Can anyone explain why fast food chains are getting worse?

  1. I second this McD's has been ruined by mc delivery. Its no longer fast food, takes absolutely ages and you can't even get near a till to order anything.

  2. I figured it could be this too, as it has massively ramped up the demand. As well as that in store a customer is visibly there and can complain and fix their order right away, but when making food for delivery, there's less pressure as there's no human face behind the order so it's probably overlooked.

  3. Our local McD’s is mental since The delivery apps came to town, there are literally 10+ blokes queuing to pick up orders all day every day.

  4. yup. Local Mcd hung a sign on its drive through saying "no beef products due to grill malfunction". Sure enough I pulled up the fucking app and could order anything I wanted

  5. For in person there's a physical limitation due to the number of cashiers able to take orders at once. With delivery apps there's no practical limit - there could be, quite easily in software a way to say a restaurant is too busy or book a time slot. But they don't want to lose the sale.

  6. This isn't really an excuse. They are making record profits due to these apps so they should be spending money on non customer facing kitchens to fulfill delivery orders seperate from eat in guests.

  7. Delivery apps like Ubereats are a crap excuse for poor service too. Nigh on impossible to get a refund or missing items brought to you.

  8. This is what I don’t get about the delivery services. I usually visit McD’s because it’s fast and cheap, rarely spending more than £5. Take both away and what’s left?

  9. I think one of the problems with e.g. McDonald's is that they now have 10x more orders coming in and only a handful more staff so they have to rush things more and more.

  10. Maccys do a fine job. The only reason they don’t put more staff on us because they literally wouldn’t fit in the kitchen. There are always 20-30 guys back there and the hustle is unreal. Kfc never have more than 3 people on hence waiting 20+ mins if 2 people order at the same time. Meanwhile management are shocked pikachu face when actually people order food on a lunchtime

  11. Some advice, mainly for ordering in person, but works on apps aswell, always customise your item, add cheese, or extra onion, or sauce ect. I find if i order say a bog standard quater pounder from maccys, its a coin flip on whether it will be fresh or old, however when i ask for extra onion, 95% of the time its made to order. Could be just my experience but ive had decent sucsess with it!

  12. All Maccies food is made to order now. The buns are toasted on demand and meat is kept in a hot hold. If you add or remove an ingredient, it's not going to change the "freshness" of it. Sorry to shatter your illusions haha.

  13. this really isn't true anymore - practically every mcdonald's does made to order now for all menu items. the problem is the prep items (e.g. patties or nuggets) still sit in the hot hold for too long

  14. Sounds like the trick I heard about years ago of asking for fries without salt so they had to make fresh... and then asking for a little packet of salt at the end.

  15. It is still an employee's market in retail, hospitality and catering. Low wage, low investment in training, hard to find people to do the job for that money that aren't completely airhead.

  16. Some food just doesn't travel well, there are a lot more places using delivery companies now, even fancy independent places I really rate when dining in, downgrade their food to a quick thrown together version for delivery that doesn't travel well.

  17. Just eat have refused our last few refund requests from McDonald’s but they’re genuine requests. We emailed them back saying I’d McDonald’s didn’t mess the orders up so much we’d not be asking for refunds, they didn’t reply.

  18. So many takeaways got our orders wrong here that just eat started denying us refunds. We no longer use just eat or any delivery service. Suppose they did us a favour really

  19. That reminds me of when I ordered from Asda on there last week. I ordered about 10 totalling around £30 and only received 3 items. The driver couldn't do anything about it. Just eat refused a refund - and I had to message them because they ignored me - and said if it happened next time then any refunds would be put on store/account credit. What infuriated me is that other than not being able to contact Asda (their telephone number for the store never picks up), is that why didn't they bother to cancel if they knew they didn't have the stuff or more likely couldn't find it.

  20. Our local Mcdonalds are terrible for missing items, and we always go in, we don't order from home anymore. Only the other week my two housemates went to get us some food and I warned them to check the order to make sure we get everything. They did check and realised we were missing several burgers so went inside. The idiots then didn't check the bag they were given with the supposed missing items and they ended up still being short some items, both of which happened to be my ones.

  21. Also the increasing stress of living a life as a minimum wage employee in the modern economy leads to these places having less staff, less effort and more mistakes.

  22. Once upon a time you went into McD and ordered at the counter. Even if the queue was fairly long you knew you would get served quite quick. You ordered, within a couple of minutes food there, off you go. Applied to drive thru too.

