What do people wear when they're in the home?

  1. I'm already shocked on some of the replies on here, I can't believe it's the norm for some people. Even pre-lockdown I've never worn jeans to sit around in, they're far too constricting.

  2. I find that if I spend all day in joggers or baggy tshirts then I start to feel like a bit of a slob. I tend to wear comfortable walking trousers and a normal slimish fitting t-shirt. Makes me feel productive and ready to attack the day, even if I'm not going anywhere 😅

  3. I've always worked from home and try to make a point of dressing in clothes I'd at least be happy to go to the pub in. Slobbing about in food-stained tracksuits is fine for a day or two but do it long term and... nah.

  4. Never food stained! If I get a stain on something I change, I can't stand wearing stained clothes. But yeah I'm still probably a slob in most people's eyes. Ah well.

  5. I've never worn anything but 'outside-clothes' while at home, except for after a shower and getting ready for bed.

  6. I like to wear a collar because I'm customer facing; most often a polo shirt, because it at least helps you look professional while still obvious you're not going formal. But on the bottom it's just gotta be comfortable, no one else can see that I'm in joggers so I'm gonna wear joggers.

  7. I've moved to a country where even the slobbiest of people dress up somewhat even just to go the the corner shop. It's done wonders for me, I felt the need to fit in so no more going out in trackies and messy hair. Every time I go out I feel more confident and just all round cleaner.

  8. I'd agree with this. I did the 'working in pyjamas' thing at the start of lockdown and found it just made me feel like I couldn't focus and be productive. Jeans and T-shirt/jumper felt like a happy medium between that and a full-on 'work outfit' (ie a skirt or a dress), which just felt ridiculous to sit around my house in when I wasn't going to see anyone except maybe the Sainsbury's checkout lady and the postman.

  9. Yeah same same except I substitute the crocs for flip flops, don't think I've worn any other footwear (except football boots) for about 7 months!

  10. I bought crocs two weeks ago and it’s changed my life. I’m so god damn comfy, and they’re actually cute. I bought some lined ones a week after getting my first pair lol

  11. I haven't worn going out clothes for years, even when going out. I think the fact I hit 40 during lockdown also contributed to this.

  12. I'm legit always in my pajamas if I'm at home. I get some odd looks from the neighbours if I ever take stuff to the bin but why tf am I gonna wear "real clothes" when I live alone... even if I didn't live alone pj's are the default.

  13. Most often loungewear, pyjamas, t-shirts, jumpers. I like to have my legs bare, so underwear and a slouchy top is my go-to. Long socks when it gets chilly.

  14. I did what most normal people do when they find a pair of clothing that fits, is comfy and cheap... I bought about 10 pairs of this same grey jogger shorts. Mostly wear these.

  15. Did this with a T-shirt, I brought 14 of them & had to show people the picture of them all in my house because they didn’t believe me lmao

  16. I've got the opposite way 26" inseam... I know there's the option of tailoring but there's no point since I hate wearing jeans even for going out.

  17. If I wear joggers or loungewear or anything really baggy/relaxed I feel like absolute shit and I get nothing done all day. I have to wear “proper” clothes which for me is either a dress and leggings or jeans.

  18. Usually something zoom acceptable for work on top but leggings or jeggings on the bottom, same I can’t bear to feel constricted by proper jeans in the house

  19. Whoops, I'd completely forgotten that some people may prefer to stay in the nude. I once had a flatmate like that, she'd come downstairs in a towel every time.

  20. Jeans and tee. Not because it’s more comfy. But because I’m not leaving the house wearing joggers or a onesie to go to the shop and walk my dog, and I don’t want to change multiple times per day.

  21. Indoors I just wear my thermals with or without a jumper, sweatshirt, long sleeve T-shirts with joggers, shorts or leggings.

  22. A - I work from home and rarely turn my camera on for meetings. I'll occasionally wear a work top when I have to show my face

  23. Yep while working from home comfy joggers and an old tshirt 👍 pop some jeans on if I need to go to the shop

  24. Same - if it's really hot then the shorts come out, but otherwise it's jeans and t shirt all year round. Maybe a hoodie jacket in the winter

  25. I mostly wear jeans. I have always found them pretty comfortable but then again, I don't wear the kind that look spray painted on so that helps.

  26. Leggings and t shirt. At the moment in shorts and t shirt. I'm constantly doing house work, feeding children etc. Have a neighbour that thinks unless your dressed up with nails and makeup your a slob. Sorry I'm at home you ring my doorbell you take me as I am

  27. It depends. Some people prioritise fashion over comfort. A lot of people, even when home, dress formally. In the end, you wear what you want. Your body, your clothes, your choice. Obviously at a work site they might have dress sixes but at home, wear what you want. I don’t do this anymore but in the past I loved to dress in movie costumes at home. It was fun.

  28. The firmer material of jeans just feels "right" to me, although I'll wear shorts if it's hot. Also prefer them when working from home, as it'd be difficult for me to get into the right headspace for work in joggers. I also like being able to just pop out without getting changed.

