What do you do for work?

  1. about to start an WFH IT support job tomorrow. First tech job. wanted to get a degree and do software dev but i have issues. hoping i can at least learn a bit of troubleshooting from this job, maybe get experience towards something more fulfilling

  2. How can I get into IT? I'm "the IT guy" (amongst other things) at a company of ~11. Manage a draytek router with dual WAN, VoIP on dedicated WAN, fail over etc. IP phones, ubiquity WiFi controller, file and print server. Backups onsite and off-site. Used to manage Gsuite, but migrated to MS365 and shifted our file system to SharePoint, and use basic AzureAD to authenticate machine users. Just completed Cyber security essentials plus to qualify for a new tender. Experience deploying remote communications, m2m SIM management, modem, firewalls, VPN etc. Don't have any official quals or a degree. Thought about doing CISCO level 1. Figure there might be work upgrading modem fleets as legacy GSM approaches end of life. What's a good path in and starting role?

  3. The fact that people who've spent their entire career working on computers take pride in knowing nothing about how to operate a computer baffles me.

  4. Trying to slow the destruction of the country and the climate while making enough to live on. That's right, environmental conservation.

  5. Been there did 10 years, didnt make enough to live and got out. It's a great job for the most part and fine when you're single in your 20s but good luck supporting a family on those wages.

  6. That’s really cool! I’m mid way through a masters in zoology and was seriously considering environmental conservation but I’ve been having an impossible time finding experience to get my foot in the door.

  7. I watch people as they sleep, give them hazardous chemicals and stick them with sharp objects. Sometimes while their family watches.

  8. Did a rotation in icu as a medical student, have to say the ICU nurses were absolutely amazing. They knew what to do, were all lovely and approachable and managed to keep a quite depressing unit very warm .

  9. I had my first ever operation for a basic procedure last week and although I’m a 32 year old man I was not embarrassed to show how terrified I was of being put under. I had a lovely nurse that spent time calming me down so I wasn’t going to freak out and cause any issues. Although the surgeon did a good job the time spent with me to be nice and not just treat me like a quick in and out patient made the whole experience as plesent as it could be.

  10. Associate Professor. Used to be Senior Lecturer in old money but they switched to the American naming system so they could get rid of one of our promotion levels and pay us all less! Neat!

  11. Honestly this has been my dream job. Weirdly I'm not that interested in trains or anything. I think I just like the idea of being on my own and enjoying the ride. Looks peaceful. I'm probably wrong as I'm sure it's stressful. Do you enjoy it?

  12. I used to build and refresh trains and now I do the tracks - technically I’m civil and architecture. 2 of my projects at the moment are actually vehicles though - refreshing 3 old locos and also a fleet of “engineering vehicles” - wagons and hoppers basically.

  13. I'm a confectioner and chocolatier, American sweets are my speciality. You must pay a visit to my Oxford Street branch.

  14. I try to work out how an area of the public sector spends increasingly reducing pots of money while trying to deliver the same service.

  15. Clinical pharmacist in the NHS. I have specialised in oncology, so I work with cancer patients (mainly those with solid tumours). Helping use medications in the best way to do anything we can for them, from curing (if possible) to making their quality of life better as they go through treatment. And obviously making sure we don’t kill them (chemo can be lethal if you’re not careful)!

  16. That sounds fascinating, must be such rewarding work if, I would imagine slightly depressing. I'd love to improve anything in the world, even only one project at a time.

  17. I can tell you i don't have money, but what i do have are a very particular set of skills. skills i have acquired over a very long career. skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.

  18. OOH so cool! What's your day to day like? I would love to work in a museum, especially in the archives, looking after old stuff.

  19. My job title is. Contracts coordinator which entails telling people on work sites that the delivery of steel that they definitely didn't have yesterday actually arrived the day before, when I told them it would, 3 times, in 3 emails, with a picture of the day, on a spreadsheet of days, with colour coded easy to read instructions on what's arriving when.

