How old were you the last time you were asked for ID in a shop?

  1. I'm 42 got ID'd for an energy drink yesterday which is's quite flattering using the self service checkouts!!

  2. Probably 42 for me too. I was buying cooks matches in Tesco and the check out teen was about 17, asked a colleague if she thought I was old enough (25?) and she didn't bat an eyelid. I was wearing a rather fashion forward pink parka though.

  3. You'd probably still get asked at a manned till so they can stat pad and keep management off their back, use to be able to lie and say I checked ID, then some arsehole decided they'd make it so you have to input the DoB, probably someone sat in an office with fuck all to do decided it would be better.

  4. 34. Was buying a bottle of wine alongside my groceries, didn’t have any id,because I asked for a supervisor there was a growing queue behind me… all of them protesting that it was ridiculous to refuse me the sale! A couple of builders in their early twenties said -

  5. I got ID'd for some beer when I was buying loads of groceries. Like I'm some 15 year old and all the groceries are just a ruse to look like an adult.

  6. I'm not sure which is sadder; the first time the cashier looks at you and then presses the 'customer is clearly over 25' button or the first time the cashier barely even glances at you before pressing it.

  7. I'm used to them barely glancing, I'm clearly over 25 - I think this woman was a little blind, or was maybe influenced by me having long hair. Man with long hair = young?

  8. Neither are as sad or embarrassing as being turned away at the age of 26 because you left your driving license at home and having to walk away without any drink

  9. Was several years ago, buying a scratch card. I laughed and told the cashier I was 22 as I handed over my ID. She pointed out I was actually 24.. I lost two years of my life that day.

  10. I think I was around 29/30 at the time. I was buying Jack Daniels BBQ sauce of all things. It has less than 1% alcahol by volume and you'd probably throw up if you tried to get drunk on it. The kid behind the counter was only 16 so I had to wait for him to call his come and ID me...a nearly 30 y/o man...for bbq sauce...

  11. I think it is more "I am legally too young to process this sale" more than "I don't think you are old enough to buy it"

  12. Went in about a month after my 37th, just to get booze. Clearly older than 18 (beard, starting to go a bit thin on top), and thought the woman was taking the piss a bit to be honest. She wasn’t. Had to walk somewhere else, no questions asked. Your story made me actually say: “ah, now that makes sense.”

  13. 33 (and will be until my bday in October), I live in the UK now where the drinking age is younger so I find it just as odd as I did in the US. I don't mind being asked, I mind when they're rude about it. Like, I'll get cut off mid sentence when ordering a drink and asked for my ID. Just let me place my order and then ask.

  14. I think the US often have places where everyone has to provide ID - I know there are also places in the UK where they scan your ID at entry so everyone has to provide ID to enter.

  15. I went drinking when I visited once. Didn’t take my passport out in case I lost it, assuming my UK driving licence would be okay. Apparently it was not.

  16. That's incredible, especially that the resolution was the manager realising you were old enough rather than, you, know; realising you were basically just buying a magnet.

  17. My wife last week at the age of 42 got asked for ID in the co-op for a can of Red Bull. It made her day for sure

  18. Never happened. Which I guess makes me old enough that I looked "old enough" at the point they started to take IDing people seriously.

  19. 55, but I was wearing a mask. Also a family thing, one of my sisters is regularly asked for id and she was 50 this year.

  20. Once got asked for ID on my birthday as well, by a Tesco driver. He was decent enough to wish me a Happy Birthday, though.

  21. I'm 36 and was asked twice last week. Once for a scratchcard and once for a bottle of wine. I'll be quite sad when they stop asking.

  22. Thinking about it and I can’t remember ever being asked for ID to make a purchase. Just shy of 40 now. Drank in pubs from about 15 without any problems. Guess I just look old.

  23. 34, it was a couple of weeks ago! Although it was in a Toby Carvery rather than a shop. It was a few days before my son's 16th so I was feeling rather old at the time, it couldn't have come at a better moment!

  24. During covid I was 33, went to get beer, my 12 yo daughter come with, the guy behind counter laughs and ask for ID. He thought me and my daughter were friends trying to get served 😂

  25. 32 years old. I got ID'd for rolling tobacco. Which means the girl was basically saying that I could have been 14 years old in the last 12 months.

  26. This year and I am 32, funny thing that happened after many years and I was asked for an ID in Tesco for buying an alcohol free beer...

  27. I don’t get asked! Which is odd because when I was turning 40 last year .. everyone said I looked 30 or younger.. but yet I can’t remember the last time I got asked for id 🤣

  28. Was recently. I'm 29. If I go anywhere clean shaven everyone thinks I'm 14. I think that because men with beards or stubble is so popular now that if you haven't got one it must be because you're a child.

  29. Sometimes, shop workers will ID you even if you're clearly old enough if you look like/act like a knob, just to annoy you or, if you don't have ID, make you go elsewhere

  30. This may well be my last time; I was actually thinking the other day that I had probably already been asked for ID for the last time a year or so ago.

  31. I got ID’s at the age of 46 trying to buy a bottle of wine in New Zealand. Unfortunately I had no ID on me and didn’t want to have to slog back to the hotel to get my passport so had to have a tantrum about how I was CLEARLY closer to 50 than 21. They conceded that I was right so I assume she didn’t have her contact lenses in or something.

  32. 17. I had some fake ID so that was fine, bought my cider despite the sign saying "Oi under-age drinkers, put the cider down as it just makes it obvious'!'

  33. I'm 36 and get asked for ID all of the time. I found some of the women who ask always look embarrassed when they do the math but I just tell them they've given me a massive compliment so life isn't all bad 😄

  34. 27 here. I don't drink alcohol so it rarely happens, but a few years ago I walked into poundland and brought nothing but a packet of a superglue. A suspicious woman behind the counter wouldn't sell it to me without my ID.

