Joe Biden does not want this video to spread around. Do not share it.

  1. funny that people really think that he was a rightfully elected president while the opposition selected Joe instead of anyonefuckinelse without dementia and his son ShadyBiz.

  2. I'm old enough to remember when Joe Biden, a roughly 50 year career politician, wanted to create a "Ministry of Truth” government controlled agency to combat what it deemed misinformation.,, read that again.

  3. Joe biden is and always has been a corrupt moron. Even after the worthless bastard dies Americans will be robbed by being forced to pay for the scumbags funeral. We should just ship him postage due to China and let them pay for it. They can deduct it from hunter's last check. FJB

  4. When leftists cried for white privileged, this is how white privileged is. Isn’t that ironic? Leftists, democrats, big corporations w their woke, anti white agenda and yet, they voted for this guy who is the true meaning of what they despise.

  5. Joe Biden is the epitome of the corrupt, lying bureaucrat. How anyone on the Left could have voted for this guy is beyond me. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face....

  6. I am still shocked how this illegitimate president remains to be president with all the lies, cheats, and scandals.

  7. I liked him better when he did drive in movie speeches. Then you could honk your horn. In a year from now, you'll be hocking your horn to pay for his reckless spending.

  8. Poor Joe, he’s a career politician, that’s never done ANYTHING is his life, except getting away with everything.

  9. Joe came into my small town to meet with a heavy machinery union (btw our county is heavily Red). But there was only one way that made sense to get there and we lined up down the road holding fuck Joe Biden flags. And posted land signs all the way in. So on his way in and out all he saw was that we hate him. I have never been so proud

  10. The whole government lies. About literally everything. Just look at the last 5 decades. It's good to see the American people pushing back. About God damn time.

  11. Everything is on video these days. Why did they show him saying that instead of saying he said it? Because it’s not true!

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