How does life feel like right now ?

  1. Honestly? Like I'm waiting for when I feel less crap. I've spent the weekend and late last week in tears, constantly. I'm tired, stressed and extremely overwhelmed. I'm taking each day at a time for now, trying to manage but sometimes I feel like I'm in over my head. Still feeling remnants of feeling like absolute hell & just hanging in there for now. Feeling like crap tends to feel like it'll last forever but I know I'm going to recover eventually.

  2. This is pretty close to the response I was going to type out. Rough day with family crap, and my body has been feeling like it's falling apart for the last two years. Tiny moldy house, it's -2 out, so the heater is going constantly and half the place is freezing while the other half is too hot. I'm supposed to go to work in 6 hours, but I feel like I'm suffocating in bed and I just... can't.

  3. Hugs. Saturday was the first time i cooked a meal in almost a year. It sucks to feel like you're drowning all the time. Medication is what finally came through for me. I know it's not for everyone. I'm pulling for you.

  4. My life is going absolutely brilliantly. My work is challenging, and rewarding both emotionally and financially. My private research has lead me to horizons undreamt of and, quite honestly, very fulfilling... and useful in my work. I have a small group of friends quite capable of taking me away from it all whether I need it or not. I've overcome quite a bit to get where I am, and I have to say, I'm rather proud of myself.

  5. It’s hard to come up with something to say to someone who’s winning at life, but I just wanted to tell you your happiness makes me happy you have it. So fuck yeah!

  6. LOVE IT! I am about where you are as well. I am enjoying the grind and hustle of being self employed and have worked very hard to create a comfortable life. Far from the struggle that daily living used to be. Doesn't it feel so empowering to build for yourself something to be proud of? 🥰

  7. Slowly pulling myself out of what feels like a lifelong depression & working towards becoming the woman I truly want to be

  8. I feel this too. Im extremely tired and overworked. I keep dreaming of a very long, restful holiday. I hope this period of my life is temporary and that the next chapter of my life brings me more freedom, peace and rest.

  9. My personal life has been good but I’ve been having anxieties about the economy and overall state of the world. Not feeling optimistic in that regard so it affects me a bit.

  10. Extremely weird. I was raised by a single mother and my only grandparent. My Nan died two weeks ago and her funeral is this Wednesday. The family has now gone from 4 people to 3. Two if you don't include the brother who has nothing to do with the family anyway.

  11. A 50/50 mix of being content but being as equally unsettled. I recently moved jobs and moved cities - first time in 8 years. I'm so happy that I done it, and at times it's been hard and I have no doubt more hard times will come, but I also have that nagging feeling at the back of my head that I've also set myself back by starting all over again at 30. Doing this at 21/22 seemed like a walk in the park, now it's bloody hard work lol.

  12. I feel okay. I struggle with depression and anxiety but “okay” is usually my baseline (except for when my anxiety is super high). I have a good thing coming to me: I’m closing on an absolutely beautiful condo this month, which I’m looking forward to. I also recently began seeing a new therapist who seems so well-informed in potential therapeutic styles that seem promising for my personal issues; so I feel really hopeful about growing and learning and improving myself in the coming months/years.

  13. It’s honestly been pretty nice overall. I am struggling to balance grad school, work, and my relationships but I’m doing the best I can. It’s my 2 month anniversary with an amazing guy (best guy I’ve ever been with), I’m just grateful to be in grad school, and I have a great career. There are something I’m definitely trying to change, and I have faith I can improve the few bad things currently

  14. Grateful that it’s been good in the recent few months, esp health wise both physically and mentally. There would be a few tough challenges in the summer and I almost feel like I’m bracing for impact… but wth, whatever will be will be. Still grateful that I got some calmness now.

  15. Pretty sweet. I enjoy being around my husband. I got a new job that I like and can work from home. I have a great work life balance. I have savings. I kind of completed my life goals now, which is liberating. My cats cute.

