What food do you 'not like' that you've never actually tried but keep up this facade that you 'don't like' and have 'never liked'?

  1. That weird French thing where you cook a bird alive in brandy and eat it with a tea towel over your head so that you don't make god sad.

  2. I think either the exam for GCSE or A-Level English had an extract about the Ortolan that you had to write about. Anyone else remember it?

  3. I discovered at the age of about 28 that I liked mushrooms. Had never tried them always refused them then one night drunk I ate mushroom pakora. Have them all the time now in fryups, pasta, even stuffed mushrooms 😂

  4. Can understand why you might pretend in some scenarios, especially if you're socially anxious and don't want too much attention, but to intentionally lie about it to your wife and kid is fucking bizarre.

  5. When the only way to get someone to shut up about you not wanting to eat something at that time is to just say “I’ve tried it and I don’t like it” because they will not stop going on about it and that’s the easiest way out, then you just have to commit because they are a “I told you so” person.

  6. I’m not at all picky with food but I have family members who are (ranging from quite picky to a full blown eating disorder), but it is incredibly tiresome for them to have to answer the stupidest questions if they ever mention an aversion to anything. Much easier to say “i tried it and don’t like it” than to have get badgered by people with no boundaries who can’t envisage someone thinking in any way different to them.

  7. Because the concept is unpleasant? I've never tried eating life octopus which is a delicacy in some places because I think it sounds like an experience I don't need. I'm a vegetarian anyway, but before I was strict I used to try things and would try very unusual things and usually enjoyed them, but I don't need to eat a live octopus.

  8. I thought this about pistachio nits for years even though I'd never tried them. Turns out I'm just very allergic. Sometimes your brain knows something you don't.

  9. This was my thoughts…why not just try it and then actually confirm you don’t like it; or better yet find something you like! Marmite is lovely on buttered toast

  10. Oysters and mussels. They look slimy and gross. People claim they're delicious, I'm just not brave enough to find out.

  11. I tried oysters. Had them at Rick Stein’s restaurant, so if they’re any good, those ones would be. I didn’t like them. It was like eating sandy sea water.

  12. My son eats chicken nuggets. With a side of chicken nuggets. Practically the only other thing he will eat is mussels. Which boggles my mind. I like mussels but if you're grossed out by food then surely mussels is up there?

  13. Big bowl of mussels in white wine and garlic sauce, with a nice sliced bloomer to soak up the sauce. I've ruined many main courses by filling up on this as a starter.

  14. I dislike pretty much all seafood: it tastes of ammonia to me (yes, all of it, except cod roe and fishfingers), but the added slime would likely make me gag if I tried.

  15. Mussels in white wine or garlic sauce is superb, oysters look disgusting with a slimy texture and I can't bring myself to try them.

  16. Mussels are actually quite yummy if they’re cooked well in the right sauce. Be brave one day you might enjoy them! I’m with you on oysters tho, I hate them. And cavier, absolutely disgusting 🤢

  17. I can understand the aversion to fish sushi, I'd give vegetable sushi a try though (except the one with cucumbers in, I avoid that).

  18. I hated it for the longest time, then I finally tried it because family members wanted to order some for a takeaway, now it’s my favourite cuisine! (Although I’m vegan now, so I’ve never had it with actual fish.)

  19. For me, fish is the smell wafting from the door of the gents loo in a pub that hasn’t been cleaned for a week.

  20. Sometimes bad BO smells like meat and potato pies. It doesn't smell nice even though pies smell and taste lovely. Context changes everything.

  21. Your brain precesses things differently. Smelling popcorn at the movies, great! Smelling popcorn in your car, not so great.

  22. For the life of me I cannot understand how a single soul likes olives. I’ve tried green and black and it’s like they’re both competing to see which one can be the worst tasting food in the world. I’m stunned that they are so popular.

  23. My friend was the same then she had some and decided they were good, then said 'if someone had just explained they're salty grapes, I'd have tried them sooner'

  24. I agree, but there are definitely limits to this - I have no desire to try and of the fermented/preserved foods that are generally known as being disgusting.

  25. Rhubarb. My mum used to turn it into this pink-ish goo and it looked absolutely disgusting. I downright refused to eat it, even if that meant being sent to my room.

  26. Mmm, a summertime staple where I’m from is a tomato sandwich. Beefsteak(personal preference) tomatoes with salt and fresh cracked black pepper, & homemade mayo on sourdough. Perfection.

