What are peoples thoughts on the queue?

  1. Personally I’m neither anti royal or royal, in honesty I don’t really care about them. However, I’m very pro people doing what they want to do and if they want to queue 12 hours to see a corpse in a wooden box then go for it, could be doing a lot worse things.

  2. Exactly. It’s a bit mad and unusual and it’s also completely harmless. I don’t get why people are so bent out of shape about it all.

  3. I imagine some people are now doing it more for the experience of The Queue than to actually see the coffin. People are saying how they’ve made friends, they’re going to stay in touch, what an atmosphere it was.

  4. I suppose it’s symbolic for most, although I do think a lot of it is media driven. Would the same number be queuing if it wasn’t being live streamed 24/7 and dominating the airwaves for days on end. I don’t think so. There’ll be studies done in years to come about the control mainstream media has over the actions of the population citing the queue as an example.

  5. I'm anti monarchy but agree with you here, if queueing to see the coffin is what people want to do, then I support it. I see the queen means a lot to a lot of people, although I really don't support what she stands for and wont be mourning her death, I can see that people need to mourn her in their own way.

  6. I am very much anti-royal. You couldn't drag me to that queue. However, like you I believe that as long as they aren't hurting anyone, people should be able to do as they please. I believe these people are mental for doing what they are doing, but if they want to doit have at it.

  7. I mean technically you only see the wooden box. I do wonder about people's motivations and I thought there would be more instances of people trying to chain themselves or cement themselves to the coffin or something stupid

  8. I’m amazed at the amount of gatekeeping of how people choose to mourn on Reddit. And the hatred. I just don’t get it. They are harming no one.

  9. I am in favour of constitutional monarchy, but I do not have a personal attachment to the royals so I am not going to queue. The monarch is a symbol, and people do get attached to symbols.

  10. And that's not the worst. Having NHS appointments and flights being cancelled is like... Mind-blowing. How many lives are on hold because of something like this...

  11. I've lost count of the number of TV programmes I tried to watch that have been cancelled in the past because the football went into extra time. So I'm personally pleased that something at last has cancelled the bloody football.

  12. The football being cancelled last weekend was stupid but the London games being cancelled this weekend make sense, they just don’t have the police available for the games.

  13. It's ok though, the rugby hasn't been halted at all. Mainly because you don't need anywhere near as many police at a rugby game as you do at a football game because the fans aren't hooligans that'll stab someone for wearing a shirt they don't like

  14. I mean it is hurting people because they are stupid and didn’t bring warm clothes, so ambulances have had to be called a few times, which is really great since the NHS isn’t under loads of pressure at the moment….

  15. What's driving me bonkers is the monopolisation of the news. I have the BBC News app in case there's any developments with Ukraine or any other breaking news, but I'm seriously considering uninstalling that shit since the Queen began her final day. Probably 70 or so push notifications? Maybe 10 were valid? The rest were reiterating the same shit, or mentioning which flaccid fuck of a socialite was reacting to the news or visiting the Queen's body.

  16. I think the demographic that cares the least about the royal family has a clear cross-over with football fans. They had to be 'forced to mourn' which, for me, takes alot of unpacking as a society...

  17. It's also a chance to be "a part of history", so that in a couple of decades when some kid asks what it was like the last time a monarch dies, you can talk about actually seeing the coffin. It's a bit like how I regret not trying it to be an extra in LOTR when I was back in NZ.

  18. I think you’re right, but with an added component of people just seeking to do it for bucket list / bragging purposes. Eg in 10 years people being able to say they did it, kind of like supposedly half of Americans who were old enough, claim to have been at Woodstock. At any rate that’s about the only thing that would motivate me to do it (I’m not going to by any stretch)

  19. I think you're spot on here. I totally get queuing a stupidly long time for something - anything. It's about the experience of the queue. Usually it's about spending time with like-minded people for a rare opportunity - like when the Pokémon Centre was at Westfields.

  20. I queued and met a bunch of lovely people. My cousin did the same later on. We both have photos with our queue buddies. It was an amazing time and I loved every moment of it. The queuing was a big part of what made it great.

  21. This exactly. I did the queue yesterday, not just because I wanted to see the coffin and pay my respects to one of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen, but to be part of an experience that I will remember forever and to be part of something truly historic.

  22. Many people did meet her in person. I've had a longer interaction & more memorable with the Queen than I have had with most of my Uncles.

  23. Its like the end of an era. I doubt we will ever see the same level of dedication to the country from our monarchy again.

  24. I had no plans on joining the Queue but I checked out flights last Saturday to go to London for a day trip just to be there. Flights were coming in at around £250 for 2 of us but hotels were prohibitive (which is why I was only going for the day.) In the end, I decided against it as my wife isn't great for mobility and transport in and around London might have been at a standstill.