  16. life right now is a whole mix of emotions and there’s a lot at stake right now so I’m just really overwhelmed and full of emotions

  17. Feels like 2023 is gonna be my year and I’d very much like to hibernate until we get there. 2022 has not been going well for me…nor did the end half of 2021, actually. So, 2023!

  18. I am SO happy! My bf finally found work on his field since graduating several months ago (that pays well) and I got a raise at my post-BA job!

  19. Life feels like just get it over because there will be a reward in the end. But every fucking time I cross that finish line and almost make it to that reward the race track stretches and the reward is farther than it was before. It’s a constant cycle. The crowd isn’t on my side the crowd are my negative thoughts. “You’re not good enough for this” ,”it’s obvious why this person got this over you”, “you’re gonna die lonely cause your aren’t smart or pretty. The car I’m driving is weak because all my supporters have pretty much left leaving me with little motivation to keep on going. Another part of the crowd represents people in my life constantly throwing curveballs at me or threading me like shit.Like setting a ring on fire and forcing me to jump through it, exploding one of my tires making it hard to drive, and throwing giant concrete block forcing me to switch lanes in a impossible quick change where I could die in. My quick change car team that’s supposed to fix my car is gone because all my support has left me. All the other cars have support teams. They’re perfect no one is ruining their race. That represents the other people in my life putting in little effort and still getting what ever they want.

  20. Hard, I’m just surviving and am tired. Whenever I accomplish something a new obstacle comes up in my way. Living is a never ending struggle

  21. My life is just Eh, I just went to the ER for mental health issues. I feel like I am alive, but not living. I am just blah. I hope that things get better for me. My life is a sad song on replay.

  22. Chaotic but good. I’ve been figuring out a lot of personal stuff lately, and I’ve got a lot of positive changes coming up in the near future, so I’m pretty optimistic about my future.

  23. Repetitive. I don’t have much to look forward to anymore. Everyday is just the same. I feel like a robot. I wish the universe would send me something cool or like a spark even….

  24. Meh I’ve had an awful sinus infection for like 3 weeks and am on more antibiotics so ugh. I’m exhausted.

  25. Good. Healthier and happier than before. Got married end of 2021 and living with my husband is incredible. Exercising regularly, doing well in my career, and living in a gorgeous condominium with an epic view from the 12th floor. Only thing lacking is friendships. Feels like I don’t have a social group whatsoever, and so while I’m far from bored and pretty content, I worry about lacking rich friendships.

  26. I feel okay. I struggle with depression and anxiety but “okay” is usually my baseline (except for when my anxiety is super high). I have a good thing coming to me: I’m closing on an absolutely beautiful condo this month, which I’m looking forward to. I also recently began seeing a new therapist who seems so well-informed in potential therapeutic styles that seem promising for my personal issues; so I feel really hopeful about growing and learning and improving myself in the coming months/years.

  27. Forever damaged. The pandemic started, my dad got really sick, then he died, and so much has taken place the last couple of years. My life is forever changed. I know that even if the world goes back to normal… mine never will be again.

  28. It’s really good and chill. I let go of dreams and expectations along time ago and I’m at peace. Good job, great kids, a few solid friends but I’m definitely ok

  29. I feel so… stuck. That’s the best way to describe it. Don’t go anywhere, no motivation, no friends, same routine everyday. The only thing keeping me going is thinking about my dreams and things I have yet to experience.

  30. Better. I was in a position where life felt stagnant and monotonous and boring and like nothing was progressing or changing even though it was. It’s just hard to notice it. I notice I’m more present in my life and in moments, which was something I struggled with for a long time due to the myriad of mental health stuff (you know the drill, depression, anxiety, ADHD…) and lately, I feel better. That doesn’t mean things have gotten better because there are some strange ass symptoms I can’t understand. (Random chills are an anxiety tick???? The more you know, I guess!)