  23. To be fair it seems to mostly be the front counter staff that are struggling as opposed to the kitchen staff. I worked at maccies for 10 years and left in 2014, at our peak times we would have 5 tills on, a couple of people backing up the tills and at least 3-4 people on drive through, you could easily have 10-12 people just on the front counter. Now I never see more than two people working the entire front counter as well as delivery orders and usually one or two on drive thru. They have far more orders to take care of and less than half the servers to do it.

  24. We just had the hottest summer in 500yrs in Europe, maybe people are gradually running out of shits to give about bullshit jobs serving climate-catastrophe fries to grease addicts 🤷🏻

  25. Well, you keep buying from them so why should they care? The cost of a refund on a meal is minimal since you’ll just keep using them anyway.

  26. Perhaps you’re getting older and your body is wanting something with more complex nutrition rather than the fare of a child

  27. Low wages so less incentive to get things “right”. Not enough staff. Tons of delivery drivers and their orders- mistakes are inevitable when there’s so many. Let’s be honest too, they know people will keep coming so where’s the corporate incentive to correct things?

  28. I’ve started to wonder the same thing over the past few years. Our local KFC is fucking horrible. Looks and tastes like it was made the day before.

  29. Derby Pride Park KFC 2022 ordered a big meal for like 7 people everyone agreed it was the worst kfc they’ve ever experienced. Nothing tasted liked we remembered it the hot wings specifically tasted of nothing? The batter was very dark as well and tasted under-seasoned too

  30. Try to avoid most of them. When I have had fast food it seems that if you go in they seem to be prioritising Uber eats/ just eat type delivery driver orders so you wait an age but if you use the apps you still wait an age, drive through isn’t much better

  31. I work at a pizza takeaway and one of the many things which can lead to poor customer service is a lack of organisation and preparation done by higher-ups.

  32. We do this now. We have 2 local companies, one called BFC (Barnsley fried chicken) and it’s half the price of KFC, twice as big and deeeeelicious. Same with holy cow burger. They are so good!

  33. Same, I ordered more since being pregnant and McDonalds are notorious for getting the order wrong. Bought a triple cheeseburger, only ended up being a double.

  34. They need app only facilities so they are not affecting existing restaurants, uber, deliveroo and all the rest of them collect here. If you visit a restaurant it is full of what look like homeless taxi drivers who need a good shower.

  35. We’ve just moved to a new area and I’m scared of our account getting banned because we’ve been missing at least 1 item from every single delivery so far, Pizza Hut last night just gave us 1 margarita pizza and fucked off lol

  36. I’ve noticed this as well. Went to McDonalds to treat myself to a rare quarter pounder meal. In addition to the customer queue there were a line of deliveroo drivers waiting for (large) orders.

  37. Simple. You won’t like it. Because those that eat at kfc/ McDonald’s etc will take it. It’s a lot of peoples default setting. They won’t stop going and the corporate types know it.

  38. Higher costs for running and producing stuff but trying to keep the prices low enough so people can afford to actually eat from the place. So places want less waste (means older food for customer) and cheaper staff and end up with kids leaving school that know nothing and are expected to learn on the job so just make endless mistakes.

  39. The local Chinese or chip shop that only does pickup and only accept cash are usually miles and miles ahead of the generic kebab shop that all use the same takeaway boxes and stock images

  40. Been thinking this for a long time, they are absolutely awful now, I wouldn’t go near a kfc ever again they’re gross. Problem is the lack of staff training, mobile phone use at work and this generation of entitled thick idiots we have coming through. No one cares.

  41. I'm pregnant and one of my cravings genuinely is cold, salty, slightly soggy/oily chips. So McDonald's are excellent for me right now.

  42. I don't believe those people are lazy, I haven't worked at Maccies but I did work at a restaurant that had to deal with these deliveroo orders and you barely had a minute to rest a lot of the time. But when you've got that much shit to do, so little time to do it, only so much space to work in and only a couple of people to help out, the end result is probably going to be worse. I'll be the first to admit I made a mistake every now and then and it wasn't because I didn't care, I was just being pressured to go faster and do more all the time.

  43. That’s the thing, I’ve been on less pay than a Mc Donalds worker and still busted my ass making sure things were to standard. Then again I was young and bright eyed back then.

  44. It’s not that I’ve learned, it’s that I forget. I’m one of those who orders food or drinks 8 beers, regrets it, then does it all over again and then remembers why I avoided it in the first place. It’s called being a dumbass, it’s my defining trait.

  45. Went to local maccies recently asked for a big Mac meal and was answered with we can't do meals today except chicken meals. Turns out burgers were out and so were soft drinks.

