What is the best smell in the world?

  1. I love this. My partner will let me ‘get in his nook’ lol which is essentially my face buried into his chest and his arms covering me all around. The weird warm smell in the nook is the best

  2. I don't know if it's just me but my SO smells like a baby 😂😂 not a baby who has just had a really bad poo lol, one that is freshly clean and warm 🥰 I like to smell him all the time hahaha

  3. When my boyfriend comes over he now knows that we cuddle for a few seconds, I go on my tip-toes to sniff his neck and then we cuddle some more. I say he has "boyfriend smell".

  4. thought the best smell for me was vanilla.. but reading your comment made me realize i'd sit on clouds of my SO's smell if i had to chose between vanilla andy SO's

  5. Yeah mine always smells amazing. Its like he's wearing perfume all the time, he has a gentle sweet smell. He doesn't wear any colone or scented lotion. When we sleep i like laying my head on his arm so I can smell him

  6. My partner recently got into baking bread the last few months and OMG. Our whole house smells heavenly for like 24 hours after he bakes some.

  7. I absolutely love the smell of babies in their first year. I love the way clean Pampers brand diapers smell too, they are so sweet and baby smelling

  8. I used to work at a vet clinic. If you smell this smell on their feet, it can possibly be yeast. Does your pet lick or chew on their feet a lot? If they do, please consider a visit to the vet. It can be uncomfortable for them.

  9. Second this smell. Every pup I’ve ever had the joy of existing with has had this incredible smell to their paws. Cats have it as well, but it’s much fainter.

  10. I own my mother's jewelry box; each drawer is lined with felt. Her perfume doesn't bring "her" back to me, but if I open one of those drawers I am little again, and safe, and she is healthy and strong.

  11. Fresh jasmine blossoms, heavy rose incense, cannabis plants during a humid summer, my wife when she exercises, and my dogs little bitty head. She still has puppy smell as an adult :)

  12. Personally I love the smell of lilacs and it is so unfortunate that they only bloom for about 2 weeks in the summer and that’s it.

  13. Best two weeks of the whole dang summer! Though it's usually end of spring 'round dese parts. Hate that I had to scroll so long to find my answer! xD Nothing beats the fragrance floating through the air with just a hint of pine on a fair day's breeze~.

  14. To me, the best smell is wild mint mixed with fresh fallen rain. We used to have a wild mint plant in our backyard, and every time it rained, the backdoor area would just smell like rain and mint and there's something about that, that's really comforting to me still, even though that plant has been dead for years now. Our cats also loved that plant and I'm sure they miss it as much as I do

  15. Chocolate. There’s a Mars Chocolate factory in my town and at my old job several miles from there the breeze would smell like hot cocoa in the morning. It would make my tummy growl walking into work.

  16. My mum's baking, easily. When I get back from school and it's cold and miserable and I've had my least favourite lessons the whole day, and I open the door and that divine smell washes over me it always lifts my mood in a second.

  17. The smell of your car a/c when you first turn it on, on a hot day. Literally I can’t explain it but that smell is so fucking good

  18. Baby powder baby oil baby wipes, the smelll of the air and grass after it rains, my cat and dogs paws, hello kitty body spray 🤣

  19. It's a perfume my wife wear, one she cant smell and she smell permanently like it...and strange part is, she doesnt know the name, nor do I, it can only be bought in the United Arab Emirates.

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