  31. 2022 has just been a long ass Monday for me… I think living in Midwest and having weather change more than my mood swings is the cause of that… maybe it’s the millennial anxiety…

  32. I live in the Midwest too and the weather is giving me hella migraines. Can we have sun and warm weather please?

  33. Stressful. Stuck waiting on my husband to get a job and we’ve been waiting forever. I’m waiting to finish school I still have another year. A lot of being poor and waiting. It gets annoying…

  34. oddly optimistic? I was in a deep depression for the last few weeks… skipped a lot of my classes, ate poorly, didn’t shower, broke down crying, laid in bed all day.

  35. Right now my life feels calm and centered! I feel like I have emerged from a period of doing a lot of inner work in a solitary way and am now feeling light and ready to let people in again.

  36. I just left the hospital after being there for 2 months being treated for anorexia/refeeding syndrome... So life has drastically changed, but for the better. Physically I'm doing great! (can walk, energy, no brain fog, pigmentation). Mentally, on the other hand, I'm still struggling, just not as awful as before of course... I have been put on two anti-depressants, of which I'm told to stop when they run out next month so my stability can be assessed. And honestly, I'm scared. I'm afraid I'll go back to the way everything was when I was at my worst without them... So I'm trying to keep my chin up about it and continue working on myself til then. But, the positives of my mental health are coming out. I now experience (almost) entire food freedom! I can finally have the foods I love, eat with the people around me, try different things. It's excellent! Also, have a decent personality again lol. I was so cold and distant at rock bottom... Now people actually want to be around me.

  37. Omg I’m so sorry,I believe you better now and hopefully wish you all the best ! I believe in you! Love you

  38. Like I'm in auto mode, not feeling motivated to do the things that I used to love doing and feeling that I'm just a viewer more than controlling everything I do

  39. Kinda like groundhog day. I've been WFH for two years now due to the pandemic. I love the WFH aspect. But, there's definitely a sense of 'monotony' to it.

  40. Overwhelmed by emotions and drowning in the darkness of them. But things will get better for everyone feeling any type of why other then happy!

  41. Finally getting through shit I've been battling my entire adult life (and teen years).. I literally didn't know what happiness was. But I'm doin it!

  42. Life feels like I’m on the slower paced up hill part of a drop-down rollercoaster, but like I’m justtt at the tip, before the thenboomdrop.

  43. Terrifying. Im going to apply for grad school soon and the thought makes me want to throw up. Im so scared I wont get in. And if I do, how do I even pay for it? Imposter syndrome is real.

  44. Stressful, overwhelming and just waiting for things to somehow get better. I feel like all aspects of my life (school, career, relationship, relationship with self) has been so rocky last year and currently. I feel so much pain yet so indifferent at the same time from just dealing with the same mental struggles for so long

  45. Kinda of a mess to be honest. Because we have a dance soon and there is this girl that is trying to go to the dance with the person that I am all ready going with.

  46. Hugely relieved to no longer live in a life long haze of anxiety and depression. Life is finally beautiful and peaceful, and mostly stress free. I've chosen to surround myself with strong, level people, found a job I love, quit smoking pot, got on anti-depressants. I worry about the ignorance, the aggressive right wing extremists and their hateful media campaign, and the events in Ukraine, but I am otherwise at ease.

  47. I personally feel in a transition period. I’m finally dating a guy that has a job and works hard but that also takes from time we could at least have a conversation. This adds to my social anxiety bc I’ve had some shit relationships in the past but this guy seems to be all the things I’ve ever wanted. To deal with the anxiety, I’ve had to sometime force myself to self care. Mostly exercise or game bc otherwise I spiral abs I don’t want to mess things up when we’re just starting. Also, having to get back to the idea of commuting for work. I’ve been WFH since the pandemic began for me (I’m in NYC) so I am in some piss poor shape! Another reason to force myself to exercise more bc I should not feel like dying when my commutes have been actually decent.