  29. Since lockdown I embraced the joggers for the first time. Dangerous decision because like your girlfriend I always used to dress up and all of a sudden my jeans got tight and my shirts/t shirts were too small. I used my clothes size as a barometer for how often I should work out but that went out the window when I accepted the lovely comfortable joggers and jumpers as t shirts

  30. A all the way. Who cares if I look like a slob I'm in my own home. I only understand wearing Jeans at home if you have guests round.

  31. I (M31) never wear jeans unless it's a rare night or I'm on a motorcycle. Loungewear/sports all the time. Why be uncomfortable? I go to the shops in the same thing.

  32. During the first lockdown I just wore slippers around the house and converse when i went out (to the shops!) so when I had to start wearing work shoes again my feet wouldn’t fit in them, it seems they had got permanently wider!

  33. Shorts and t-shirt. I'll start wearing jeans or cargo trousers once autumn sets in. I'll wear pyjamas after I've had a shower in the evening, but I need to be dressed well enough during the day that I can go outside.

  34. Depending on the weather it’s either shorts of trackies. I rarely wear jeans no unless I’m at work (we’ve adopted a full dress down code unless vendors or customers come in) or I’ve gone for a meal/some drinks somewhere nice (which is rare nowadays) Comfort is everything to me and jeans or tight fitting clothes are annoying and can be uncomfortable

  35. Jeans or leggings and t-shirt (I m a stay at home parent so i like to change in the evenings into comfy clothes to break the day up in a way)

  36. D, verging on A. I've become a convert to climbing trousers so now I'm at the point I'll wear them pretty much all the time unless I'm going on a night out or if it's shorts weather. Comfy, sort of stretchy, lightweight but still with decent pockets etc.

  37. I'm 'slim' (size 8-10) and I still feel like I absolutely couldn't wear something as uncomfortable as jeans around the house. Maybe it's because I have digestive issues and bloat a lot? Or maybe covid has just made me into a sloth. Who knows 🤣

  38. through summer at home I'll wear shorts and a t-shirt for the most part, however outside of summer I am one of the crazy ones who is comfortable wearing jeans when relaxing, though I may occasionally wear joggers.

  39. Whatever I feel like at the time, with the corollary that it is a 1900 single-skin wall house with iffy insulation during an energy crisis, so quite a lot of the year I want to be wearing a reasonable amount.

  40. I can’t imagine wearing outside clothes in my house, especially jeans and no shoes ever. I wear flip flops with those cool martial arts socks or slippers. No matter where I’m working I shower when I get home, it might be partially symbolic, then put on shorts and a t shirt, a track suit if it’s cold although I’m buying pajamas this year. Maybe what people wear at home depends on whether they have roommates or pets or kids or whatever.

  41. I don’t even wear jeans outside anymore nevermind inside. Comfy slim fit chinos can feel like pyjamas if you get the right brand, and then joggers or jogging shorts at home.

  42. I don’t wear jeans much these days. So it’s normally chino type trousers. I wear the same to go out in or be at home in as never know if going to be in or out. The only time I wear ‘comfies’ is after a shower in the evening when watching tv.

  43. 100% depends on the time of year… warmer weather it’s comfy jeans or joggers. Colder weather it’s long johns and comfy jeans and a blanket over my legs when needed. My house (and in particular my front room) is cold, and I couldn’t afford to jack the heating up too high even before all the recent price hikes.

  44. Staunchly in the pjs at home camp. I feel this is genetically bred into me as I remember stories about my great grandpa coming home and immediately taking off his trousers. It always took him ages to answer the door if the doorbell rang unexpectedly as he’d be getting dressed. He grew up the poorest of the poor - barefoot on the streets of the East End so he wanted to keep his trousers nice for work and didn’t want to ruin them with stains or creases etc. Makes sense to me.

  45. Pair of ASOS chino shorts with a lace up elasticated waist (godsend these - comfy & look decent), then just a plain t shirt.

  46. I used to wear jeans before lockdown. I didn’t really have loungewear as I worked long hours. As soon as I’d get home I would change into my pjs and on my days off I would just wear jeans because it never occurred to me to wear anything else! Then lockdown happened and I bought myself a couple of sets of joggers… why oh why did I never wear these before?! Also I now wear maternity bras all the time… even though I gave up breastfeeding 6 months ago. Never going back.

  47. Since lockdown I can barely wear shoes. My body is so sensitive now like I am serious sensory issues or something, I think fashion has changed too so many more people wearing loungewear now.

  48. If I dress too casually then I think too casually. I shave, shower and wear comfortable clothes that I could go out in. The dishes are washed and my desk is tidy. At the end of the day I will take off my high heels and slip into something (even more) comfortable.

  49. For me it’s shorts and T-shirt in summer months. Joggers and t-shirt in winter months. So A is my answer really with those caveats.