  25. you are spot on. Some people also wish to be part of a historic moment. If it gives some people a mental lift then so be it.

  26. I'm not saying this to be edgy or controversial, but this comment is interesting to me, simple because of how utterly weird I find it.

  27. We always referred to my nan as the queen - apparently when I was little I was genuinely convinced it was my nanny on the bank notes. She died at the end of May, so I’m sure there’s a lot of cross-pollination of grief between the two for me, maybe even other people in my family. My nan was always there my whole life, and so was the queen. I wouldn’t queue up like lots of people are but I totally understand their need to, and the feeling that you’re part of something that will be in history books 100 years from now.

  28. Yep - and to add to this, many of the people in the queue are mourning other loved ones. The John’s Ambulance people are seeing many more mental health and emotional crises than they usually would at a large event.

  29. The queue is just like football. It’s something I don’t really get it but I’m not bothered about it until people start rioting.

  30. At least with football, it only causes disruption in 1 city for a day. This is causing the whole country to shut down and hospital appointments to be cancelled, hotels to shut down and telling guests to fuck off.

  31. Totally lost on me. I'm largely indifferent to the royals although I think their shielding of Andrew is shameful. The whole thing is just like the mass hysteria we saw with the whole clap for careers and whatever.

  32. I think swaths of people forming an obsessive parasocial relationship with a single wealthy family speaks to a sickness in this country. I doubt many of them would put even half as much effort to attend the funerals of their own family members.

  33. I walked in Tesco the other day and it had this gigantic sign with a picture of the queen which said "we are all deeply saddened by the death of the queen" or whatever

  34. I queued for 11 hours yesterday for it, and I'm really glad I did. For me personally, I did it to say goodbye to somebody I admired and who gave 70 years of service to this country, but also to be part of a moment in history. Everyone I spoke to was there for similer reasons.

  35. Yeah, if you'd asked me at any time in the 13 hours I was standing there if it was worth it, I would have said "No, not at all. The only reason I'm still here is because I'm too stubborn to leave without reaching the end".

  36. We did on Wednesday night and arrived through the doors at 3:30am. The last 4 hours of the zig zag were completely draining and at some points soul destroying, but as soon as we walked through the doors all that disappeared. Totally worth it.

  37. Thank you for sharing. If I were young and healthy and if I lived closer, I would go too. It's a once in a lifetime experience, and she was a remarkable woman.

  38. What service though? And why any admiration? She was born into her wealth and position, was wildly out of touch with the people and helped cover up her relatives child rape, what is there to admire?

  39. The irony of people complaining that there's been too much focus on the death of queen but creating ANOTHER thread to talk about it.

  40. I happy for people to do what they want, but I can still have an opinion on how bat shit crazy it is to stand for up to 24hrs to walk past the coffin.

  41. I don’t personally care what others do, I do wonder like OP why. I just can’t wrap my head around why people are so very much in to the monarchy. And whilst I feel for her family, loss is always sad, I can’t see beyond the fact they represent a idea that you can be ‘Born Better’. Yes she performed her duties, but isn’t why she had the job, she had it because of who she was born.

  42. I read almost entire thread and I still can't wrap my head around it. I don't care that people do it, if they have their reasons, whatever they are, it's their right to do it. I have no problem with that, they are not hurting anyone. Although it is so bizarre I hoped someone can explain their reasons to me, I'm genuinely curious. But honestly nothing that had been said it this thread explained it to me. My brain must be wired differently I guess.

  43. It's a modern day pilgrimage. The aim isn't the end, actually getting to Westminster Hall and seeing the coffin. The whole point is the process. Enduring physical hardship, bonding with others going through the same process, feeling as though you are willing to give up your own comfort and endure for something greater than yourself.

  44. Amazon spent $470.6 billion last year in costs but still made a shed load of profit. It’s very easy to just look at the costs instead of the benefits it brings.

  45. The monarchy brings more money into the country than it costs. In effect, the monarchy is subsidising you. If you honestly cared about the money, you'd be in favour of the monarchy. If you were being honest.

  46. I don't have any strong thoughts on the queue, but I did a bit of maths and figured out that, in total, people will have spent about 5-6x the queen's lifetime queueing.

  47. I used to think these people are nuts. But then I got my head out of my ass and realised this is going to be a once in a lifetime thing for most of those people. For the majority of those people the Queen is the only Queen they have ever known and only head of state any of them will actually care about. Her death is the end on an era. If people want to go an queue up to walk around her coffin, good for them. From reading what people who have actually done it have said, they all seem to have found it a very surreal experience they are glad to have gone through, and also met lots of lovely people along the way.