  48. I’ve been on the verge of tears all day. Took a long hike. Keep telling myself it’s okay to cry about a war starting. I’m also so angry about the failure of society to address the pandemic like adults. If my mom catches it, it will kill her. Like many other forgotten families, we are now trapped in permanent lockdown because of our narcissistic culture. I believe I am using this term appropriately, not pejoratively. See Dr Sam Vaknin, international expert on narcissism, for a professional diagnosis of our culture with this.

  49. I'm pretty dissatisfied with my life right now. It's kind if funny, because just a few months ago I was in an absolutely hellish situation and barely making it through each day.

  50. Very confusing. I don't know what college to go to or what's right for my relationship. Hell I don't even know that the major I picked is what I really want to do for the rest of my life. Making decisions that change my future is hard when I have no idea what I truly want.

  51. I may be over thinking this but I do everything in the house from cooking to cleaning to laundry to feeding the kids making sure the house is clean and we have food I'm not perfect but I do slack it who doesn't I work night and I get home make sure kids are ready for school take there vitamins and take them to school and then finally sleep. My wife does online school and works full-time just like me just she works the normal morning hours weekend off .she gets to sleep in and relax while I do the house chores cuz she won't do them or help out in anyway.she sees a clean hamper she will leave it there for days not put it away so the kids clothes and mine will be wrinkle and hers to same with dishes and trashes and clothes on the it bad that I want help from her she gets home kicks her shoes off and starts playing on her switch and watches TV that's everyday even on I over thinking this. Also we live in a sexless marriage it's been almost 8 years since we have done anything I can't touch her without her permission she gets mad I've given up on the sex I no longer crave it or get excited about it and now since testicular cancer it's even less I don't mind cuz she doesn't take care of herself either then gets mad if we don't shower together. I need some advice on what to do please help.

  52. A struggle, I’m going through that point where everything happens all at once. Just moved to a new house and still trying to settle in while taking care of my toddler (I don’t have a nanny, can’t find one) all that while working an 8 hour shift, my husband helps with the house work and with our son and still it’s hard, I can’t find time for myself

  53. I want to scream! Upstate New York winter is doing me dirty!! Why is everyone else so ok! I honestly don’t know if it’s the pandemic or facing reality like adult! Dislike! 😵‍💫😘

  54. Feels like the hard times are passing by and I have no excuse then to just keep on going. I’m tired but I’m going. Life is about the good people around ya and good food to eat, I’m content so far. I’m also very much in love with my boyfriend. I wish I could take everyone’s stress away. Also I’m worried about some dumb nonexistent things rn, my gyno called me saying I had an abnormal pap. So she’ll be looking around. A little anxiety and fear that something will be wrong and I’ll never be able to have kids. So much in the end but oof, I think I’ll be alright.

  55. Very shitty. Work a job where we are short staffed at least 40-50 nurses every shift, so we are constantly flexed up on patient ratios while doing primary care (no techs), my house is a damn mess because I work night shift and picking up more hours because I’m in debt, my SO doesn’t work and complains that I’m a loser because I can’t afford to get him anything and that I don’t help out around the house (which I do, he hasn’t swept, mopped, or cleaned the bathrooms since October, that’s all been me) and he wants an open relationship so he can fuck side hoes 😭😭😭 I just don’t have time to deal with all this shit.

  56. I'm desperately trying to surf on the sea of life. I start to get the hang of it, then a huge wave comes crashing over me. I loose my grip on the board. I loose my orientation, my place in this world. No shore of saftey in sight. Nobody can save me here. I can't see, I can't breathe and I'm drowning, for what seems like an eternity.

  57. I feel my brain all scrambled, like I've been extremely sick with high fever for months and now I'm trying to get back in life. Thinking is supported by extreme headaches, nervosity and exhaustion. I've been depressed for months and only now found the strength to get back to a normal life and studies and it is extremely hard. I always try to distract myself with stuff: videos, music, social media, but it seems to make stuff worse.

  58. I feel my brain all scrambled, like I've been extremely sick with high fever for months and now I'm trying to get back in life. Thinking is supported by extreme headaches, nervosity and exhaustion. I've been depressed for months and only now found the strength to get back to a normal life and studies and it is extremely hard. I always try to distract myself with stuff: videos, music, social media, but it seems to make stuff worse.