  46. No I can't. My nephew used to work in McDonald's and he said that the policy was that every customer be served within 90 seconds of placing their order. Bear in mind that I don't know if that was a company wide policy or just within the local franchise he was working. However, I was in a McDonalds yesterday which was packed out, I stood in line for over one minute to use the order board before I gave up and walked out.

  47. Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat. Their drivers force their way to the front of the queue, slam a phone in the poor guy's face, and then they all mill about blocking the place up for everyone else. Plus since those apps have star ratings, they will absolutely always take priority over anyone else.

  48. I stopped ordering cos recession & general wold crappyness, but Mcdonalds & KFC are the worst for getting orders wrong. Think i paid for sauce from Mcdonalds & never, ever received any. I’m beginning to think the sauces are a myth, but not concerned enough to go there for myself & find out.

  49. Because the people that are making it are often actual teen-agers, the wages aren't really that great for anyone else

  50. KFC seems to be incredibly patchy from franchise to franchise. There's no real consistency in what you're going to get although their chips are bad. Also I've noticed in there the last few times their ordering machines never seem to actually print the receipt so you have to remember the order number off the screen.

  51. Delivery and those touch screen things have wrecked fast food. I went to Cardiff the other week and when I went up to the counter to order a Big Mac, paying with cash the lady looked at me like I had a horn growing out of my skull.

  52. I stopped at a McDonalds on the way home recently to use the toilet so thought I would pick up some milkshakes while I was there and it was chaos. There weren’t many in store customers and the drive through seemed steady but there were lots of delivery drivers.

  53. Chasing money has led to overloading stores with a combination of walk in, drive through and delivery customers. It was bound to happen when life returned to normal a bit

  54. The issue is luck of the draw whether your food was cooked fresh or has been sitting there. Then it’s the luck of the draw of whether after it’s been throw together whether it’s sat there longer waiting for a driver. Then it’s luck of the draw yet again whether you get a competent driver where either you’re the only delivery or one of two. That explains why it’s generally cold.

  55. When society tells them you aren’t getting paid enough and people constantly shit on work and how work is demoralizing, people believe it and they produce a shit product. How the hell are you going to somehow bring it back to the company that makes money when the person fucking up is right in front of you?

  56. I work in a fast food chain, and it's almost always the delivery drivers in our case. The amount of times I've had to demand they get their delivery bag out of their car is ridiculous (if they don't have an insulated delivery bag, the order gets cold fast).

  57. Same where I live. I have the impression they try to cut corners as much as they can, since there's not much competition. They lower quality until people start protesting. Why would they bother as long as people keep buying.

  58. Fast food chains are not there to offer you good food, they are there to offer quickly made stuff to as many customers as they can. The more the merier.

  59. I stopped going to Mcdonalds. It's 12-20 minutes away from me and I need 3-4 big macs to be full. So around 14 pounds spending.

  60. So, it's not improved then? Last time we called in McDonalds was THREE YEARS AGO. Yes! You heard right, 3 years ago. The service was appalling, the food was crap and, not hot. If it was like that 3 years ago, I'm glad we've not been in since.

  61. The big fast food chains used to be my occasional treat but you are right, they are all a bad deal now. I guess the problems are short staffing, bad quality staff, increased demand from delivery drivers, and the fact that the bad quality and reliability hasn't actually hurt profitability, so there is no incentive to improve.

  62. No idea man, I've noticed this too tho, seems like everything's a rip off these days. There's always a problem; coffee machine's not working, ice cream machines not working, items unavailable, etc, etc.

  63. Probably because they're increasingly staffed by teenagers who don't give a fuck. It's actually mad, if you think about it, that we're prepared to outsource our food preparation to some spotty little wanker who'd probably struggle to spell salmonella. Having said that, I'm ordering a Papa John's as we speak.

  64. Well what do you expect when they're worked to death and paid the bare minimum. If corporations want their staff to do a better job then they can start by paying them an actual liveable wage.

  65. Surely these places have always been staffed by teenagers? I worked at McDs in the early 2000s, from the age of 16 to 19. It was 90% people at college or uni with a few 'lifers' in the more senior roles, and so was the KFC next door, and all the other local branches.

  66. The problem is that people are lazy and entitled nowadays, a lot of young people working in fast food have that "I don't get paid enough for this shit" mentality, which is true but it's also selfish, the customers don't deserve to go without because u think u deserve to be paid more, and tbh u don't deserve shit if u don't do ur job properly, ur job isnto satisfy the customer and if u can't do that then ur not doing more than ur paid for at all, ur doing less.y local McDonald's and Greggs are the worst for it

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