  48. I love the queue. I actually don’t know how I’m going to feel when I can’t get live updates on it. Double love the queue to get into the queue. There’s something very surreal about the whole thing.

  49. Brilliant TV. People don't know what they're meant to do when they get to the coffin and they don't seem to realise they're on TV. I saw a woman curtsy, cross herself and then bow. I've also seen several women try a curtsy, giggle because they feel foolish and then seem to remember where they are and do an embarrassed smile. It's a real spectrum of humanity you see when you tune in and none of them spent their hours in the queue practicing their curtsy.

  50. Every time a thread like this is posted it always has the same snarky, condescending tone. Why do you care so much about what other people choose to do with their time? That’s kind of a cringe thing to be so mad about.

  51. I like the Queue. It should be a permanent feature of London. A great place to meet new people and contemplate life.

  52. I’m absolutely fascinated by it tbh. It gets its own weather updates. It has its own pubs, toilets, food stalls. You can see it from space. It’s the pinnacle of what we as a nation are most associated with. There probably won’t be another queue like it!

  53. I think it reached a critical mass at which point some people felt like they were missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime experience so piled-in to join it.

  54. Oh great ANOTHER post asking folks opinion on a queen related matter. This will surely go well. Let folk do what they want ffs. Their actions tell you their opinion. It doesn't need asked. It just seems like you wanted to post this so you could add to the countless she's just some old wummin to me.

  55. She met a lot of people. She was chief of the army. A lot of charities did well out of having her as a patron. She was a face that had been in everyone's life for the lady 70 years. More constant than a lot of people's parents or grand parents. I won't be going. It's sad that an old lady has died. Her family should be allowed to grieve. Should the monarchy hold this much power over the country? I don't think they should.

  56. What power do they hold over the country exactly? People are voluntarily queueing up, no one is being forced to

  57. Do people really give money to a charity because someone wearing a load of jewels who came out of the right womb is the patron of it rather than "hey, this seems like a good thing for me to give some money to"?

  58. Talking with my 75 year old neighbour, he says we need to to stop all these generational claiming families that never work as that's where all the money is going, next sentence is how great the royals are 🙄🙄🙄

  59. Personally I'm impressed by the Queue, it's so British. There should be annual celebration of the Queue, something to bring people together.

  60. I find it incredible the lengths people are going to when the same is almost certainly not true of what they did for their own Gran - you know, the one that is actually responsible for their existence.

  61. I was lucky enough to meet the queen a lot, as I used to work for Princess Anne. She was a wonderful person, as is her daughter. Kind, funny, adored her horses and often commented on how much she liked my horse too which was wonderful and made me beam with pride. She was fair, and again, one of the kindest and funniest people I have met.

  62. I get what you're saying, but no, we're plenty subservient to authority here in Britain voluntarily. This queue is quintessentially British - we just love to be ruled.

  63. Why get so angry and confused over what people choose to do with their day? It's shag all to do with you if people choose to act in this way. Just because you're so dead inside you cannot feel anything for anyone doesn't mean the rest of us have to behave in such a self-regarding, soul-less manner does it?

  64. How is it different than people sleeping on the sidewalk to get tickets to see a band? Especially one that they have all of their music on a phone? Or people crying their eyes out because some celebrities they never met died?

  65. Queued 11 hours yesterday. Was it a bit mental? Sure, but it was a once in a lifetime experience and we didn’t have any other plans that day. The queue was vibes to be honest, just chilling and meeting new people in front and behind, sharing gin and tonics and making friends - by the end of it there’s a weird sense of camaraderie. People giving away snacks & tea/ coffees, musicians playing along southbank for a singalong, having your space saved by strangers so you could leave for whatever reason - it was all pretty wholesome to be honest, festival-esque. Didn’t feel like 11 hours.

  66. I can't wrap my head around it either. I feel like there are many things I could be doing to better use my time such as spending time with my family or friends.

  67. It might surprise you that many of those people are spending that time in the queue with their friends/family and new friends that they will have met along the way.

  68. Why do people pilgrimage to Jerusalem, Mecca, Graceland, Webley, etc? All of those are equally as pointless places to visit to most other people, but to the person making the pilgrimage it means something.

  69. It’s difficult to understand what’s important to others, when they don’t share your views. Everyone is different and everyone has different priorities. It just so happens that millions are/were in favour of the monarchy and, in particular, the Queen.

  70. It’s the end of an era. If you are not English, I don’t think you could understand how important this loss is.

  71. Let people do what they want. Respect people and allow them their own choices. Do not be nasty or mean towards others who you may not agree with. Simple enough, but so difficult for many to accept.

  72. I just hope the people who are queueing pay as much love and respect to the average human being as they are to an absolute disgrace of a family.