  20. My grandad just passed at a ripe old 91, was Merchant Navy for a couple decades. He was engine room. Sank three times in the war, so nicknamed Jinx, mostly did Atlantic runs back and forth Houston (Galveston) and the UK. Told us stories about how they used to dock into Swansea, having hidden jerry cans of cheap American petrol between bits of machinery, then go to the pub for a number of hours until the customs officials had clocked off, and sneak back aboard to offload their hidden contraband. Sounded like a good life (aside from the sinking bit).

  21. my dad was a radio officer in the Merchant Navy back when that was more of a thing and not as it is now. Finished his training just as it was no longer as relevant a role......

  22. I'm considering a switch to this. Current perform DBA, azure network admin with some full stack dev work thrown in as an IT consultant, all heavy on security as its NHS related. Client recently paid a Crest accredited cyber security firm £6k + vat for 3 days work performing pen tests on infrastructure I've set up.

  23. What coding language or are there any tech skills you would recommend most to get into this? In an analytical field but considering pivoting to cyber.

  24. I work in a real time mobile environment, controlling larger than average units holding mixed content, over a wide area of the UK.

  25. I tell people what they can and can’t do with personal information and when certain things can be destroyed/deleted

  26. I facilitate the removal of human waste and byproducts of the living from domestic properties, also help increase heat production in properties , and aid in maintaining a clean hygienic environment . Or I'm just some hairy arsed plumber same thing I guess

  27. Teach small children how to do maths and how to not be little shits. Or I assist in that teaching, not the teacher themselves

  28. My ex was a nurse, she was always depressed asf. How are you coping? It’s difficult right now I’ve heard

  29. I'm a data analyst and I've graduated to sitting on Do Not Disturb all day so people literally can't call me!

  30. Construction worker. Not much to say. Definitely not an easy job but I get good money. After winter I will look for something else like work from home or something.

  31. I spend a lot of time moving liquids from one container to another and sometimes fighting with machinery that doesn't want to behave.

  32. Carbon reduction projects for commercial buildings. Boils down to staring at spreadsheets and arguing with people that don't understand/believe in climate change.

  33. I drive a bus. Have done so for the past 18 years after working as a collections agent for various sub prime finance companies.

  34. I work as a Biomedical Scientist in microbiology for the NHS. So any time a sample is taken from you at the GP or hospital looking for an infection it goes to the lab, where scientists will check for bacterial growth and find the correct antibiotic for you.

  35. I design show home gardens for sales areas on new build housing developments. I want to start my own garden design company focusing on more eco design projects.

  36. I’m an ITU nurse. Because I really hate myself, I might do my social work masters through OU to become a social worker.

  37. I pour a variety of of liquids into glassware and put them in front of people. I also do a fair bit of adult babysitting and one to one counseling. I haven't seen the sun in about 15 years.

  38. I had a dream last night that I opened a restaurant that only sold toast because someone told me to pick a niche and focus on it. And that restaurant was amazingly successful and I felt like a champion until I woke up and realised it didn't happen.

  39. Business Application Software Developer - retrained as Data Scientist and now lead the Data Science Team for a Multi National - 'Life Long Learning' - it's a 'thing' - never stop ;)

  40. I work in research management in the international development sector. I’m currently exploring moving into senior research management in either finance or tech for a while, where I could more than double my current salary, but where the work will be less meaningful to me personally.

  41. I opened a vintage & sustainable clothing shop two months ago having been trading online for about 18 months

  42. I work as a paralegal with domestic violence victims. I do find it fulfilling in many ways but I get paid minimum wage (although I make my employer £800-£1000 per day) and we basically get no emotional support or help dealing with the vicarious trauma.

  43. Trying to get you to move around in a less environmentally destructive way while also improving your health and making nicer cities without you noticing I am asking you to drive a bit less.

  44. I try and convince people to manage their little slice of the planet in a more environmentally friendly way. Gardener, one of the good ones. (Plenty of plastic lawn laying, "whack it back" cowboys out there ripping folk off on one off jobs).

  45. Aerospace Engineer. I work mainly with military fighter jets and various helicopters to service and overhaul their landing gear.

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