school. Now as a 30 year old I exercise daily - I alternate between Heather Robertson and Caroline Girvan's videos on YouTube. I used to do Barre daily prior to the pandemic. I exercise not to be thin but to feel strong. I eat pretty normally... Breakfast: smoothie (banana, spinach, oats and Pb) or eggs either with toast or corn tacos. Lunch: I don't eat lunch every day but love cookie and Kate's quinoa salad recipe. Dinner: I eat a variety of things. Fish with potatoes and salad, 3 bean chili with homemade tortilla chips, enchiladas, simple pastas (onion, garlic, olives, artichokes and herbs with Parmesan), pizza, curries. We do make everything from scratch and meal planning is key. Snacks: chocolate, apples with Pb, apple with cheese and some nuts, rice cakes, gummy candy.

  30. I work out 3-4 times a week and honestly, not really dieting. I make sure to have fruits and veggies and a good amount of protein daily but my meals range from really healthy to straight fast food.

  31. I am blessed/cursed with the kind of metabolism that allows me to eat 10 pounds of Oreos with no effect. But I do work out to stay strong in addition, I usually do athletic swimming or track depending on the season for 1 to 2 hours a day.

  32. High energy expenditure sports such as running and swimming can burn a crazy amount of calories. Michael Phelps consumed 10000 calories/day and was 5% body fat.

  33. I am super fit but not super thin (at least for an endurance sport athlete). I am 5'6.5" and 125lbs. I am skinny for an American but certainly do not have the physique of a Kenyan. I am a runner, XC skiier and triathlete and also do regular resistance training. I often train for 2+ hours a day . Many people are suprized at the amount of muscle I have considering the amount of cardiovascular exercise I do. But the truth is I have an absolutely monstrous appetite. I eat a primarily whole foods diet with a lot of volume. I always eat until satiety. Out of curiosity, I tried tracking my calories and found that I was consuming ~3000-3500 calories/day and was also eating 50g fiber/day.

  34. I'm not super thin but I'm slim and fit. Stay active, play sports, dance, eat healthy, I don't care all that much for junk food, nor beverages, can't eat too much of sweet, and portion size. I dislike dining out because of portion size, or In wary of getting used to a larger portion size than what I am used to and end up eating way too much as a habit. I remember the time Magnolia bakery opened in my city, we were so excited over it but ended up disappointed how sweet their cupcakes were, even the banana pudding was too sweet. Fad. Don't fall for it.

  35. Hi! I’m relatively fit! I workout 5-6 times a week, for an hour each time. I mainly do cardio, as boxing is my workout of choice. Twice a week, I’ll throw in some weight to my workouts.

  36. Genetics. After that, general lifestyle (ie what you do for work, if you walk/ride to work, how generally mobile you are in your day to day life). Then, deliberate choices like diet and exercise. I think it's important to know that we have a lot less control over our weight than we think we do.

  37. I'll preface this by saying this is just my opinion! Despite all the hype and entire industries built around specific diets, supplements, intermittent fasting, various workout "secret" programs and probably lots more I'm unaware of, the core principle of fitness for an average person is to keep your calories consumed in line with your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) and to do a balance of cardio and strength training that comes out to > 7 hrs a week.

  38. I dont really watch what I eat. But I tend to not eat junk food. I eat pasta and pizza, etc but not all the time. I also rarely snack. Like someone else said I rarely drink alcohol.

  39. super thin and someone who is relatively "fit" are different. my mom is super thin, just because she's small. i'm relatively "fit", but i'm not skinny. most athletic people are not going to be that skinny, as they are more muscular.

  40. I’m thin, but I don’t do anything to maintain it. I don’t exercise and ever since I learned to drive, I don’t walk as much. Just fast metabolism, I guess. I eat when I’m hungry but I don’t really think of it much. One good meal a day is enough for me tbh. And plenty of small snacks. I’m 110 and 5’5”

  41. I agree with most: there’s 2 types of skinny. I was skinny due to a high Metabolism but also due to a lack of food access. I was skinny but I was an unhealthy skinny. After I met my fiancé, he always made sure I wasn’t skipping any meals. I gained weight but it all went to my stomach and shaped me like a rectangle. I was unhappy so I started working out to gain muscle. I have increased my weight by 20lbs since and I have muscle and some curves. I consider myself a “fit skinny” now. I eat a lot to help gain muscle and I workout. I workout 3x a week and minimal cardio. I eat a lot of high protein meals. I am so happy and more confident!

