How often does your partner go down on you?

  1. I don't enjoy oral, so never unless I decide to let him as a treat for him. I ask for back rubs instead and I get those about every other day. Mmmmmm.

  2. I don't care about oral, either. It does nothing for me, I never orgasm from it, and I hate for a partner to put effort into something I'm just meh about.

  3. I have been in a relationship for only 6 months now. I have never liked getting oral sex and it’s quite boring to me and dose not feel like anything. I let my BF do it after he asks a lot as a treat for him even though he knows I don’t get anything from it he is constantly asking how he can improve to get better. A lot of the times i get a back rub instead

  4. I'm the same way. I don't like the sensation and would much rather have a massage to put me in the mood.

  5. Same for me. I was very self conscious about scarring I had from surgery that I never could get comfortable enough or was so nervous that they would judge me for my scars that I never got in the right head space. My scars have faded alot now but my husband has never cared and I think took it as a personal challenge to change my mind, and has. It's one of my favorite things now. I'm so grateful for him.

  6. Same, many other things can make me have multiple orgasms faster and stronger. I'm not a fan of receiving or giving oral.

  7. Pretty much every time we have sex and like someone else said he will try to grab me when I get out of the shower. We've been married 12 years and have 3 kids so the timing sucks sometimes lol

  8. Talk with him then! Ask if he actually enjoys it, and if he does, then tell him there are ways he can pleasure you better. Remember boys don't have a vagina and don't always know how to touch it, unless you tell him!

  9. Mine is very enthusiastic about doing it but is too soft on me. If he wants me to orgasm from it I won’t be able to, but yeah I can lay back and enjoy the sensation. Lately though I have just taken his head and pushed it into the clitoris and rubbed it until I can orgasm, and he follows where I’m focusing. So it’s gotten better and I would encourage anyone to try this too!

  10. Almost never. He doesn’t mind doing it but doesn’t really enjoy it, and I can absolutely go without it. Once in a while I’ll ask him to, if for some reason I’m really in the mood for it, but it’s rare.

  11. Not every single time we have sex, but most of the time. It's a frequent occurrence. I'd say he probably goes down about 70-75% of the time. Maybe a little more. Something in that range.

  12. Whenever I ask. Considering today is 3/14 (Pie day) I'm getting some today from my husband. I had an ex who would never do it. I swear he was grossed out by vaginas. We broke up of course, cuz as Niki Minaj says, "Ain't no fat n***** tellin' me what he ain't eatin'

  13. Sorry if this is a really ignorant question, but has not enjoying giving or receiving as a lesbian effected your sex life?

  14. My current and last partner, all the time. My ex husband, never. He did it once for about 20 seconds in 6years, said it just didn't appeal to him....that made me feel really shitty and self conscious.

  15. I completely sympathize with this! My ex husband did it like maybe less than 5 times over 5 years together. It made me incredibly self conscious and down about myself.

  16. Every time, but we've only been dating a month. It feels really good, but I've yet to have an orgasm. I'm not really sure how to have one with a partner, I'm just so used to my own hand and it feels different with someone else. There's also a big part of me that has a real hard time understanding why he enjoys it and I feel a bit awkward about it.

  17. You need to understand that your partner might actually enjoy it, because he may get turned on by going down on you. I love giving oral, and it definitely is a turn on for me.

  18. While he’s down there use your hand to get off. There’s no reason to not have an orgasm while he’s going down on you if he’s not getting you off. Or when he’s fucking you, same.

  19. Is it bad if we've been dating for four years and he hasn't gone down on me but I go down on him almost every time we have sex? I've asked for it multiple times and he always says later.

  20. Seems like he’s never gonna do it😬 idk sis if you think he’s great in other areas its alright; otherwise life is too short to be with someone who cant make you orgasm💁🏻‍♀️

  21. He’s never going to. Get out of that relationship as it seems he has no interest in pleasing you...and this is just the start.

  22. You care about his pleasure and he should care about yours as well. Honestly if he hasn't even tried it, i think it's bad. You should talk about it

  23. I wouldn’t use bad. But it’s an act you crave. Your partner should want to satisfy your cravings and please you. Sounds like an inequitable distribution of giving.

  24. I mean, have you had a conversation about it when you’re not having sex? Maybe he has a valid reason, maybe he’s not experienced with it and is embarrassed? Sex is like any part of a relationship, or get better when you talk about it.