  73. They probably pay as much love and respect to the average human being as you do and most other people do. Which is usually words but no action.

  74. People want to be a part of history. They want to be able to tell their kids and grandkids "I was there, I did that" when this gets mentioned in their history classes. Personally, I think living through it is enough, but if people want to go the extra step, fair enough.

  75. For me it’s not just paying my respect to the queen but also to celebrate and cherish the ideals that she embodied. She fulfilled her duty until her last breath and spend her life in the service of other people.

  76. Queen Elizabeth is the longest reigning monarch ever in the history of the country. A lot of people in the country adored her and appreciated her during her reign. This is a very historical moment for a lot of people and I can understand if people want to witness it in person and pay their respects.

  77. Never held any faith in the royal family, they're just a waste of tax payers money. Now the idea of traveling to London to queue for hours to look at a coffin blows me away. I can't believe in this day and age the 15th richest person in the world dies and they close foodbanks to mourn her. Has there ever been a more clear class divide?!

  78. I think the queue is stupid but if people want to do it, that’s up to them and I don’t care. That said, everyone deserves to queue without getting sexually assaulted as well.

  79. It the same reason people go to watch football rather than just watch the TV, there’s value in the shared experience. They grieve together, swap stories with others, feel involved with others.

  80. Reminds me of North Korea. Absolute joke. Do any of them care about the homeless people sleeping outside in freezing weather? Or the fact you can work full time and still not afford to live?

  81. With the obscene wall to wall TV and Radio coverage people are being conditioned to go queue. It’s beyond all rational thinking and playing into the hands of those that want to keep the monarchy going. Sad times.

  82. It started off as paying respect, now it more about joining in the spectal of the queue. There is alot of FOMO going on. However, live and let live. 👍

  83. There’s a certain irony in the biggest queue in the country being to see a woman who didn’t have to stand and wait for anything in her life.

  84. I would actually argue that she had to spend an inordinate amount of time standing and waiting with all the ceremonies she had to attend. It must have been sooo boring!

  85. I understand why people want to, I think there is a mix of people who genuinely want to mourn plus some who want to do it for the online “clout”. There is also the idea of being a part of history in some small way. Let people do what they want to do as long as they aren’t hurting anyone as far as I am concerned.

  86. There was a video going viral of the guy shouting at king Charles that he spent 100m on his preparations while people in his own country under his own rule were going to struggle with paying energy bills.

  87. It's a cool piece of history and if I lived in London with nothing better to do I might of done it. Especially if you got to see the other royals there. But the people you see on TV balling their eyes out need to get a grip.

  88. Fair play to those who are willing to stand patiently to pay their respects. I personally am not in a position to wait that long thanks to having a stoma and needing urgent access to disabled facilities (very unpredictable and battle daily with hydration issues).

  89. My sister-in-law wanted to go, just to say she'd done it. People like to be part of major events, with some fear of missing out. This is the Woodstock, Poll Tax Riots... Acid House... for people who drive mini-vans and invest in a good flask.

  90. Each to their own. Personally I think it’s mental but who’s to say how people value their own time. But it does give vibes of… just doing it to tell everyone I’ve done it. And sheep mentality.

  91. Personally I don't see the point either, but to say that she never gave a fuck about you is going a little far. True, maybe on a personal level, but you can't argue that she didn't spend her life devoted to the people of this country. The day the current monarch of this country decides to disband the Royal family and the entire monarchy is the day you can say they don't give a fuck about you. People who hate the royals think that they're doing all this shit for fun. If I was King I'd just take my money and run and to he'll with the country.

  92. Off topic a bit here, but I too am curious if she’s in the box. As, being a refrigeration engineer, all my experiences with corpses is that they benefit from being refrigerated the whole time prior to funeral!? Or is there a method of embalming that negates this?

  93. Honestly, if someone chooses to do that, what is the harm? The surge in hatred and negativity has truly peaked since the Queens passing

  94. I just arrived in the UK the day before yesterday and it is pretty weird. I can understand people wanting to pay their respects but I saw so many tourists in line, also saw many families with young children including kids in strollers in the line near Big Ben. According to my friend the end of the line is nowhere near there and it was already getting pretty dark and cold.

  95. It's fucking daft. Especially when they're sneaking into Guys and St Tom's to sleep in the foyer. No one asked you to be there, but here you are clogging up space.

  96. Its Very clear why there is a recession and an energy crisis occurring since apparently nobody works and has 30 hours to sit in a line overnight and will definitely complain of the cold at nights during the winter (but not now) in their houses are my thoughts on the issue

  97. I've now got a policy I didn't realise I needed. I don't attend the funerals of people who would not attend mine.

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