  42. The key is having a fast metabolism haha. I don't really work out, i eat like a pig and can't gain weight. It can be quite annoying sometimes, you can imagine the weird comments I get.

  43. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I drink black coffee for breakfast and I fast until lunch. I cook a lot of vegetarian meals, but occasionally eat lean protein. I prefer seafood, chicken and our fresh eggs for those sources. I drink mostly water. Occasionally I’ll have unsweet tea with lemonade at restaurants. I don’t drink alcohol very often, but love a nice dry martini when I do.

  44. I wouldn't say I'm 'super thin' but i am lean and fit. I lift 4-5 times a week, run ~5k multiple times a week, intermittent fast, and I don't drink soda or alcohol.

  45. Toss out as much sugar as possible. Drink water 99% of the time (no sweeteners, juices, flavors,alcohol, etc). Warning: if you are used to consuming a lot of sweets/flavored drinks/strong tastes drinking plain water will feel like drinking sewage for the first 3-4 weeks. Power through it - your tastebuds will get better with time, and you will get better too.

  46. I’m probably what the typical American would consider “thin.” I’m 5’0” and 94 lbs. Size 0 or XS for most clothing brands. I have thyroid problems that make it difficult to lose weight/easy to gain weight. However, I am this size because I exercise regularly. I spend 8 hours or more exercising per week, with a mixture of cardio and martial arts. The cardio helps keep fat off my body and martial arts helps build muscle on my body. I also eat pretty healthy. I avoid (or severely limit my intake of) alcohol, carbs, dairy, gluten, meat, sugar, and in general, anything oily/greasy/fried. I try to stick to plant based food and food that’s high in protein. I work 40 hours a week plus another 10+ hours a week doing school work. I also try to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

  47. I have to eat constantly or I will get really sick and drop any weight I've gained. I've also passed out from not eating enough and have been hospitalized. However I have a few weird conditions so it is what it is.

  48. I eat pretty much whatever I want in moderation and count calories. I'm also a marathon runner with an active job, and I do professional theatre, which sometimes involves dancing. Basically, I watch what I eat and keep active.

  49. Eat 5 times per day small amounts of food. Dont eat sweets almost at all and no products with sugar. I dont use sugar. I drink only socially. I run every second day. (170cm, 55kg)

  50. I’m 5’6, 116 lbs. I grew up super skinny because I had some digestive problems. Those have mostly gone away, but I stay pretty thin because I take ADHD medication which makes me not hungry (not that I recommend taking them just because). Even though I have a major sweet tooth, I keep my portions reasonable. Tiny snack for breakfast, small (usually less than 400 cal) lunch, medium dinner, and varying ‘supper’ since my night time medication needs to be taken on a full stomach. I don’t go to the gym very often, but I do walk quite a bit.

  51. Don’t eat until you are at that point of being hungry and don’t get full when you eat. Eat healthy, drink water, don’t eat fast food.

  52. I am a naturally thin woman and am in fact underweight for my height. I have a high metabolism that I keep up by eating smaller multiple meals throughout the day. I pound back food and just can't gain weight. I keep an eye on my weight as I know if I start losing weight it won't be good. Some people just have a naturally high metabolism. I also get roughly 11000 steps a day at work. And lift up to 25kg bags so I'm in shape as well.

  53. I'm pretty thin but not in shape. The "secret" is having a lifetime of stomach issues followed by a gallbladder surgery that not only didn't help but wound up making certain symptoms worse so now basically if I want to be able to leave the house, I have to eat as little as humanly possible.

  54. Big breakfast, medium or small lunch, small dinner. Active job on my feet a lot and workout 2-3x/week. Vegetarian. Eat some fish. Also genetics because I splurge a lot and have a “model” body but don’t work for it the way they do.

  55. I was "super thin" for a lot of my life doing nothing and eating like a garbage disposal, and now I'm "fit thin," which I'm a lot more proud of, since I am actually healthy. I am 5'3" 106ish lbs. I tend to stick to a traditional Japanese diet. I usually skip breakfast just because of my schedule, then for lunch I have something like a salad, curry and rice or a piece of fish and rice with some miso soup. I prefer a pescaterian diet, and I actually hate fried foods, which I suppose helps; I don't even like fries. For dinners I have a lot of vegetable-heavy hot pots, homemade ramen or simmered vegetables over rice. I don't snack as much as other people do, but I do snack often, maybe once a day. I eat trash like a handful of chips or two or three cookies. I do keep junk food in my house, but I don't binge on them. I think it's because I find it hard to "mindlessly" eat or eat because I'm bored. (My loved ones always tease me because I usually start a movie holding a chip, and will end it still holding the same chip.)