  25. That is definitely bad. Try asking him if he would do it to you first before you do it to him. He should understand.

  26. I'm a guy and was kind of in a similar situation (for a much shorter time) where I was with someone where I'd go down on her often but she never went down on me. I felt ambivalent, because I didn't want to pressure her to do a sexual act she didn't want to (and so I didn't).

  27. Guy here, and I'm in a similar ship. Been with my lady for a little over a year; I go down on her every time we have sex and even when we're not (meaning no penetration) and she orgasms every time, meanwhile I've received 3 blowjobs from her, none till completion.

  28. I’ve been told I have a “high sex marriage” because it’s a very regular occurrence but it’s because like every time he says “hey wanna do it?” And I’m like “meh” he’s all “well let me just go down on you...” and who’s gonna say no?? Get yourself a partner that’s turned on by it if you enjoy it- because that’s where it’s at. I think men who love this activity will get into heaven first, it’s in the rules somewhere I’m sure...

  29. Never, but that is because I do not like it. I never have really. It’s just makes me uncomfortable. But if I did enjoy it, my SO would go down on me all the time haha.

  30. Everytime we have sex, he will go down on me, whenever he gets the chance, unless I stop him. (I.e. Not during my period). Sometimes it's twice a day.

  31. My husband is the same. He’s a dangerous man. Incredibly talented and he might actually enjoy it more than I do and I enjoy it like, a billion.

  32. Almost never, he's willing and while I know it's a turn-on for him, I just don't like the sensation as it feels uncomfortable.

  33. Every time we have sex, sometimes more lol. He really enjoys it, and he's really good at it. I'm really happy he does, cause penetration does nothing for me. He'll usually make me orgasm before we have sex, so I'm all lubed up and we're both satisfied in the end.

  34. My boyfriend goes down on me every single time until I orgasm, and then we have sex. He always says he loves how I taste. 😍

  35. Here's the answer I was looking for lol Same! It's just okay for me. He's more talented with his hands, so I'm satisfied.

  36. As often as I will let him lol. I’m not a super horny person in general so it’s not something I really crave, but when it happens I do like it and my partner seems to really like doing it for me 🙂

  37. every time we have sex (he takes care of me first) or any time he can catch me naked around the house. he loves it, like obsessed with it, and lets me know that every time he goes down on me. sometimes he’ll do it when i’ve had a really stressful day/week and i’m rambling on about senseless things. we always joke that it shuts me up pretty quick lol

  38. I’m one of those lucky ladies who’s boyfriend is super into going down on me. He does it almost every time we have sex and sometimes when we’re just watching a movie and it doesn’t lead to penetrative sex.

  39. I can't remember the last time he did. Truthfully, the last time we had sex was at least a year ago. We've only been cuddling, kissing and playfully groping/humping.

  40. Married 3 years here and all I have to do is mention my pussy and he's like "I'll lick it" grinning God forbid an innuendo happen haha. He loves it but I am terribly ticklish down in those areas so I only want it certain times. However, I'm just as eager to suck his dick. We're just a couple of people who enjoy having things in our mouths I guess. Side note: I think we need to make going down as the norm (unless trauma or issues get in the way). Hearing that those of us who receive it are "the lucky ones" is actually disheartening. Selfish lovers shouldn't be the norm. We should all be excited to fully enjoy our genitals.

  41. The guy I'm fucking/seeing (not living together) is a machine. He loves to do it. I feel like I wouldn't be completely happy in a relationship without. But who knows! Oh and I definitely return the favor because I'm a nice person. lol

  42. How do you get over your hang ups? I can't get out of my head when he tried to make his way down there and the couple of times he tried I just wasn't comfortable enough to enjoy it.

  43. Think of something you so enjoy, and remember, he wouldn’t be going down there if he didn’t want to! If that doesn’t work touch other parts of yourself as a way to create more sensations.

  44. When I want him to, but I take a long time that way, so I usually just let him use my vibrator on me. I'm spoiled though. We both have a high sex drive and enjoy sexy time almost every time.

  45. Every single time we have sex, I’ve never had to ask. If I’m not feeling it that day I’ll tell him, but it’s the default.

  46. Every time we have sex unless I specifically ask to be fingered instead. He does it as much as he possibly can and I appreciate it a lot lol

  47. Been together over 10 years. Because I highly dislike giving and receiving oral, it's not a part of our relationship.

  48. Every time we have sex. We've lived together for 10 years and it's always been like that because it's pretty much guaranteed to get me off.

