Good UK movies... About UK?

  1. The full monty is an absolute classic, there’s always something new you notice each time you watch it. Really poignant story too, the gnomes are hilarious too.

  2. It’s not just hilarious, it’s one of these rare British tv Show that has an underlying sadness but also tenderness. Sometime British comedy series can be a bit too cynical.

  3. Yes! Unlike many of the answers given here, it’s a very good film but isn’t desperately bleak in how things are portrayed, despite the relatively heavy subject matter - there are some intense scenes but generally there is so much warmth and levity that you don’t come away from it feeling totally miserable which is how I feel watching many of the others recommended here, despite them being very good movies.

  4. Fun fact. In one of the scenes towards the end where he drinks lighter fluid, apparently they filled the bottle up with Vinegar and didn't tell Richard E Grant.

  5. Human traffic was basically a documentary of the late 90s/early 00's.. still applies to a certain extent if you want an idea about what our views on intoxicating substances are

  6. I still have the ticket from going to see that. I remember the girl I was with, the weather, everything. It captured an epoch beautifully and is still a good film, although starting to feel dated.

  7. Learning what the UK is like from Billy Elliott, This Is England and Trainspotting is like learning what the USA is like from watching Requiem for a Dream and Bonnie & Clyde.

  8. Totally disagree. They might be fantastical to an extent, but they’re a really decent representation of how those parts of the UK lived at the time.

  9. Well yeah, but it is a nice and colourful addition to drowning in Wikipedia articles, don't you think?

  10. This is England followed by the TV series versions after the film (it gives a real gritty look of what life was like for a lot of young people growing up in poverty stricken thatchers Britain during the 80’s) shane meadows is an amazing director and it really shows in this film and series

  11. Shane is currently filming The Gallows Pole and he's using my brothers house as King David Hartleys house. The film is based on the Cragg Coiners. My 5 x Great Grandad was David Hartleys right hand man so a nice echo of history to it.

  12. Been scrolling through the comments to see if four lions was here. Can confirm, one of, if not the best ever British comedy

  13. I’d also say The Inbetweeners as a counterpoint to Skins - I feel like most British teens had an experience somewhere between the two, but likely way closer to the Inbetweeners

  14. I came here to write this one. Why are like 90% of other suggestions stuff that's really depressing or gritty? Pretty sure most peoples' lives are more like Juliet's family from Bend it Like Beckham than anything in Trainspotting or Get Carter, they're probably just embarrassed to admit it lol.

  15. Dead mans shoes, shows what most small towns are like right down to the local hard man who thinks he’s something special. A great movie to watch anyway.

  16. Ah yes, takes me back to wonderful memories of summer holidays on the Summer Isles, with the big bonfire at the end of the week.

  17. My tiny “weird flex” is that the bakery that is shown in a scene for about 3 seconds in the Wicker Man belonged to my grandads cousin. Yes it’s some random family member I’ve never even met, but it’s a little bit cool to have a family connection to that film

  18. I watched it with my daughter a few months ago - it actually holds up remarkably well. Even the casual sexism rang true for her. I think it still reflects reality for lots of bored Scottish teenagers from crap towns in the Central Belt. In a nice way, though.

  19. Snatch, lock stock, dead man's shoes, a field in England, sightseers, a room for Romeo brass, twentyfourseven, kill list, Shawn of the dead, hot Fuzz, 28 days later, sexy beast, with nail and I, the imitation game, 1917, Bronson, clockwork orange, quadrophenia.

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