  35. I got ID alot wearing a mask. My clothing regressed a lot more to 16 year old me sense of style and my hair and everything did not make me look like I was born in the 80s

  36. I was in B&M once and was buying some knives. The lady asked me to pull my mask down so she could see if she needed to ID me and then said “oh no, you’re definitely fine” when I did.

  37. I didn't get asked but started to get my ID out in order to buy a modeling knife the other day - auto response from the last time i had to buy one.

  38. Last year, aged 39, buying wine in Asda. She apologised loads when she realised how old I was and I laughed it off as a compliment.

  39. 30. recently in Sainsbury's. A full shop for 2, including raw meat, veggies, toilet roll etc and a single bottle of Jamison whiskey.

  40. Doesn’t matter if its just the bottle or if its with a weeks shopping. If you possibly look 25 or under you might get asked. Always a good idea to have ID on you

  41. Funnily enough I last got ID'd in early 2020 at 27. I grew a beard during lockdown and haven't been ID'd since.

  42. I’m 32 and still get ID’d every time I go to any pub. When I was 23 I was ID’d to buy paracetamol to try and sort out what I didn’t realise at the time was a migraine. I didn’t have any ID on me as I wasn’t expecting to be ID’d for painkillers; someone needed to buy them for me. I was in hospital a week or so later having brain surgery.

  43. It happens very infrequently (although I also buy age restricted products very infrequently), but it generally depends who the self checkout attendant is. I'd say I get ID'd 1 in 3 times at supermarkets. At pubs/bars I haven't been ID'd for years. I'm 32.

  44. 27. And it was for paracetamol so they thought I looked like a 16 year old. Cashier apologised for asking when they saw my birth date 😂

  45. No one has asked me for ID since I was 20, a co-worker once thought I was in my mid 30s when I was only 25 so that might explain why....

  46. Im 33 and it happens quite a lot. I usually just take my hat off, they look at my balding head and and say, "it's fine" usually liddle when I'm buying wine.

  47. I got ID’d for paracetamol (16) and I’m 33. Didn’t have the ID but she served me anyway, (which she was not supposed to do really) because “I think you look at least 17”. I’m 33!

  48. I've been going to the pub since I was 14, I'm now 38. The one and only time I've been asked for Id for an age restricted product in any kind of establishment was when I was 35, in Morrisons, buying immodium.

  49. I'm Asian so people have a tough time guessing my age (37). I think I have a lot more obvious signs of my age now like white hair, bags under my eyes etc. but if I'm visiting cities with a significant university student presence like Manchester or Oxford I'll still get asked for ID.

  50. When Assassin Creed Valhalla came out so like 2yrs ago I'm 3 decades in Lol To be fair I did buy a bottle Rum and have a Facemask on at the time 😆

  51. When I worked at a supermarket the first few days I was keen to ID someone, and I asked a guy I thought looked youngish, and he laughed and showed me his ID and it was 1974. Everyone in the queue laughed too, am glad I made him feel good that day!!

  52. I think I've only been ID checked once in Morrisons when I was 22, I think I always looked older than 25 since I was 18 so I never got checked.

  53. It’s great if you actually have your id! I was 33 when I was last asked when I was buying a bottle of wine. Thought she was joking!

  54. 40, the other day in sainsburys, for a bottle of prosecco. I had my kids with me age 12 and 8, so bloody stupid.

  55. 30 - I don’t look that young, I have a beard which ages me a fair bit, and had my daughter with me so can’t see why it happened but it was a nice feeling.

  56. 55(F) - this year!! Twice - once in a hospital when giving my age (not ID, but total disbelief that I was giving the correct age and asking if I'd experienced concussion during my fall), another when buying wine at the local Tescos.

  57. I can’t remember but it was for a red bull. The cashier was like “oh take it as a compliment” but I don’t care about that. I wanted a drink of red bull and now you’re denying it. Fuck you

  58. I got ID’d when I was about 28 for a pack of rizlas…. No tobacco, only rizlas. Didn’t even have any ID on me, they didn’t end up serving me

  59. Woman in Tesco asked me for ID at 35 felt good. But then she asked my partner too. And because my partner with me didn't have ID she refused to serve me. I asked her why and she said I can't , it's the law. Not sure that's right, so if I take my 3 year old to Tesco with me I can't buy beer because the 3 year old doesn't have ID ?

  60. I think the last time I was ID'd was when I was 13 (40 years ago), I was always big (6'5"), started to grow a beard young and thanks to my dad's DNA I have a perma-grumpy face that means people tend to avoid me.

  61. Am nearly 40, happens frequently in my local tesco express but that's because the manager is a comedian and does it on purpose to embarrass me lol. Its funny so I don't mind.

  62. 38, back before challenge 25 was a thing and you could still buy fags at 16. When I told her I was 38, she replied 'well you don't look 38, you should be flattered'. I'm very short and quite slim though. People don't really look too closely at your face, I think.

  63. It's not the same thing, really, but I quite like that a woman in my local chinese takeaway usually calls me "young man". I'm in my 40s and pretty clearly about a decade older than her.

  64. Glad everyone seems to be having a laugh about it. Asking for ID can be quite difficult for staff because they don't want conflict.

  65. 30 at Sainsburys when buying Prosecco for a secret Santa present at work. I went back home and got my passport and the lady was shocked that I was twelve years older then she thought I was. Also got turned down from entering Wetherspoons when I was 31 for not having ID and the kids outside were convinced I was the same age as them. Being clean shaven seems to knock ten years or so off.

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