  56. I run about 25 km per week, and do pilates about twice a week. I also intermittent fast daily and only eat from 12-8pm so I don’t eat breakfast ever and only do lunch and dinner. One of these is usually a big salad. I don’t keep chips, chocolate, or any junk food kept at my place ever. If I don’t buy it, I don’t eat it. I also only drink coffee and tea or seltzer. No juice, soda, or alcohol. I’m a bit obsessive but I absolutely hate to be fat and gain weight very quickly if I overeat.

  57. US size 0, in my 40s, and very top-heavy. I do nothing consciously, I prefer fruits and vegetables, stairs over elevators. I fought for 10 years to gain weight and I struggle to keep it on. Little canbe hard too.

  58. Trim but not super thin. Try to eat relatively healthy most of the time (80%). Whole grains, vegetables, tofu, fish, nuts. Some genetics. I try to be active and go on walks/exercise but tbh my exercise habits went away after covid wuarantine and it’s been hard to get back into swing of things

  59. 32F here. I'm borderline underweight. Not fit. Just thin. I chew my food at least 40 times before I swallow. It makes me full easily. So I no need to eat much to become full. My food is usually home cooked. Also, I don't snack often. The most I eat is one or two biscuits, and sometimes I have a cup of hot chocolate. I don't usually drink juice or any sweet drinks, just clear water. I sometimes do have symptoms of vitamin/mineral deficiency, which can be corrected by taking daily dose of multivitamins and minerals. I'm not a fan of fruits because I'm too full for fruits. But I take daily serving of fruits because my parents insist.

  60. I eat relatively decently lots of protein and fruit mostly, I go to the gym 3 times a week and will workout at home if I can't go. Most of it is down to not having a gallbladder though, whilst it has gotten better my body can't process high amounts of fat in food.

  61. I eat relatively decently lots of protein and fruit mostly, I go to the gym 3 times a week and will workout at home if I can't go. Most of it is down to not having a gallbladder though, whilst it has gotten better my body can't process high amounts of fat in food.

  62. According to my mum in really thin rn, im 5'2 ,105 lbs rn. Recently lost a lot of weight tho. Ill eat properly once a day and snack pretzel sticks when im hungry

  63. I’ve always been quite thin. I wish I could say it’s because I have a lot of discipline, it’s not. I have a hard to see disability and basically work out never. Anything I do is low impact. I do physical therapy as well but it’s also low impact. I eat junk and as much as a man I’ve been told. If I don’t eat a lot I get so hungry and dizzy. I have a high metabolism but I think the most significant thing is that I’m tall (just under 5’10”) and I have to gain quite a bit of weight to go up a size, or lose quite a bit to go down one, and I burn more calories doing any given thing than a short person would. At one point I gained and lost 25 lbs but stayed within a healthy bmi, and the only thing I noticed was my rings weren’t fitting the same, I stayed the same clothing size and wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t have doctor’s appointments. I just have more surface area for it to go than someone who is 5’0” does so I have an advantage.

  64. Im not super thin, but on the lower end of the bmi scale. I eat quite a lot, and barely excercise apart from pe. I guess i'm just lucky👍🏻

  65. I'm 22, 5'4" and about 125lbs at my heaviest. I do my best to eat vegetables and like three meals a day, but really I can and do eat whatever I want. I forget to eat. And I really don't exercise and never have. Some people just are the weight they are without trying. I've pretty much been this same stable size since I stopped growing.

  66. I'm considered relatively fit by others (I don't feel the same way). I walk a lot and don't eat foods like sodas or junk food. I try to eat a couple of fruits daily. That's probably the biggest reason why I'm skinny even though I rarely move out of bed.