  27. Rhubarb has to be cooked correctly. It’s naturally tough and bitter, so has to be cooked to within an inch of its life and sweetened, then it is beautiful. Tangy against the sugar!

  28. A lot of kids don't like tomatoes and there is a simple reason why. If you have any kind of grass allergy, the same allergen is in raw tomatoes. Eating a tomato will cause a mild allergic reaction that can be uncomfortable. But kids don't know how to say it's uncomfortable to eat so they just say they don't like them.

  29. I’m sort of the same with rhubarb, I just can’t eat cooked fruit - especially if it’s in a pie or crumble. But raw rhubarb, love it.

  30. Guinness is hit and miss. Guiness has a really short shelf life and you can get a genuinely horrible pint, so it doesnt travel well. If the supply chain is too long it can be quite nasty.

  31. I have tried Guinness and I still don't like it. I wish I did though because it's just a beautiful looking drink. I poured my own pint at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin and was so disappointed that I didn't like it.

  32. It is indeed a very strong flavour, and three years ago I'd have been hard pushed to get through half a pint of it. But as I've started drinking more beers over the past couple of years, I've found Guinness to actually be an incredibly smooth drink - providing you get it from a decent pub of course

  33. I grew up in Bury ( home of the black pudding) and never ate it until I went to Liverpool to uni- it’s delicious.

  34. Knew a guy who called it an Elastoplast as its mostly blood. He was vegan so I think he was trying to put me off eating meat.

  35. When it’s cooked properly it’s a little crispy on the outside but soft and velvety on the inside, 11/10 🤌🏻🤌🏻🤌🏻

  36. My excuse is “I know what it smells like, so I know what it tastes like” so far I’ve been right.

  37. I think even on good moudly cheese like those with penicillium if you start seeing fluffiness you should not eat that.

  38. I can't stand peanuts but I love peanut butter! We probably go through a jar every week or so, it gets used for so much. A spoonful in the baby's breakfast yoghurt (good for preventing allergies), I have some on my toast, ooh and I often make beef satay and use it in the marinade and the sauce and it's to die for! But if you'd asked me about a year ago I'd have boaked at the thought of peanut butter. Reese's cups changed my mind.

  39. Same here. Once I read Anthony Bourdain’s description that, “your breath will smell as if you’d been French-kissing your dead grandmother” I crossed that right off my list of foods to try.

  40. Smell put me off. But after much exposure in Asia I succumbed. Tried Durian ice cream. Durian chocolate. Durian custard (made me feel sick). And Fresh Durian.

  41. I'm weird about food textures and if something looks like it might have a texture which I am known not to enjoy I'll tend to avoid it, mostly due to not wanting to make a scene. I reckon it's more polite to avoid the thing than potentially retch at the dinner table.

  42. My mum force-fed me a bit of liver when I was five and I was completely right in my prejudice against it, it tasted horrendous. Still won’t eat any sort of internal organs, including liver paté, and I only grudgingly eat haggis sometimes because my Scottish partner thinks it’s the ambrosia of the gods. Objectively haggis tastes fine, but the ick factor makes me nauseous and it still kind of has that organ meat taste that I’ve always hated.

  43. When I was a kid, I thought I hated kidney beans so whenever my mum made chilli con carne I would take all the beans out before eating. And yet I loved baked beans; haricot and kidney beans are very similar in taste and texture so it made little sense that I wouldn't eat the latter in a chilli. I can't even remember why I thought I hated kidney beans in the first place but I would not eat them.

  44. Public enemy number one is what you've made yourself into. I can't say I drink tea regularly but to say you dislike tea is a capital offence, in this country, as you probably well know.

  45. I’m exactly the same. The smell of it makes me feel physically sick. I think I was given it when I was 2 or 3 by my grandma ‘to make you feel better’ when I was ill, and then immediately vomited. I’m sure I was sick because of the illness not the tea, but to this day I still can’t go near tea - I’m 50 now!

  46. Loads of black teas to try amongst other types and also I often have without milk which completely changes it. Surely find one out there

  47. Prawns and all other seafood with the exception of tuna and the main white fish types! Won’t go near it no way nuh uh

  48. I also refuse to eat prawns. The concept of eating an entire creature in one bite including its BRAIN and EYES just freaks me out.

  49. I'm the opposite of this. I will try virtually anything because if people eat it it can't be that bad. I also periodically go back to things I don't like just incase it was the product, the chef or both.