  59. I feel my brain all scrambled, like I've been extremely sick with high fever for months and now I'm trying to get back in life. Thinking is supported by extreme headaches, nervosity and exhaustion. I've been depressed for months and only now found the strength to get back to a normal life and studies and it is extremely hard. I always try to distract myself with stuff: videos, music, social media, but it seems to make stuff worse.

  60. Very stressful. I have a job I hate that always expects more from me. My family still hates me for moving out with my boyfriend. The only good thing I have is my boyfriend. He keeps reminding me that I will find a good job soon and we will be able to move to a different state and own a house together.

  61. i’m coming out of a depressive episode, so there’s days where it feels pointless to even bother doing anything at all, but lately, i’ve been feeling a sense of hopefulness. i’ve also been feeling very sad. a lot of hope for the future, and a lot of mourning for the past. i’m feeling very optimistic about college and everything, i’m hoping this new chapter will help me grow as a person and learn more about myself and the world

  62. Pretty sucky. I've no boyfriend (was seeing a guy and he didn't want the commitment so that was that and I saw him on a dating app this week. Still hurts) stuck in a job I hate, have zero independence and my mental health is not so good rn.

  63. Disappointing. Can't seem to make anything work out. Work isn't working too great out. Studies didn't work out. Relationship didn't work out. I hate the place I live but I can't move cause a damn contract I signed. I feel useless.

  64. very… bleugh. no thoughts head empty sorta situation. like i’ve got my life under control and i’m happy with the people in my life, but there’s almost no emotion to accompany anything thats going on. feels almost surreal tbh

  65. Like things should be good but I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Impending doom. Worried about the future, concerned about my job and whether we can pay ever increasing bills, whether my overtime is going to stop and if I'm going to struggle to make ends meet. Never ending list of concerns.

  66. Like it is slowly getting a little better. My son got his official ASD diagnosis yesterday, so we will be able to get an IEP set before he starts kindergarten. Also, he has become so much more emotionally regulated lately.

  67. Like living in a rut. Wake up every day to put a fake face on for my kids, work through the motions of the day until it’s finally bed time again. Then just repeat. Depression hitting me hard but have to look positive for my kids. It’s exhausting

  68. It doesn’t feel real at the moment!! At the start of Covid my life pretty much fell apart and I didn’t see how things could pick up.

  69. It’s feels like everyday I hold onto hope that my ex boyfriend and I will meet again and everything will feel safe again. Life feels strange and it feels like I have a lot of secrets and sadness and I can’t express that to my current boyfriend because I don’t know where I stand and if it’s just the break up stages.

  70. its been a time thats all i have to say abt it. like these last 7 months have really been an experience. not necessarily a good one but something i can learn from. kind of waiting for the day all of the stress is released from my shoulders and i can finally take a breath.

  71. not that good, one of the reasons being im trying too hard to socialise and getting rejected by a lot of people but at the same time I get sad when i dont socialise so its an endless loop

  72. Stressful. College is killing me. But spring break is in 2 weeks and I’m halfway through the semester. Also I’m taking harder classes this semester and my grades right now are killing my GPA (especially Statistics).

  73. Every time my teenage kid asks me how my day was, I struggle to find anything to say other than “I made breakfast/ lunches for everyone, drove you to school, cleaned, did dishes, laundry, went to work, came back from work, picked you up, then I’ll make dinner, do dishes…I wish I could tell her I had fun, but I literally did nothing fun. I’m alone most of the time. I feel bad because I want her to enjoy her life, and not turn out like me. I hope both she and her sister find happiness!

  74. Life is very good lately. I’ve been working so hard on finishing my degree and im waiting to hear if I got into a field school, and my boyfriend and I are doing so good. I’ve been working hard but in a good way and im excited to receive the fruits of my labour soon

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