  67. I’m 5,8, 130lbs, thin but generally quite fit. I workout 3 times a week (not religiously though) but only cardio at the weekend as it drains my energy supply during the day and I hate being exhausted at work. I eat mostly Mediterranean diet, lots of fresh tomatoes, fish, meat, vegetables. Lots of olive oil on everything but nothing fried. Only eat food that is hormone free/no antibiotics (that stuff makes you gain weight like crazy). I have a decent breakfast - boiled eggs and toast. Moderate to large lunch and very light dinner which helps me sleep better, while keeping up energy throughout the day. Snacks of nuts, bananas and if I want something sweet some chocolate/cookies. I’m not strict about any of it otherwise it wouldn’t be sustainable, but find these guidelines work for me.

  68. I try and balance things out, I’m 165 cm and between 56-57 kg on any given day, I try and eat healthy and filling meals but allow myself some junky snacks so I don’t feel deprived. I’ve been counting calories since my super food obsessive days so for around 12 years, nowadays I usually even out between 1,400- 1,800 calories every day depending on if I worked out. I work out four times a week, short workouts (around a half an hour)that include weights and body weight exercises. I feel good about my body and happy that I don’t feel like I need to use my body to prove a point like I used to.

  69. I’m very thin, but not particularly fit. I used to be in better shape when I was able to go to the gym 4/5 times a week, but right now I’m in a busy period of my life so I can only squeeze in maybe two short workouts a week. I really am trying to get in better shape though!

  70. Yes, thank you for adding the unsaturated fats bit... consuming an unlimited amount of unsaturated fats is fine. Saturated and Trans fats are bad (heart disease) and sugars are what make us fat so the reality is if one wants to be "skinny" then consuming only one source of energy (fats vs carbs) is the way to go. And realistically only consuming fats should be the method most used although carb cycling is probably the best known method of dieting on earth right now (preventing ketosis from taking on its full form every couple days)...

  71. Classic 90-60-90 here. Not completely thin, but people around me generally refer to me as thin because of the waist.

  72. I can't rlly gain weight no matter how much I eat (not a medical condition, just my observation) which is lil bit of a problem bcuz my mom says I'm underweight af (prolly around 50 kg at 166 cm at 14). Wut am I eating today:

  73. I naturally have a thin body type and i am 5’7.But i started to gain weight in lockdown so after that i started gymming 5 times a day it really toned all my extra fat.Now i love excercising. As far as diet is concerned i have always eaten home cooked food as i have digestive issues. I can eat everything if it is made at home and i don’t eat junk food(rarerly)Also, never like sweet flavor so that was also never a problem 😃

  74. I am not quite 5’3 and I struggle to maintain 105 lbs. I usually float between 95 and 100. I eat when I’m hungry which is often and I probably eat more than most people twice my size. I also drink a crap ton of soda.

  75. i’m 24, 4’9, and weigh 74lbs. at 14 i weighed 85. i eat an insane amount of calories and never work out. my “diet” consists of fatty foods and sugary drinks. for my age and height i’m supposed to weigh at LEAST 100lbs. i actually want to gain weight but i have a very small appetite so it’s really difficult. my bf absolutely adores my thin body tho so eh, it works out i guess.

  76. I have never considered myself "thin" because I don't have the body type for that if it makes sense? The only time I was "thin" was when I stopped eating and dropped to 100lbs when I was going through massive PPD; that was not a healthy weight for me at all. My healthy walking-around weight is 130lbs. However, I do consider myself fit/athletic and in great physical condition.

  77. I’m 28 and weigh 49/50kg I think I’m about 5’2. I love working out, long distance running to be specific. I also listen to my body in terms of eating sweets and unhealthy food. For example if I wasn’t candy I generally know it’s because I’m hungry so I’ll eat food first and if I still feel like candy then I’ll ll eat it. I don’t enjoy eating out much but working out generally makes me feel like more of a healthy diet. I must also say genetics play a role, when I do work out I get pretty fit quite fast.

  78. i’m normally described as fit. i just always try to keep moving. even if i don’t feel like going to the gym, i’ll take a five mile stroll, roller-skate, anything outside.

  79. I have appetite problems so can end up going a whole day without eating anything and the realising in the evening that I need to eat.

  80. I think part of it is lucky genetics. Im not the most healthy eater but I never weigh anymore than 130 lbs (I’m 5’6”). I also pace a lot which burns off energy. But I think one of the biggest reasons is that I have an eating disorder. Not something like anorexia. I have Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID). Basically I have an extreme phobia of eating most foods so my meals ends up being very selective and picky. I tend to prefer plain foods like white rice and Ramen noodles. This isn’t because I have body image issues. It’s just a phobia.

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