  50. I’m exactly the same. I love trying new foods. There’s a few things I don’t like but only one that I won’t try a second time and that’s natto. The stringy sticky texture was proper gag inducing. Glad I tried it though

  51. Nope, I buy them every few years or so. Each time they're just as rank as I remember them being. I clearly just enjoy punishing my taste buds.

  52. Cause some people are incapable of understanding that some have no interest or desire to try certain foods so its easier to just lie and say "I dont like it" instead of some back and forth with someone who seems to know better about what food I'll like than I do myself

  53. Krispy Creme donuts. I used to work in an office where people would bring boxes of the things in every morning (there was shop near by). I always said they looked too sickly sweet, so never tried one.

  54. They are sickly sweet. I worked in one of the large supermarket chains and during the lockdowns noone bought the Krispy Kremes. They all got dumped in the canteen for us to eat so that there would be less to go in the bin. I grew sick of them

  55. Olives. They just look like they have a nasty texture. That combined with the colour of them (both black and green) just don’t to anything to entice me. So yeah I hate olives. No I’ve never tried one 😅

  56. That used to be one of mine as well. Then I tried one and it was vile. So that confirmed my opinion. Never again.

  57. Haha I had the same thing, I liked it when my BF’s mum made one. Turns out a lot of stuff I hated as a kid was my parents not being great cooks or using really terrible quality meat

  58. Never had frogs legs but snails taste like mushrooms to me. They have that texture and if you eat them cooked in a sauce and not crispy or on top of pizza like I did one, you're all good.

  59. Prawn cocktail crisps taste as much like prawn as chicken crisps taste like chicken; not at all.

  60. Tried it. The smell is massively overstated. Opening the can, sure it doesn't smell like something you'd normally eat, but I've smelt way worse walking down the street without coming anywhere near gagging. The fish itself tastes nothing like that smell at all. If anything it was a little smokey.

  61. It's a weird one. To my mind they are effectively sea insects, but I grew up having them and enjoy them. By contrast I haven't enjoyed the few insects I've intentionally eaten (namely crickets) and don't feel especially drawn to trying other insects.

  62. Nothing really springs to mind other than when I was in Turkey and a small cafe type place had sheep brain soup on the menu. I'll try most things once but couldn't get past the brain.

  63. Other things with similar levels of flavour: plain rice, pasta, or potatoes. But just like those it can be a great comfort food on it's own or a vehicle for sauces / cheese.

  64. As someone who was made to eat plain boiled cauliflower on roast dinners I can confirm its wank if that's all you do with it, but if you make it as if it's buffalo chicken wings or cauliflower cheese then it's lovely

  65. Honestly, I hate that mindset. It's so childish. Be daring, you might find your new favourite food. At worst, you won't like it and you'll spit it out.

  66. Most seafood. I have a mental reaction to salt - I start coughing at the thought of salt - from when I grabbed a handful of what I thought was sugar as a kid.

  67. My grandma would sometimes mix up salt and sugar and serve us kids salted hot chocolate. She wouldn't believe us when we told her it was salty

  68. That Scandinavian fish that they ferment and bury outside cause it honks to high heaven. I like fish but that ones a no from me.

  69. Sushi. Any type. For years I thought I wouldn't like it, no idea why because I can eat every aspect of it separately. Tried it a year ago as my bf loves it and there is no reason I shouldn't like it. Made me gag, I think the years of thinking I won't like it has convinced my body I can't eat it. Kinda frustrating

  70. I used to feel that way about marmite, you should try just a little bit on a heavily buttered crumpet, the way it melds with the melted butter and seeps into the little holes is beautiful

  71. Why would you not try it though? I love trying new food, I'll eat anything. Honestly it pisses me off. It's not hard to just shove it in your mouth and least try it. I hate picky eaters.

  72. Crisps - I've had hula hoops and pom bears but that's it. I smelt some walkers when I was younger, didn't like them and have avoided them since. When I tell people now they don't believe me. I think if I tried them I'd probably like them, but I see no point in adding to me list of "junk food I like" - it's better to just leave them to their business so that I don't suddenly gorge on something unhealthy.

  73. I’m old enough not to say I don’t like anything but recognise where I am put off by something.

  74. I periodically force myself to try the foods I traditionally dislike. Managed to get over my dislike of mussels, somewhat.

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