  50. Anyone who wears anything requiring a belt when they're lounging indoors should be referred to social services.

  51. If I'm staying at home, I strictly wear PJs. I only change when I'm going to work or being social

  52. Normal clothes, trousers/shorts and a tshirt. If I don't shower and dress like normal, whether WFH or just relax then it feels odd to me. No judgement on others, that's just me

  53. Since January I've been a full time carer for my wife and most days where we don't have to be any where it's either joggers or if it's warmer boxer shorts

  54. Daytime loungewear. My therapist taught me to get dressed out of PJs because it tricks the brain into being more productive during the day

  55. A completely 100% of the time; only time I ever wear jeans is when I need to head outside somewhere, but at home it's always a mix of joggers, pyjama's, shorts and other housewear including my dressingown :D

  56. My fiancée is a lot slimmer than I am and tells me she finds jeans comfy (can’t relate!) so she’ll wear them around the house some days. I haven’t owned a pair of jeans since 2020 and have zero regrets.

  57. I'm also disabled, I think that's another one of the main reasons why I've resorted to wearing loungewear much more over the past few years as I've declined. And lockdown helped! My girlfriend and I are pretty much the same clothes size (although she's 8 inches shorter than me). When we got together she would wear jeans as comfy clothes but I've slowly converted her over the years. I haven't worn a proper bra in years, I only own sports bras (which I take the padding out of as soon as I buy). You're doing it right!

  58. Yes!! I'm exactly the same. I didn't realise how bad my sensory overload was triggered by wearing certain clothes, until recently. Feeling constricted is a big no-no. My bras are all sports bras that are slightly too big so they aren't super tight, and I remove the padding if there is any. Also, have to wear socks always, even in bed, can't stand bare feet!

  59. Against the grain here but I sit at home in jeans. I should note I have two sets, indoor jeans and outdoor jeans. Indoor are generally softer and/or looser. I just like to be ready to go at a moments notice. I couldn't bear sitting around in joggers or loungewear, it just feels too exposed almost.

  60. I said this to somebody else, I accidentally bought a pair of maternity leggings once and they're the comfiest thing I've ever worn!

  61. Any time I work from home, reasonable looking stuff on my top half in case of Teams calls, though for internal stuff my team are very relaxed and ok with jumpers/hoodies. But you better believe I have joggers or leggings on my bottom half!

  62. Pre-COVID I was a jeans for lounging person. Ever since COVID the amount of joggers and shorts I own has increased exponentially and I'll never be going back. Yeah you have to change if you're leaving the house, but so what? Better to be comfy the entire time you're home.

  63. A - I’m sat on the sofa in pj pants and a vest T-shirt- why would I wear smart clothes in the house- I save them for when I’m going somewhere, I want to be comfortable in my own home

  64. Might be a bit late to this but I never saw the point of wearing joggers around the house. If I want to be productive I change into something comfy but not too comfy like jeans and a T-shirt. If I want to lounge around and relax then I just wear my pyjamas.

  65. I'm going to assume these joggers with big pockets you speak of, are men's joggers? If so I need to invest! Women's trousers (any kind, jeans, joggers, whatever) have the most ridiculously tiny pockets you could imagine. The thought of being able to fit all that in my pockets would be heavenly!

  66. T shirt/jumper and shorts/tracksuit bottoms (depending on temperature). The less clothes, the better and more comfortable, as long as the weather allows for it. In the summer I’m naked. Can’t bear to even imagine chilling at home in jeans. I don’t even wear jeans anymore tbh, they’re uncomfortable

  67. A, A and A. If I go out the minute I get in the going out clothes get flung and something more comfy gets put on. If it is late enough then pjs of not something nearly as comfortable. I think it stems from being a child and have about three sets of clothes. Uniform, sobbing play clothes and best.

  68. It depends, if I want to be comfy leggins and a large hoodie, if I'm feeling secc-sea I'll wear something like a bralette and shorts

  69. So I have very few pj, mainly presents from friends cause they all thought I’m a lunatic that doesn’t own pjs with cute design, made of wool straight outta satan’s ass.

  70. I’m very much a weekend goth and I mostly work from home, so when I’m home trackie bottoms and t shirts or pj bottoms and t shirt Sometimes a dressing gown , silk for summer snuggly for winter

  71. When I was doing uni entirely from home I had one pair of ‘sleeping’ joggers and 3 pairs of ‘working’ joggers. The separation helped somehow.

  72. A well starched collar, three piece worsted, might dispose of the tie on a Friday afternoon if I’m feeling devilish. Change for dinner, naturally. Evening would be a silk smoking jacket. Pockets are useful for volumes of decadent erotic poetry.

  73. I bought one of those Snuddie things from primark the other day (purple with dinosaurs) and honestly I’ve lived in it since. I did go buy another one from matalan (pink with sausage dogs on) so I’ve been bopping about in that with some pyjama shorts underneath.

  74. My girlfriend lived in her primark sloth Snoodie last winter, for some reason I'm not a fan of them, I think I felt a bit too bundled up!

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