  49. once every 2 months or so? I don’t mind, our sex life is phenomenal and although I do enjoy receiving oral it’s not a must by any means.

  50. Nearly every time we have penetrative sex. If it's a quickie we don't. Oral for oral we're matched although we don't both receive every time.

  51. we live together & its every time we have sex....or if i’m sitting on the couch...or if i’m laying in bed so pretty much all the time hahaha

  52. We don't live together yet, but cunnilingus is arguably the biggest part of our sex life. It happens every time we have sex, or sometimes without sex.

  53. Non stop, sometimes I have to tell him to stop, literally if I come out the shower without getting dressed in the bathroom it's over for me, hell even when I am dressed, it's great I guess but sometimes I'd like to miss it😂

  54. Every time I see him, for a long time. We don’t live together, but if we did it would be every day multiple times a day. He loves it and I love it so it’s kind of a constant when we’re together.

  55. Whenever I ask him too. We’ve been married for 24 years and are in our 40s. I have chronic pain issues that stem from endometriosis and with that I have a low sex drive. But when it happens down he goes.

  56. My husband loves going down on me but I’m wayyyyy to sensitive there, so I would let him. He still asks me if he can go down on me almost every week

  57. Every time we have sex! We don’t have sex often because he’s kind law school and has to work day and night, which is fine with me, but when we do have sex he goes down on me every time.

  58. Never once. I’ve never made a big deal about it because if he doesn’t want to I don’t want him to. But, i often wonder if he’s had a bad experience and I could remedy it. He gets kinda shy about it like he doesn’t wanna say he hates doing it, so I don’t press him on it.

  59. He never does it, but when he does it’s only for a couple of seconds then he would just put it in. This made me to believe that it’s not something that he enjoys doing, therefore I do not enjoy receiving it physically or mentally. Plus he isn’t very good at it.

  60. i was S/A’d and understandably have some issues with letting ppl “down there” but i’m learning how to trust my current partner and he offers every time we have sex, so like 2-3 times a week. he really enjoys it and asks me to sit on his face which i’m not as comfortable with. i get insecure that i smell or taste bad even though i take good care of myself and don’t have any infections. i’m lucky to have him and i’m learning to really enjoy it!

  61. My ex used to do it multiple times a day and it was amazing. My current boyfriend only like maybe 5 times in two years.

  62. He’s tried it a couple times, but he’s new to it so it doesn’t do much for me. Next time he decides he wants to imma give him some direction and see if that helps, if not he’s an expert with his hands 😉

  63. It's been years, he gets it several times a year, probably 6 or so since it's not my favorite thing to do either. But he knows I'm pretty pissed off that he doesn't reciprocate. I mentioned it about 6 weeks ago to him and still he has not done it.

  64. Rarely because I don't really enjoy it. I've never been big on the sensation of wetness on my clit, I enjoy friction way more. So my treat is that he uses a vibrator on me because I much prefer that.

  65. Jesus, if my husband had his way, he’d be down in there all the damn time. We both love oral. So we only do it mutually because we both enjoy it so much. There are times when one or the other of us will get to have a one-off of going down on the other, and that’s just so much fun. We really enjoy showing off our skills & making the other one feel really great. It’s so much fun 🤩

  66. Basically never but I don't ask him because I don't really prefer it. I have no trouble coming from PiV and I enjoy fingering more too so I don't really feel the need for it.

  67. My nesting partner and I have an asexual relationship so not much there. My other partner does it almost every time we have sex!

  68. Whenever he can, think he likes doing it more than I like receiving it. But I just went through a traumatic birth so it's now a no go zone for the next little while.

  69. Every time we have sex. My boyfriend is super giving in so many ways so I feel really lucky! We have lived together for 7 months now so everything is still new, but I’m confident he will be this giving for the rest of our relationship :’)

  70. Whenever I want (if I go up to him and ask him to do it, he'll do it no questions asked) and 90% of the time we have sex. I'll also do the same for him if he asks.

  71. As often as I let him. He'd do it all the time but I find if I get it too much it just doesn't feel as good.

  72. 4/5 times, sometimes we dont do much foreplay so then he usually doesn't, or if I'm on my period I've asked him not to even though hes told me he happily will.

  73. Living together a year, and every single time we have sex unless I get to him first and then don’t let him. Sometimes I want to be selfish and just give 😈

  74. It’s pretty rare, but I’m not hung up on it. Other foreplay matters more to me. But if I asked for it, I don’t think it would be an issue.

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